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Impact Wrestling Results – February 25, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

We had out of Sacrifice and towards Rebellion as Ace faces the Diamond once again with gold on the line

We open with footage from Sacrifice where Tessa Blanchard pinned the X-Division champion, Ace Austin. 

We then see backstage footage from last week where Ace Austin told D’Amore that he wants a rematch and he wants it to be a title match. D’Amore decides that it will be for the X-Division Championship instead. 

Daga defeated Rob Van Dam by countout

Rob started the match shoving Daga around a bit, but Daga used his armdrag abilities to send RVD to the floor and hit a dive. Outside, RVD slammed Daga on the floor and started kicking him. 

RVD workes over Daga with some kicks and stomps, getting a near fall with a leg-scissors pin. 

Rob teased the Rolling Thunder, but decided to make out with Forbes instead. This allowed Daga to recover and catch RVD with a dropkick and a dragon screw, until Rob poked Daga in the eye. Forbes then accidentally distracted Rob about what people were saying in social media about them, which allowed Daga to roll up RVD for a near fall. 

Katie Forbes left to the back, which distracted Rob again, which let Daga dominate. Daga hit a suicide dive, and went to the top rope finish but RVD walked out of the match. This helped nobody.

Backstage RVD caught up to Katie Forbes who was saying those people don’t deserve to see them. RVD said they paid tickets, so they kinda do. Joey Ryan walked up to them and said he agreed with them and that he went through the same because of his ‘super penis’. Joey Ryan said that if they ever needed to talk, he was there for them.

Gabbi Loren interviewed Jordynne Grace, and said she is a fighting champion, making an open challenge to anyone.  Madison Rayne walked up and said that she is copying her open challenge from last week. Rayne implied that she has a protege she is preparing to challenge Jordynne tonight.

Matthews and Callis ran down tonight’s card and explained the return of Gut Check.

Rohit Raju defeated Zachary Wentz via pinfall

This match stems from Rohit costing The Rascalz the tag titles at Sacrifice.

The pair start off with chain wrestling and fast-paced offence that ended with a release German suplex by Wentz. Rohit came back with a strike combo and a running knee for near fall. Rohit sent Wentz to the floor for Shera, but Xavier and Trey neutralised that brief threat.

Rohit worked over Wentz, but je caught him with a strike combo, a running knee, and PK to gain some momentum. Wentz hit a host of big moves and counters, getting some near falls.

Wentz went for the top rope, but Shera distracted him. The Rascalz took care of Shera, allowing Rohit Raju to move away from the Swanton Bomb and hit a Foot Stomp for the win.

The show was interrupted by the hacker, who blocked the music and lights, but then the show continued. 

Ace Austin cut a promo, saying that Tessa doesn’t deserve to get a title shot first since he has defeated Tessa more times. He said that after he defeats her tonight, he’s coming for the World Title. He closed by saying ‘Tessa may be undeniable, but he’s inevitable’.

We got a promo by oVe, with Dave Crist saying that Sami is gone and that no one knows where he is. Dave said that they need a new leader, which prompts a face off between the Crist brothers and Madman Fulton. Jake Crist is there to calm them down and said that it’s all about Ohio.

Jordynne Grace defeated Miranda Alize via pinfall

The match opened with Jordynne overpowering Aliza in the lock up, but Alize slapped Jordynne in the face which angered the champ.

Jordynne gave Alize some stiff strikes and went for a clothesline, but Alize outpaced Grace with a couple of ranas and knee to the face for a near fall. 

Jordynne once again used her power to take over with a snap suplex, a running knee, a sliding shoulder block to the corner, and the Vader bomb for a two count.

Alize tried to come back with a cutter, but Grace kicked out, hit the Grace Driver and pinned Alize. 

Gabbi Loren interviewed The North about their upcoming title match against Bahh and TJP. Ethan Page said that they are the standard of tag team wrestling in the world, saying that Bahh and TJP want to be like them, but there is no defeating them.

We got a vignette for the ‘Ultimate Finesser’ Chris Bey. 

We see Havok roaming around, looking for Susie. Rosemary sneaks up on her. Rosemary said that she is now free of Mitchell and that she has another present for her, a No DQ match versus Su Yung. 

Best of Five Series: Eddie Edwards defeated Michael Elgin via pinfall, making it 2-2

This match was taped in Dayton, Ohio by The Wrestling Revolver, commented on by Josh Matthews and D’Lo Brown.

This was another great, long, hard-hitting match. Both men exchanged kicks, shoulder blocks, and forearms. Edwards got an atomic drop and an over-the-belly suplex, but as Eddie went for a dive Elgin leaped over the ropes and hit a back elbow to take down Eddie.

The two hit big move after big move, going back and forth until Elgin hit a big Uranage to take control.

Elgin started clobbering Eddie with clotheslines, but Eddie dodged the big Marist and they strikes once more. The two go back to hitting high impact moves to the point where Elgin took him down with a discus clothesline and went for a big lariat, but Eddie’s legs crumbled under him, dodging the clothesline. Eddie then dodged another clothesline and rolled up Elgin with the Gedo Clutch and picked the win.

Gabbi Loren interviewed Petey Williams and Scott D’Amore, announcinh the upcoming nostalgia show – TNA: There’s No Place Like Home. D’Amore announces the return of Ultimate X, the return of the King of the Mountain, and alluded to a possible Reverse Battle Royal. 

Moose interrupted and said TNA is dead and it should be left like that and that all focus should be on Impact, specifically Mr. Impact Wrestling. Moose made fun of the ‘stars’ of TNA, which Petey Williams replied with at least all those men were champions. Moose vs Petey Williams was made for next week.

Backstage, Willie Mack was approached by Johnny Swinger, who said they’re getting better as a team. Disco Inferno approached them and said that he’d be a better partner for Mack because he’s a superstar and Mack needs him. In the end, Swinger and Inferno agreed to become a tag team. 

We got a video package of this year’s Gut Check training camp. The trainer is John E. Bravo and the narrator is Scott D’Amore. They buried two guys that were terrible. One of them, Shogun, was straight up being stiff and unsafe.

IMPACT X-Division Title: Tessa Blanchard defeated champion Ace Austin by disqualification, Austin retains the title

Ace went for a slam from the off, but Tessa countered and rolled up Austin for a one count, which she followed with two low dropkicks, a running kick to the back and the middle rope Magnum for another near fall.

Ace went for a suplex but Tessa blocked and countered into a cradle for another quick pin attempt. Tessa went for a hurricanrana, but Ace blocked it and landed a trio of backbreakers to gain control. Tessa tried to make some comebacks, but Ace continued to work over her back with kicks, knee strikes and went for a bow and arrow. Austin got cocky and started to show off, letting Tessa back in by hitting a tilt-a-whirl head-scissors and a dive to finally gain some momentum. 

Tessa went for a tornado DDT, but Ace blocked her and landed a gutbuster. Ace zeroed back inon the back with strikes and a crossface. 

Ace continued with his strikes and kicks to the back, and a dragon sleeper. Tessa made the ropes and finally made her comeback, but as she went for the Buzzsaw, Ace blocked. 

Ace went for The Fold, but Tessa dodged hitting a hurricanrana and a big tornado DDT, but as she went for Magnum Taya Valkyrie ran down and jumped Tessa for the DQ finish. Taya kept banging Tessa’s head against the mat until the show went off the air.


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