Impact Wrestling Results – January 14th, 2020

Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Mahabali Shera) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz), Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe, and TJP and Daga via pinfall

Great opening contest. Shera and Rohit look pretty decent as a team. Desi Hit Squad captured the win with a high knee and Sky High combination by Rohit and Shera. 

Moose cut a promo saying that he made Rhino relevant and tonight he’ll once again prove he’s the best multi-sport athlete against Ace Austin, Eddie Edwards, and Fallah Bahh.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis continued to recap Hard To Kill. We got a recap of Ace Austin vs Trey Miguel.

Ace was backstage talking to his manager about getting a sequel for his last porn movie, then says he’ll win tonight’s 4-way.

We got a recap of Rich Swann’s injury from Bash at the Brewery, leading into the recap of Willie Mack’s valiant challenge against The North at Hard to Kill. 

We see backstage, post match footage following the tag team championship bout. Mack told Swann that he lost and was a failure but Swann tells him that he was amazing out there and everything but a failure. This was a lovely bit of narrative.

Eddie Edwards cut a promo saying that Hard To Kill was made for him and after a hard fought battle, he regained his trophy. He said that tonight he’ll continue his winning streak when he wins the 4-way. 

We got a recap of Elgin vs Edwards from Hard To Kill. Following this, Callis and Mathews told us that Elgin has gone to Japan, and we got footage and an interview of Elgin in Japan, as he prepares to fight for Pro Wrestling NOAH. Elgin said that he loves wrestling in Japan and talks about wrestling Nakajima on NOAH’s January 4th show. He talked about defeating Eita in 8 seconds and putting his eyes on the GHC Championship, saying that Eddie won’t be the only gaijin to hold NOAH gold. 

We got a recap of RVD taking out Cage at Hard To Kill.

We then got footage of RVD celebrating his victory, saying this celebration is special because he put a stop to the Machine. Forbes came in with some champagne and not much else. They celebrated with some kisses and things blurred out Rob kept putting himself over and brought in his girlfriend’s girlfriend and everyone got naked. Rob said that everyone lives vicariously through him since all wrestling is a tribute of RVD. Rob talked, saying that you should still take him seriously even if he parties all the time. Then they went off to have a threesome. Probably don’t watch this in public, it’s a bit NSFW.

Mathews and Callis recap Ken Shamrock’s return so far and his match with Madman Fulton.

We got a post-match interview with Ken Shamrock talking about how the match went like he wanted it to. Shamrock put over Fulton saying that he could achieve greatness if he got away from Callihan.

We then got a promo by Johnny Swinger, talking about wrestlers only wanting to play video games, following that up by sexually harassed a lady telling her to play with his joystick.

Joey Ryan defeated Johnny Swinger via pinfall

Match opens with Ryan asking Swinger to touch his penis, but Swinger says no. We get some technical Wrestling to open, with Ryan trying to force Swinger’s hand towards his penis.

Swinger teased going for the penis, but cheap-shotted Ryan. Swinger worked over Ryan until Swinger got cocky and went for a headbutt to the penis, but got himself knocked out, giving Ryan the opening to comeback. Swinger got a roll up with the ropes on the ropes, but the referee caught him. The distraction allowed Ryan to get Swinger’s hand on his penis, but Swinger got the ref’s hand on his own penis, meaning Ryan accidentally dong-plexed both men. Swinger tried to low blow Ryan, but hurt his hand, allowing Ryan to hit the superkick for the win.

We got a recap of the women’s title match from Hard To Kill. 

We then got the recap of Tessa vs Callihan’s World Championship match at Hard To Kill.

X-Division Title: Champion Ace Austin defeated Moose, Eddie Edwards, & Fallah Bahh via finall to retain his championship

This match took place in the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA for House of Hardcore. 

We open four men in the ring trading strikes. Moose started to dominate hitting a plancha on Bahh, only to get taken out by Eddie Edwards to the outside. Bahh flipped off Moose, who hit a couple of strikes that didn’t effect Bagg, coming back with an exchange of chops until Moose poked the eye and then we see a double clothesline.

Back in the ring, Ace and Eddie went at it, Eddie sent Moose and Ace to the outside and went for a dive but Bahh stopped him and Bahh hit the dive instead with the assistance of Edwards, who hit one anyway. Ace and Eddie are back in the ring. Eddie hitting a backpack stunner for a near fall. All four men hit big moves, followed up by clothesline and superkicks

Bahh went for a the Banzai Drop, but Moose blocked him. Eddie hit Moose with the BKP so instead Bahh took out Eddie and went for the Banzai Drop on him, but Austin has time to recover and hit a top rope Fold on Bahh and picked up the win.

We got footage of the World Title aftermatch from Hard to Kill, showing Tessa’s celebration with her family and the Impact roster and officials.

Josh Mathews interviewed Tessa Blanchard in Nashville. Mathews asked about if Tessa ever thought things would end like this and about oVe. Tessa said that she doesn’t think that she’ll ever be done with oVe, but her goal now is to set goals for females and wants to lead Impact as the face of the company and Tessa accepts being now the ‘hunted’ backstage. 

Mathews asked about breaking the gender wrestling barrier, but Sami Callihan interrupted by playing a video on a screen they had there.

Callihan talked about how everyone talks about Tessa and Impact making history but it’s him that has been making history all along, bringing Impact back to life and carrying it for over two years (hes not wrong). He said that Tessa may be the champion Impact wants but he is the champion that EVERYONE needs. 

Tessa started talking back to the television but Sami actually responded and revealed that he was in the production truck, telling her to come out looking for him. Tessa went looking for him but Sami wasn’t there at all. Sami told Tessa that she’ll never see him coming.

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