Impact Wrestling: Results | July 15th 2021 – The Cardona Betrayal

A recap from last week’s Impact starts the show. The recap ends with Sami Callihan challenging Kenny Omega to a no disqualification match at Slammiversary as Matt Cardona plans to make a Hot Mess…

Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering vs. Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb with a K

Intergender wrestling starts the match with Kaleb with a K finds himself in the ring with Jordynne Grace but quickly tags out. But with some outside interference, Tenille Dashwood takes out both Ellering and Grace. Kaleb’s pants comically come down in the match to set for a tag to Grace, but Dashwood pulls from the corner of the ring. Great back and forth action for what seemed to be a comedic match when first announced. Ellering and Grace hit a unique spinning uranage to pick up the win on Kaleb.

Winners Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering

A video airs to hype Kenny Omega vs. Sami Callihan this Sunday at Slammiversay.

Backstage: Scott D’Amore is with Deonna Purrazzo to sign her match for the Knockouts Championship match. She that it is unfair and pointless that she does not know who her opponent is. But after all, she has done, she does not care. She will beat them. D’Amore says that Saturday will be “Iconic,” or maybe it will get “Hardcore Country” teasing certain people for Slammiversary.

Tasha Steelz w/ Kierra Hogan vs. Havok w/ Rosemary

The match begins to be one-sided, with Havok having the size advantage against Tasha Steelz. But Steelz holds her own with the heavy hitter Havok as Kierra Hogan’s loud trash-talking takes over the arena. Havok catches Steelz from a dive setting for a Tombstone Piledriver to get the victory and momentum for Saturday.

Winner: Havok

Backstage: Kimber Lee is pacing back and forth outside of the room. She left Susan to turn into Su Yung. But Susan comes out of the room, and Lee is confused. She tells Lee that everything went according to plan and knew who Su Yung is and drags Lee into the room.

Steve Maclin vs. Kal Herro

Steve Maclin makes quick work of Kal Herro that every opening Herro has Maclin brings more aggression. Maclin hits a Falcon Arrow piledriver to pick up the victory in a rapid fashion. Maclin picks up the mic saying that the worst thing they could do is give him time. He has prepared and waited for far too long and throws the mic.

Winner Steve Maclin

Backstage: Members of Decay speak to Havok and thank her for what she has done so far. Rosemary says the one being who can unite them is here. Father James Mitchel shows up and asks if they are ready, and Havok says yes, and they walk away.

Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju & Shera vs.  Josh Alexander, Chris Bey, Trey Miguel & Petey William

After weeks of alliances finally, these eight men meet in the ring. This match has a great mix of styles, especially with Madman Fulton and Shera in the combination. One thing to point out was Chris Bey’s hot tag interesting to see him come into the match as a big babyface, possibly teasing the future of Bey as a babyface. It was Bey with a schoolboy pin to get the win for his team. A brawl occurs after the win Bey, Williams and Alexander have a chair to even the odds. Shockingly Bey hits Trey Miguel with a chair and runs off, choosing his side, leaving everyone furious that he picked himself.

Winners: Josh Alexander, Chris Bey, Trey Miguel & Petey William

Backstage: Brian Myers finds Hernandez to hire him for backup later tonight. Hernadez says he has a great job with Johnny Swinger and declines the offer. Myers sees someone inside a room and knows that person hates Matt Cardona and asks to have his back leaving that person a mystery.

Brian Myers with Sam Beale enters the ring to admit that Jake Something is, in fact, a professional. Jake Something comes to the ring with Matt Cardona. Myers admits Something is a professional, but he is not a star and brawl breakouts. Brian Myers with Sam Beale enters the ring to admit that Jake Something is, in fact, a professional. Cardona gets ready to hit the Broski Boot on Myers until he is low blowed off camera. And then the camera shows it is Tenille Dashwood who has a history with Cardona. She and Myers begin to stomp on Cardona as Kaleb with a K takes pictures.

Backstage: Matt Cardona is furious for what Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood did to him. Scott D’Amore finds him and asks him to find a female athlete he could team up at Slammiversary to take on Myers and Dashwood. Cardona says, “yes, it’s time,” and D’Amore says Sunday will be a “Hot Mess,” hinting at Cardona’s potential partner.

Moose vs. Hernandez

Hernandez takes the match outside, throwing Moose all over the barricades. But one small mistake from Hernandez sets up Moose for the Lights Out Spear to get the win. Moose gets a steel chair and wraps it around his ankle and outcomes Chris Sabin. Sabin attacks Moose, grabs the chair, and does the same thing, but as he walks to the top rope, Moose rolls out.

Winner: Moose

Willie Mack w/ Rich Swann vs. Fallah Bahh w/ TJP vs. Doc Gallows w/ Karl Anderson vs. Joe Doering w/ Violent By Design

This match had the hype of the battle of the hosses, and it was that. Doc Gallows and Joe Doering have a great staredown that leads to the Fallah Bahh and Willie Mack reminding them who else is in the match. So much anarchy happening inside and outside that this match can go either way. Each big man in this match is showing who rightfully deserves the Impact Tag Team Championship this Saturday. Joe Doering hits a short-arm clothesline on Fallah Bah to win the match. Impact goes off the air with Violent by Design posing with their titles.

Winner: Joe Doering

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