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Impact Wrestling Results | July 21st 2020

As the dust settles after a monster Slammiversary tonight’s Impact card is absolutely loaded. The North put their tag titles on the line against The Motor City Machine Guns. Chris Bey puts his newly obtained title on the line in a rematch of the X Division title match from Slammiversary. In other action Tasha Steelz and Kierra Hogan square off against Nevaeh and Havok. The Good Brothers are scheduled to appear and anything can happen after they delivered a beat down to Madman Fulton and Ace Austin last Saturday night. EC3 is scheduled to address the Impact universe presumably to put the promotion on notice that he has arrived and he is gunning for the Impact world title. The first post Slammiversary 2020 show kicked off with a video message from EC3 challenging the status quo. “Find purpose, find enlightenment, control your narrative….. and you, you have been warned” was the message delivered by one of Impact’s newest stars.


Chris Bey began the match as the aggressor early in the match before Willie Mack used his strength to gain the momentum in the title match. The action spilled outside the ring where Willie Mack caught Chris Bey mid-air and slammed the champion to the ground. The Ultimate Finesser was able to landed a neck-breaker to regain control of the match. Bey was able to land a two-count early in the match before putting Willie Mack in a choke hold. Mack was able to break the hold to, momentarily, get out of danger.

After a missed moonsault by Bey, the former champion shows Bey how it is done by landing a moonsault of his own. Mack misses on a stunner only to connect with an elbow to the jaw of the champion. Mack misses on the six-star frog flash and Bey is able to regain control of the match with a cutter off the rope to land the pinfall and retain the X Division title in this Slammiversary rematch of the X Division title match.

The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, made their way to the ring following their dramatic entrance into Impact wrestling Saturday night at Slammiversary. Anderson addresses how and why they landed in Impact wrestling and used their platform to announce their presence to the wrestling universe. Anderson was quick to take credit for #Slammiversary trending number one on twitter during Slammiversary. Anderson declared that The Good Brothers are the number one tag team in the world, Doc Gallows as the best big man in wrestling, and Karl Anderson as the best wrestler in the business. They attributed their success to the Magic Killer and asked for a few beers.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton walked down the ring to address the Good Brothers. Austin said he would “forgive” the Good Brothers in order to make a statement. Austin then said he would give the Good Brothers the chance to apologize to Austin and Fulton. After Ace stated that Madman Fulton was in fact the best big man in the business a brawl broke out between the four men in the ring. Gallows and Anderson threw Austin and Fulton out of the ring.

Heath was seen trying to gain admittance to get into the building but the bouncer did not have his name on the list. Heath said he can’t use his last name and pulled out his phone to try and straighten out the misunderstanding.

Rhino and Hernandez are arguing over the money they split last week’s show. Rhino proposes each man put up his half of the money and they have a winner take all match. Hernandez agrees to the match.

Chris Bey was backstage with a bottle of champagne with two women. One he thanked for the back rub and the other he asked to put sunglasses on him. Rohit Raju showed up and helped himself for a glass of champagne. Raju offered to watch the back of the The Ultimate Finesser. Bey responded by saying “if I ever feel in danger, maybe I’ll give you a call.” The segment ended with the champion saying it’s a TuesBey pary.


Havok and Nevaeh gain control of the match early on. A kick to the face of Hogan by Havok sets the tone early for this match. Kierra Hogan and Tasha Steelz isolate Nevaeh in their corner and go to work on her. Hogan and Steelz tag in and out while keeping Nevaeh away from her partner. After a two count by Steelz on Nevaeh the referee does not see the tag between Nevaeh and Havok.

Nevaeh delivers a neck-breaker to Steelz and is finally able to tag Havok in. Havok is able to handle both Steelz and Hogan before Steelz rolls out of the ring. Steelz takes down Nevaeh on the outside of the ring while Hogan and Havok battle, as legal members of the match, inside the ring. Steelz brings a steel chair into the ring and pounds Havok in the back as she was about to deliver a tombstone pile driver to Hogan. The bell rings and Steelz and Hogan are disqualified. Nevaeh rips the chair from Steelz and hits her with it and Havok delivers the tombstone pile driver to Hogan.

After the match we see Sami Callihan looking for Ken Shamrock. Callihan blames the loss at Slammiversary on Shamrock. The world’s most dangerous man agrees and says “I’m harder on my self than you could ever be ” Shamrock tells Callihan talk to me next week.

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes make an appearance to promote Katie’s new website which she states “this way the fans can see me and I don’t have to see them.” She says normally you have to pay to see her photos but next week they can be seen for free 99.


This money match is for all the cash the two competitors split last week after their match. Rhino gives his money to the referee to hold as Hernandez begins to give his money to the referee Rhino delivers the gore to Hernandez to win the match and the money.

The North ask “when do we get to celebrate”? Alexander claims The North has been etched into the history books as the greatest tag team champions Impact has ever seen. Page questions why the Motor City Machine Guns consider themselves the best tag team in Impact. Page reminds everyone that The North is the only tag team in Impact history to hold the titles for over a year. The North challenges the Motor City Machine Guns by saying “you want to be the best in the world than actually take these (belts) from us tonight.”

Deonna Purrazzo refuses to divulge her plan as Knockouts champion. She does not shy away from reminding everyone that she is the self proclaimed technical women’s wrestler in the world. She claims there is no one to compete against right now as Jordynne Grace has a separated shoulder. Kylie Rae enters the scene to introduce herself and let The Virtuosa know that Rae is the number one contender for the title. Purrazzo offers a congratulatory handshake only to attempt to apply an arm lock on Kylie Rae. The champion and challenger brawl and have to be forcibly separated.

The new Impact world champion, Eddie Edwards, addresses the wrestling universe following his victory Saturday night at Slammiversary. The champ notes that his second title reign feels “right”. Eddie Edwards reflected on his journey to the top of the division. He notes that this journey is over and he has a new mission. Edwards describes what he believes has been missing from Impact wrestling in the last few years. That missing ingredient, in his mind, is stability. His goal is to be the “champion that the boys and girls in the back can be proud of, a champion this company can be proud of, and most importantly I have a duty, I have a goal to be a champion that you fans at home can be truly proud of.” Eddie Edwards promises to be a fighting champion and defend the belt each and every week against anyone who deserves a shot.

Eric Young shows up to address Eddie Edwards. The champion says the only thing Young deserves is an ass kicking for the brutal attack on Rich Swann at Slammiversary. Eric Young says that Impact now belongs to him and that Eddie should be grateful that the attack was on Swann rather than Eddie Edwards. Young says that none of the journey or goals of Edwards matter to him. Edwards dives through the ropes and begins beating Eric Young. Officials arrive to break the two men apart.

Moose is asked if he, like Eddie Edwards, will take on all challengers for the TNA title. He responds that it is “a dumb question” and the answer is no. Moose asserts that the TNA title is the most storied title and the only way to challenge for it is to be given an invitation by Moose himself. It is pointed out that there are many new stars in Impact that could be offered a title shot including Chris Sabin, Eric Young, and EC3. Moose replies that EC3 is busy trying to control his narrative. Moose does challenge Fallah Bahh to a match tonight.

Eddie Edwards is backstage discussing his weekly open challenge for the Impact world title when he is interrupted by Trey Miguel of the Rascalz. Miguel asks for a title shot next week on Impact on AXS TV. Eddie Edwards accepts the challenge for the title next Tuesday night.


Moose and Fallah Bahh lock horns for the TNA title currently held by the self proclaimed “wrestling god”. A kick to the face of Bahh by Moose staggers the challenger. Moose quickly takes control of the match using his size and strength to maintain momentum and impose his will on the over matched Fallah Bahh. Moose taunts the challenger verbally and then follows it up with a physical beating. Moose ends the match with a lights out spear for the victory.

Following the match as Moose is telling the world how great he is EC3 appears in the ring behind the TNA champion. EC3 drops the champion and leaves the ring.

The Good Brothers are walking and talking in the parking lot as Ace Austin and Madman Fulton pull up in an SUV. As the Good Brothers approach the vehicle they are attacked from behind by Reno Scum. Gallows and Anderson are able to fight off Reno Scum but Austin and Fulton drive off before the Good Brothers can confront them.

A bizarre promo for Wrestle House, which debuts next week is shown. A perplexing scene in which Johnny Bravo and Rosemary are in a house together for what on the surface appears to be a romantic getaway is interrupted by Taya Valkyrie. Both women are confused as to why the other is present. Rosemary asks Bravo why it isn’t just the two of them to which Johnny replies “who do you think got us this house?” Rosemary turns things into a house party with a strange cast of Impact stars to which Taya asks “what is this?” Crazzy Steve answers “this is the craziest realty show ever.”

The Good Brothers are scheduled to face Reno Scum next week on Impact wrestling on AXS TV. Eddie Edwards will defend his world title against Trey Miguel.


The main event features the Motor City Machine Guns challenging the Impact world tag team champions for the tag team titles. Alex Shelley and Ethan Page get the action started in this title match. Page and Shelley are evenly matched early on in this match. Sabin and Alexander tag in with each man trying to gain an advantage for his tag team. A kick to the stomach of Alexander gives the momentum the Motor City Machine Guns. After a tag Sabin jumps off the top rope but Sabin and Shelley collide which gives control of the match to The North.

The Motor City Machine Guns are able to regain momentum as Ethan Page is hammered outside the ring. As we come back from break we see Alex Shelley execute a cross body on Page for a two count. Shelley continues to go to work on Page but is neutralized as Shelley is distracted by Alexander. Shelley and Alexander battle outside of the ring before Alexander tags in Page. The North have seized control of the match as Page tags in Alexander as The North control Shelley. A back breaker by Alexander results in a two count but Chris Sabin breaks it up to prevent the victory. Alexander and Page go to work on Shelley as The North have him isolated in their corner.

Josh Alexander continues to taunt Shelley as The North prevent Shelley from tagging in his partner. A vertical suplex handed off from Page to Alexander results in a missed moonsault by Alexander. Shelley is finally able to tag in Chris Sabin. A drop kick from the top rope neutralizes Ethan Page. A DDT to Alexander and another to Page results in a two count. Chris Sabin dives through the ropes to take out Alexander on the outside of the ring. Chris Sabin misses on his attempt from the top rope to subdue Ethan Page. Both Sabin and Shelley are in the ring and take turns delivering kicks to the battered face and body of Ethan Page. Shelley delivers a DDT to Page resulting in a two count. Sabin applies a cross face to Page as Shelley has Alexander in a submission leg lock. Page counters and has Sabin down for a two count before Alexander break the pin.

Alexander and Sabin go toe to toe exchanging blows. Ethan Page and Alexander land a cutter and a wheel barrow suplex result in a two count for The North. Sabin is the recipient of a series of kicks and punches to the face of Chris Sabin. Sabin is able to counter an assisted slam with an inside cradle for the victory ending the reign of over one year by The North.

Heath is seen walking in the exit door after the conclusion of the show.

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