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Impact Wrestling Results – June 16, 2020

Neville Triplett runs down the results from tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

A pre Slammiversary match between two of the five contenders for the Impact World Championship tonight plus the Impact Tag Team Championship is on the line. In other title action Moose defends the TNA championship and tonight we will finally learn just who the Virtuosa, Donna Purrazzo is and what she has in store for Impact Wrestling.

The show opened with a recap of last week’s appearance of Donna Purrazzo sending a message to the Jordynne Grace and the rest of the Knockout’s division.

The North retain the Impact tag team titles by defeating Dez and Wentz of the Rascalz via pinfall. (powerbomb)

In ring action started with Dez and Wentz of The Rascalz challenging The North for the Impact tag team title. Wentz and Josh Alexander open the match. Dez and Wentz work well early on isolating Alexander in their corner.

Alexander is able to gain control of the match with an eye rake to Wentz. Ethan Page and Josh Alexander then return the favor by isolating Wentz and gaining a two count. Wentz delivers a vicious knee to the face of Alexander before tagging in Dez. Page comes in and breaks up the pin attempt by Dez.

Ethan Page and Alexander double team Dez while the refree is distracted by Wentz. Page blows a kiss and begins to taunt Wentz as he helplessly watches Dez being punished in the ring. Ethan Page holds Dez in a vertical suplex position and tags in Alexander. Page exchanges Dez to Alexander while never allowing Dez to touch the ground. Wentz breaks up the two count after the vertical suplex from Alexander.

A DDT by Page to Dez results in a two count as we go to commercial break. As the live coverage returns from break Dez is able to tag Wentz in to swing momentum to the Rascalz. A moonsault from Dez onto Alexander who was holding Wentz allows the Rascalz to stay in control. A two count as Wentz lands a standing moonsault on Page. After a tag to bring Dez back in the action is fast and furious. The Rascalz land another two count.

Alexander pulls Wentz off the top rope and delivers a torture rack before handing him off to Page. Page delivers a powerbomb to for a victory and The North retain the title.

Backstage after the match The North are dismayed that no one back stage was watching the match. Page delivers a pep talk about how nobody can beat The North and again questions why no one back stage was watching the match.

Trey Miguel is found unconscious backstage as we go into break. As we come back from break we see Ace Austin being questioned about the attack on Miguel. Austin appears agitated and asks why they aren’t questioning other members of the Impact roster. Eddie Edwards tries to confront Ace Austin and has to be restrained.

Nevaeh defeats Kimber Lee via pinfall (DDT)

Nevaeh is escorted to the ring by Havok to face Kimber Lee in a knockouts match. The knockouts trade blows to get the action started. Kimber Lee gets knocked down but lands in the “splits.” She grins at Nevaeh who responds with a drop kick which results in an early two count by Nevaeh.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz show up with popcorn and signs to watch the match. Meanwhile Kimber Lee score a kick to the head of Nevaeh to gain control of the match. Kimber Lee applies a submission leg hold to Nevaeh who is able to counter out of it.

Kimber Lee administers a suplex to Nivaeh which ends with a two count. A clothesline by Nivaeh which she followed up with a suplex for a second two count on Lee. A DDT by Nivaeh results in a pinfall and a victory for Nivaeh.

After the match Havok is restrained by Nivaeh as she tries to confront Steelz and Hogan. Popcorn is thrown in the face of Havok by both Steelz and Hogan after which they flee ringside to avoid an altercation with Havok.

Backstage a group of people are watching a match on a tablet as The North approach and inquire if the group was watching The North’s match. The North are told that the group is watching Ken Shamrock’s greatest hits from the Impact Plus app. Ethan Page then takes the iPad and smashes it on the ground after declaring “hey guys, guess what? If you ain’t watching The North, you ain’t watching nothing.”

After a commercial break we see footage from Cancel Culture. Joseph P Ryan voices over the footage describes the danger threatening to burn all of Impact Wrestling in the fire of non compliance.

Crazzy Steve is featured in black light on a bizarre rant repeating “no steven” followed by a list of things he is not allowed to do. He then goes on to say “I am so sick of hearing the word no.” He addresses Cancel Culture and promises next week he will “mix colors and make a macabre masterpiece.”

Rhino defeats Rohit Raju via pinfall (Gore)

AS Rhino is being introduced and walking to the ring he is assaulted from behind by his opponent Rohit Raju. The attack continues outside the ring and Raju then throws Rhino in the ring and attempts a cover before the bell has rung to start the match.

Raju takes the fight to Rhino once the match was officially started. Rhino attempted to climb to the top rope is pushed off and outside the ring by Raju. The fight continues outside the ring with Rohit Raju firmly in control.

Once both men are back inside the ring Raju scores a two count. Rhino struggles to his feet and delivers a shop to the chest of his opponent. Raju is able to regain momentum and get another two count.

Rhino is able to gain some control with a suplex and clothesline to slow Raju down. Raju finds himself on the receiving end of a Gore from Rhino after missing from the top rope.

After the match we see Michael Elgin on the phone with the mysterious caller. He is confronted and called a “prime suspect” in the attack of Trey Miguel. Elgin denies any involvement in the attack.

After commercial break we see Susie telling Kylie Rae that she likes being good but when she is good people step on her. Rae responds by telling her that she likes Susie the way she is. Taya Valkyrie shows up and mocks Kylie Rae and addresses Susie. Wera Loca tells Susie that bad is more fun and that what Rae is saying is “what losers say.” Susie responds “that is not the way you were talking last week” referencing Taya’s loss last week to Knockouts champion Jordynne Grace.

Moose defeats Hernandez via pinfall (spear)

Moose instructs the announcer to give him a champion’s in ring introduction prior to his match against Hernandez. Moose tries to get the empty house to chant “you deserve it” referring to his TNA championship.

Hernandez begins things with a dropkick and a clothesline which sends Moose over the top rope. Moose is able to gain control by pulling Hernandez into the corner pole.

Moose and Hernandez trade dropkicks which sends Hernandez outside the ring. Moose rakes the eyes of Hernandez and follows it up with several stomps to the head of his opponent. Moose administers a series of illegal moves and is given warnings from the referee.

Hernandez is able to grab control of the match lifting him and slamming onto the canvas. Hernandez removes his shirt as if to signal he is going to work. Hernandez lands a supermax on Moose who follows it up with a back breaker and scores a two count.

Moose is able to reverse a suplex and inadvertently kicks Hernandez in the groin and is able to land a lights out to claim victory. After the match the music being played belonged to EC3.

Back stage Wentz and Dez confront Reno Scum about the attack on Trey Miguel. Dez accuses them of being Ace’s bodyguard. Reno Scum denies it and tells them to go ask TJP and Fallah Bahh.

After commercial break we see Cody Deaner, Cousin Jake, and Willie Mack call out Chris Bey, Johnny Swinger, and an unnamed partner. They deliver a battery of insults and then promise to “whup their asses and that’s all I got to say about that.”

Reno Scum defeat XXXL via pinfall

Acey Romero and Adam Thornstowe kick off the match. Romero carries Thornstowe to their corner and tags in Larry D. For a brief moment all four men are in the ring. Thornstowe throws Larry D face first into the knee of Luster the Legend.

Luster and Thornstowe work together to keep Larry D in their corner and work on him. Larry D catches Thornstowe as he jumped off the top rope. Both men tag in their partners. Romero takes control of the ring throwing Thornstowe over the top rope and claiming a two count on Luster the Legend.

Thonstowe enters the ring only to be smashed in between Romero and Larry D. With Romero out of the ring, Larry D is held by Luster as Thronstowe delivers a two foot stomp to the head of Larry D for the victory.

After the match Chris Bey and Johnny Swinger are trying to find a third partner to face Cousin Jake, Cody Deaner, and Willie Mack. No partner is named but Swinger says he has someone in mind who will do it cheap.

Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna Purrazzo, The Virtuosa, narrates her history into professional wrestling. She describes her journey which took her to Japan, England, Puerto Rico. She blended the styles she witnessed into her own style and proudly proclaims herself as “the best damn women’s technical wrestler in the world.” Purrazzo describes why she attacked Jordynne Grace last week and that her plan is to become the Knockouts champion.

Jordynne Grace addresses Purrazzo and questions why Purrazzo didn’t seek her out to ask for a title shot. While she was talking Purrazzo attacked her from behind and puts the champion in another arm lock.

Ace Austin defeats Eddie Edwards via pinfall (the fold)

The main event features Ace Austin versus Eddie Edwards in a street brawl match. Eddie Edwards wasted no time in attacking Austin as he was walking to the ring.

Edwards walked back up the ramp after attacking Ace Austin from behind. Austin composes himself and grabs a steel chair to use against Edwards. Eddie returns with a trashcan filled with chains and other implements to be used in this match. Edwards scores a knockdown of Austin using the trashcan.

Ace Austin used scores a knockdown using a stick to subdue Edwards as we go to commercial break. As we return from break both men are finally in the ring. Austin puts the trashcan on Edwards and kicks and pounds the can. Austin assaults Edwards with a handicapped street sign.

Edwards is able to shift momentum with a brutal chop to the chest of Austin. A suplex delivered by Austin to Edwards slows Eddie down. Austin retrieves two trays from outside the ring and slams them to either side of the head of Edwards.

Eddie is able to return the favor with a shot to the head of Austin with the tray. Austin delivers a blow to the face of Edwards using the steel trashcan lid. Both men end up outside the ring again. Austin sets up a steel barrier against the ring before attacking the eye of Edwards. Austin races toward Eddie who is able to counter the move and land a belly to belly suplex which sends Austin on top to the steel barrier.

Edwards rakes the eyes of Austin before sending both men back into the ring. Edwards smashes the handicapped sign to the face of Austin and is able to score a two count after a thunderbomb. Edwards misses with the steel chair which allows Austin to land a kick to the chair into the face of Edwards. Austin scores a two count of his own as both men are staggered and beaten.

Austin sets up a chair steel and a table in the middle of the ring. Austin delivers several forearms to the face of Edwards. Austin attempted to climb the top rope but Edwards tried to counter. Austin uses the Ace card to slice across the eyes of Edwards. A two count by Edwards after a powerbomb to Austin.

Eddie Edwards removes a kendo stick from under the ring. A kick to the leg of Edwards results in Eddie slamming face first into the steel chair. A kendo stick to the head of Austin allows Edward to gain control of the match. Edwards lands a back breaker into the legs of the inverted table.

Mad an Fulton surprises Eddie Edwards and choke slams him twice in the ring. Fulton then holds Edwards by the throat as Ace Austin delivers the fold for the victory.

After the match an announcement is made that at least one former world champion will make his to Impact Wrestling Saturday July 18th.

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