Impact Wrestling: Results | June 24th 2021 | No Entry Callis

Impact opens with Don Callis and Kenny Omega walking into the Impact Zone and gets told by a security guard that he is not on the list. Callis is furious, gives him all his accolades, and tells him that wherever Omega goes, he goes.

Kierra Hogan w/ Tasha Steelz  vs. Rosemary

Kierra Hogan wants nothing to do with the scary Rosemary as she walks out the ring, avoiding her in the beginning. But Hogan gets the advantage and is extra cocky as she and her fellow partner Tasha Steelz start yelling at the camera. After a series of kicks, Rosemary finally has control of Hogan. Mid-match, Havok comes out to even up the outside interference. She puts Hogan in the Upside Down to get the pinfall. Her victory sets up possible number one contenders for Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship at Slammiversary.

Winner: Rosemary

Backstage: Gia Miller interviews Chris Bey and asks him what alliance is he on for the Ultimate X match. He says he is going to sit on the side and get that paper. Petey Williams and Trey Miguel interrupt him, and if he does not pick an alliance, then an alliance will choose. Weird to see them emphasize the alliance in a match that has every man for themself.

Backstage: Gia Miller asks Tommy Dreamer how he feels about the firing of Don Callis. He says that it was something that had it coming. Scott D’Amore apologizes to Dreamer, and he reveals that the board has asked him to stay as a consultant to keep order in line.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Susan w/ Kimber Lee

Trash talking starts the match but gets technical, usually not seen from Susan and her past characters. Susan looks overconfident with challenging the Virtuosa who is putting on clinic handling Susan with ease. Purrazzo messes with Susan not putting her way, and Susan almost gets upset, but Purrazzo makes her tap to Venus de Milo to win. When she does not let go of the hold, Kimber Lee steps in to stop her from inflicting more damage on Susan. Purrazzo yells that she over them and they are losers.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Swinger Palace is back in business after a few weeks off. Fallah Bah and TJP are spending their winnings from BTI earlier tonight. Willie Mack and Rich Swann arrive to play and don’t want them to forget they want to be the next Impact Tag Team champions. To get back in the tag team game, TJP challenges them to a match next week.

Backstage: Don Callis called no hard feelings to Tommy Dreamer for the firing last week. Callis knows Dreamer has always wanted to face Kenny Omega and challenges him to get a three-person team to face Omega and The Good Brothers next week. Dreamer accepts. Could this possibly set up Dreamer vs. Omega one on one in the future?

Rohit Raju & Shera vs. Petey Williams & Trey Miguel

Rohit Raju takes the first half of the match with great X-Division action with Petey Williams and Trey Miguel. However, once Shera enters the ring, it is a different story as he manhandles the smaller competitors. An overconfident Raju is back in the match, but Williams and Miguel get the upper hand. Distracted by Ace Austin and Madman Fulton at the entrance, Raju gets the Drive-By to pin Williams for the win. The alliance of Austin, Fulton, Raju, and Shera attack Miguel and Williams after the match. The X-Division champion Josh Alexander runs out to even up the score, but he was not enough. Chris Bey comes out to take a video selfie while chaos happens in the ring.

Winners: Rohit Raju & Shera

Backstage: Gia Miller interrupts Tommy Dreamer and Sami Callihan in a heated discussion. She asks if Callihan is one of his team members next week, and Callihan wants to get in the ring with Omega (Or Callis), so he accepts. Moose walks in and says he’s in for the match next week. Later in the night, it is announced that Chris Sabin will be the third and final member of team Dreamer.

Back in the ring Rachael Ellering says she has been in Impact with rose color glasses and does not see the issues with her and Jordynne Grace. Ellering appreciates how Grace took her out of the lowest point of her life when she chose her as her partner for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. She believes Tenille Dashwood is what broke them apart. Grace irate that Dashwood has nothing to do with their problems. That before Ellering arrived at Impact; Grace was on top of her game. Jazz comes out and knows that they can get past this and continue to be a great tag team. Ellering wants to continue the team, but Grace leaves and says she needs time to think. Dashwood and Kaleb with a K now come out, and she tells them she is the solution to Ellering’s problems. Ellering challenges her match, and before she accepts, Dashwood begins to attack her, but they send them out of the ring with Jazz.

Backstage: Brian Myers gives his student Sam Beale some last-minute advice on his match against Jake Something. Then, Myers hands a new “entrance” mask before heading out to the ring, which is just a regular white mask with the initials S and B.

Jake Something vs. Sam Beale w/ Brian Myers

Sam Beale has a brand new entrance, and funny to point out that he is taking notes from his teacher Brian Myers as he enters. One-sided match at first, but Beale has an opening and gets too excited that he could almost cost him the match. When it looks like Something is about win Beale kicks out. Myers attempts to help him by throwing a steel chair into the ring. Something throws the chair back outside and hits the Black Hole Slam to win. Myers says that you have to blame someone else when something does not go your way. He tells Beale to take notes and never to be unprofessional like Jake Something.

Winner: Jake Something

Backstage: Satoshi Kojima and Eddie Edwards are warming while Willie Mack and Rich Swann come out to wish them luck. Edwards says that W. Morrissey will get what’s coming for him, possibly setting Edwards’ next rivalry.

Impact Tag Team Championship: Violent by Design vs. Satoshi Kojima & Eddie Edwards

This match has two very unique tag teams that have so many mixes of styles. Kojima and Edwards have never teamed up before but are mixing so well together. On the other side, the combination of Deaner and Joe Doering is a newer version of Violent by Design in title matches. These four are killing it with a lot of back and forth non-stop action. However, it is the nastiness of VBD that has the advantage throughout the match. New tag champs were on their way when Kojima gets the hot tag and busts out his Machine Gun Chops. And with the number of near falls, anyone could have won the match. But the x-factor was Doering. He ends the match with his Revolution Bomb to retain the tag titles.

Winners: Still Impact Tag Team Champions Violent by Design

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