Impact Wrestling: Results | June 3rd 2021 – ‘Iron Man’ Josh Alexander

Josh Alexander vs. TJP: Ironman Match for the X-Division Championship

This week’s Impact uniquely begins on Before the Impact, the weekly recap preshow for Impact Wrestling. Josh Alexander defends his X-Division Championship in a historic one-hour Ironman Match. The match starts with some old-school grappling, with each opponent reversing each hold until Alexander sneaks a roll-up to get the first fall. The second fall continues amateur grappling, where it has been difficult for anyone to get the advantage. Even with being up one to nothing, Alexander becomes more aggressive bring the pain to TJP with so much time left on the clock. The champion seems to become confident when he holds TJP up in a vertical suplex for almost two minutes straight. Both competitors have had enough and end up in the front of the stage/ TJP flattens Alexander with some sort of tombstone piledriver and almost tied up the match with a count-out. Slowly most of the Impact roster come to ringside, so the conclusion of the match. TJP frustrated in the last 8 minutes, as the conclusion bleeds into this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. In these final minutes, TJP hits all of his greatest hits on Alexander, and it is not enough to take the champion out. Alexander locks in his Ankle Lock in the final minute, and TJP rolls over to finally getting a pinfall in the last three seconds. Meaning this match is heading into sudden death. Alexander gives everything, and TJP still kicks out until he hits the final Devine Intervention to win the Ironman Match 2-1. Great way to start Impact cementing Josh Alexander as legitimate champion months into his reign.

Winner: Still X-Division Champion Josh Alexander

Backstage: Don Callis and The Good Brothers discuss the main event between Sami Callihan and Moose and kick out the cameraman “spying” on them.

Backstage: Scott D’Amore praises Josh Alexander and TJP. Alexander says that he is the “King of the Mountain” until an impact wrestler holds the world championship. Chris Bey, Petey Williams, Ace Austin, and Trey Miguel each argue one who deserves to be next in line for the X -Division championship. Could this set up a possible King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary?

Jake Something vs. Rohit Raju: Tables Match

Now on to another gimmick match on this eventful episode, a tables match. This personal rivalry is not only about putting their opponent through a table when Raju brings out the chairs. Before adding the violence, these two put on some great athleticism with reversing each other. But the sneaky Raju hits the first chair shot, attempting to break the arm and add as much damage as possible, so it is easier to put Something through the table. The suspense is excellent throughout the match with every weapon set up around the ring, and fans know something big is waiting to happen. Raju almost has the match won after a double stomp through a set of chairs, but Something hits the Black Hole Slam twice. Raju throws a chair out of desperation, but it is not enough, and spears Raju through the table to win. The momentum is on the side of Something as of late, setting up something more significant for Jake Something in the future.

Winner: Jake Something

Backstage: W. Morrissey demands a match against Rich Swann, and Scott D’Amore gives him the match later tonight.

Backstage: Rosemary gives a frightening promo towards her opponent at Against All Odds Deonna Purrazo and is interrupted by Havok. Who tells her that even though they have been on the same side of the fight doesn’t mean she’ll take her title shot. Rosemary kindly offers her title shot to Havok if she can beat her.

Rich Swann vs. W. Morrissey

Rich Swan comes out dancing and feeling his music, but from behind is attacked by Morrissy. The one-sided attack gets stopped by security, and Willie Mac’s outcomes to defend his friend and Morrissey calmly walks out.

Winner: N/A

Backstage: Rachael Ellering prepares for her tag title match when Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K come out to appreciate her vibe and the glow she brings out. Dashwood really wants Ellering to be her new partner to win gold, but Jordynne Grace comes out to take Ellering away from the awkward situation.

Backstage: A new segment debuts called How to be Professional with The Most Professional Wrestler Brian Myers, where he attempts to make Sam Beale look more professional. Myers heavily critiques Beale’s tattoos and gives him his shirt to cover them out. It even shows him how to make an actual entrance and has a lot of work on Beale—possibly teasing a new Protégé for Myers.

Backstage: Gia Miller breaks the news to Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo that if Havok beats Rosemary, then at Against All Odds, her match will become a triple threat. Purrazzo says “The Age of Virtuosa” is far from over.

Fire N Flava vs. Jordyn Grace & Rachael Ellering: Knockouts Tag Team Championship

The confident two-time champions are pulling out all the stops to retain the Knockouts Tag Team Championships, breaking Ellering from her partner. Grace and Ellering hit an impressive double team when Grace sets up a Muscle Buster into a Powerbomb to Ellering on Steelz. Hogan holds Grace with a chokehold and sacrifices herself to set up the Frogsplash by Steelz to retain their tag team titles. Grace, who’s been on a losing streak, might be setting up a heel turn soon.

Winners:  Still Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire N Flava

Backstage: Sami Callihan says he does not give a damn about Moose until he’s interrupted by Don Callis, who attempts to get in the head of Callihan, calling him journeyman. Callihan tells him to go and says he will kick Moose’s ass tonight.

A new vignette airs with someone drinking Jameson to reveal the former WWE superstar Steve Cutler is coming to Impact under the new name of Maclin. Interesting to see Maclin reach a potential the world has never seen before.

Backstage: Fire N’ Flava knock on D’Amore’s office, telling him they have no competition. But D’Amore brings out Kimber Lee and Susan, who claims they touched her inappropriately, and sets up Fire N’ Flava vs. Kimber Lee and Susan at Against All Odds for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

Satoshi Kojima vs. Deaner w/ Violent by Design

Kojima allows Deaner to get some shoulder tackles on him but not enough for Kojima, known for having some powerful shoulder tackles. Kojima brings out his popular Machine Gun Chops that at times look funny but equally painful. Violent by Design attempt to get the upper hand by helping Deaner but outcomes Eddie Edwards to even up the odds and with a Koji Cutter and Lariat to secure the win.

Winner: Kojima

Backstage: Moose now has his chance to speak on Callihan and as well is interrupted by Don Callis, who tells him he will be in his corner because he knows he is the greatest athlete of Impact. Moose does not buy it and tells him to make sure that Kenny is keeping his title warm.

Backstage: Violent By Design, frustrated with the results of the match earlier, they hold Eddie Edwards fully accountable for their loss. Crazy Steve and Black Taurus call them failures and tell Eric Young to give Deaner the responsibility of defending the tag titles with Rhyno against Decay at Against All Odds.

Moose vs. Sami Callihan

Immediately the end outside of the ring and Moose takes out Callihan right away with an Apron Bomb. Callihan gets lucky when he moves out of the way, avoiding Moose, who goes face-first into the guardrail. Referee Brian Hebner cannot control these two from destroying each other outside the ring. Coming back from the commercial break, these two are finally in the ring. A giant Superplex by Moose brings the saliva out of Callihan and almost the end of the match. Callihan almost won, but the Good Brothers come out to attack and hit the Magic Killer.  Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers pose on top of the stage while Moose and Callihan lookout in pain. Scott D’Amore interrupts their celebration and announces that interference makes Callihan in line for the Impact Championship. D’Amore also drops the news that AEW President Tony Khan will be in the Impact Zone next week to give input on a potential Triple Threat Match at Against All Odds.

Winner: Sami Callihan via DQ

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