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Impact Wrestling Results – March 10, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling

The fifth and final match in the series between Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards has a shocking conclusion

Opening video recaps last weeks history-making world title match between Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie.

Rhino defeated Madman Fulton via pinfall

The Crist brothers immediately tried to distract both the referee and Rhino, and they ended up being ejected to the back. 

Rhino started the match on top, sending Fulton to the floor. The pair brawled for a bit, then Rhino clotheslined the ring post which allowed Fulton to gain control of the match. 

Fulton worked over Rhino with mostly strikes and chokes, with Fulton focusing on the mid-section. Rhino tried some comebacks, but kept getting taken down by Fulton. Rhino then dodged a flying headbutt and a running shoulder into the corner, sending Fulton into the post. 

Rhino then ran wild and set up the Gore, but Fulton caught him with a big boot for a near fall. Fulton went for another top rope move and Rhino dodged, hitting the Gore and pinning Fulton.

Post-match, Jake and Dave Crist came out and jumped Rhino until Sabu and Genie came out for the save. Sabu took both out Crists with chairs, low blowed Fulton and hit a DDT on a chair to send him packing. Why do we need Sabu in 2020?

We got another Chris Bey vignette. He debuts next week.

Gabbi Loren interviewed Tessa Blanchard about what is next. She discussed Elgin vs. Edwards tonight, saying that she is ready for either man come Rebellion. She said that no matter who wins, she walks out the champion.

Commentary said that there is security in the production truck because of the hacker that has been messing around with the show.

The Rascalz defeated Desi Hit Squad via pinfall

Rohit and Dezmond start the match with a nice sequence of counters and misdirections which Rohit got the better off for a bit. Xavier caught Rohit with a one-legged moonsault for a near fall and tagged in Wentz, who hit a senton atomico. Rascalz were going for some double teams, but Rohit poked their eyes and ran to Shera. 

Xavier got worked over by the Desi Hit Squad for a while, with Shera overpowering Dez. This didn’t last long, as Dez escaping Rohit and getting the tag to Wentz. Wentz ran wild over Rohit, earning a near fall. Rascalz went for Hot Fire Flame, but Shera stopped them and chokeslammed Xavier into his knee. Rohit followed with a neckbreaker, earning a near fall.

Wentz and Xavier hit a kick combo on Shera, followed with a swanton by Wentz. Xavier ended up landing a tornillo on Shera for the win.

Backstage, RVD and Katie Forbes talked about the fans being pervy trolls. The Deaners told Katie they thought she looked great, which prompted Joey Ryan telling Cody Deaner that he was objectifying her. Ryan challenged the Deaners to a match next week, which Rob didn’t even know he was involved in.

We got another vignette for Tenille Dashwood.

Knockouts Title: Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Lacey Ryan via pinfall to retain the championship

Lacey Ryan is the lady that stood up to Kiera Hogan last week. Why she isnt facing Hogan first I don’t know.

The two locked up, with Ryan actually matching Grace’s power. Jordynne went for the headlock, but Ryan escaped, challenging Grace to go at her with a shoulder block. Ryan was able to come back with one of her own. 

Ryan went to the top rope, but got thrown down by Jordynne, who then slammed her for a near fall. Ryan snapped Grace’s arm against the ropes and hit a springboard move for a near fall of her own. 

Ryan tried to hook an armbar, but Jordynne rolled over for a pin attempt. Jordynne then hit a big boot, a running knee and a running shoulder combo to the corner. Grace then hit the Vader Bomb for another near fall. 

Jordynne went for the Grace Driver, but Ryan blocked it, so Jordynne hit a couple of clotheslines. Ryan caught Jordynne with a pair of kicks for two.

Grace countered a top rope move hittimg the Muscle Buster for near fall. Ryan tried to make a comeback, hitting a frog splash but Jordynne dodged a couple of kicks by Ryan, hit the Grace Driver, and picked up the win. This was good, Lacey Ryan is one to watch.

Backstage, Fallah Bahh is talking to TJP about their title match against The North. He’s telling TJP that they can be the first ever Filipino World Tag Team champions. He says that Tito Boy is watching.

Gabbi Loren interviewed the returning Chris Sabin, who said that he will be the special guest referee for the King of the Mountain match at the TNA nostalgia show. Moose interrupted him, saying that he would win. Sabin tried to explain the rules but Moose got confused and said that he’d win anyway, calling the match stupid and stormed off.

We got a video package with the story of Edwards and Elgin ahead of tonight’s main event.

We saw Taya Valkyrie drowning her sorrows at a bar. She is wearing all black and her mascara was running down her face. Rosemary is also there drinking, because her life is empty now that all her enemies are fighting themselves. Rosemary said that losing everything was the thing that would bring them together. This is very intriguing.

Willie Mack & Ace Austin defeated Swinging Disco Balls via pinfall

Before the match, the referee took away Swinger’s brass knuckles. 

Swinger started, and the first thing he did was accidentally take out Disco to the floor. Disco and Swinger tag in and get batteted, taking a samoan drop and dropkick combo for a near fall.

Disco and Swinger then started using heel tactics to cut off Mack, using a roll of quarters on Mack’s throat. 

The Disco Balls worked over Mack with quick tags, the roll of quarters, and striking behind the referee’s back, with Gilbertti hitting the side Russian leg sweep and the Village Peoples Elbow for a near fall. 

Suddenly, Ace Austin came down and got in Mack’s corner, asking for a tag. The distraction was enough for Mack to make a small comeback and hit the Stunner on Disco. Mack actually tagged Ace, who took down Glenn and Swinger.  Mack and Ace started to work together, even hitting a double team move and connected with in-sync strikes. Mack hit the samoan drop and moonsault, setting Ace up for The Fold, and Mack hit the 6-Star Frog Splash on Disco for the win. 

After the match, Ace offered Mack a hand shake, and a confused Mack took it. Don’t know what this is all about.

Backstage, Su Yung attacked Havok with the bull rope. The two brawled with chairs until Yung locked went for the Mandible Claw and buried Havok in a coffin, seemingly offing Havoc.

Backstage, Swinger blamed Disco for being rusty, telling him to go back to Memphis to get more work. That lasted long.

We got another installment of Gut Check, showing a 6-way match of the surviving participants. Winner will be announced next week. 

Best Of Five Series: Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin went to a double pin, ending the series at 3-3

Elgin went straight after Eddie with clotheslines, sending him outside where he hit a DVD on the ramp for a near fall.

Elgin went for the Buckle Bomb, but Eddie stopped it. Elgin hit Eddie with forearms, but Eddie managed to dodge the final one and hit a last gasp Blue Thunder Bomb. Eddie went up top, but Elgin cut him off. Elgin hit an enziguri but Edwards managed to slip away and hit a sunset powerbomb from the ropes.

Elgin sent Eddie to the floor over-the-top rope. Eddie escaped another DVD and slapped Elgin, taking him down by kicking Elgin’s leg. Eddie then followed with a flip dive over the rope. 

Back in the ring, Eddie followed up with a running elbow, went for a German, but Elgin blocked it. Elgin caught Eddie with a F-5 style X-Factor and a DDT for an near fall. Elgin then beat down Elgin, but Eddie kept kicking out. Elgin no sold some strikes, then they got into a stiff forearm and chop exchange until Eddie landed an big suplex. 

Elgin caught a charging Eddie with a sambo suplex, then Eddie came back with a belly-to-belly and a backpack stunner for a near fall. Elgin hit electric chair drop for another near fall. Elgin hit a brutal top rope Dragon Suplex for another near fall.

The two exchanged near fall after near fall, big move after big move, finisher after finisher as the crowd were split evenly between both men.

Eddie escaped a burning hammer and the two exchanged clotheslines, but Elgin accidentally took down the referee. Eddie hit the Boston Knee Party, getting a near fall thanks to a second referee.

Elgin hit a piledriver, eventually managing to lock in the crossface. Eddie rolled over and hooked him for the pin, but tapped out right at the three count. Superb match, but this was all ultimately pointless.

The new referee gave Eddie the win, while the original referee gave Elgin the win. Scott D’Amore came down to settle things, but before they did, Tessa Blanchard came down. She said that at Rebellion, she’ll take on both of them. So we have a triple threat match and Tessa looks strong.


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