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    Impact Wrestling Results – May 19, 2020

    The world title tournament continues, but who will make it to the semi-finals?

    We get a recap of last weeks tournament first round matches to open.

    Impact World Title #1 Contender First Round Match: Ace Austin defeated Rhino via pinfall (The Fold)

    Ace Austin replaced Ken Shamrock after he was not cleared follow Michael Elgin’s attack. This was a power vs speed affair, with Ace trying to stay out of ‘The War Machine’s grasp. The two went back-and-forth, with Rhino stopping Ace Austin on the top rope and looking likely to advance after a superplex.

    However, Austin grabbed a chair but the referee put a stop to it. Rhino then grabbed the chair and the referee took it from him, but the distraction allowed Ace to hit Rhino with his cane and hit him with The Fold.

    Josh Mathews then interviewed Moose about his delusions of being the TNA World Champion. Moose said that when he loses the title, he will let it go but the referee made his match last week an official title match when he raised it over his head.

    Matthews brought up that Suicide had a visual pin over him, but Moose said Suicide didn’t win. Moose said that he’ll give Suicide a rematch to show that he’s a fighting champion.

    Backstage, Tasha Steelz was approached by Kiera Hogan, who told Steelz that she was impressed and offered to guide her. Steelz agreed to partner up.

    Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne run down the card.

    Crazzy Steve defeated Dave Crist via pinfall (jumping DDT)

    Crazzy Steve looked strong at the start, but Dave Crist took control and was in charge for the rest of the match. Joseph P. Ryan also appeared on the ramp to make notes. Despite oVe’s interference, Steve won after hitting his jumping DDT out of nowhere.

    Post-match, Fulton berated Dave Crist as Jake tried to stop him. Madman Fulton said he was done with oVe. Jake Crist tried to stop him, but Fulton choked both men and ripped apart his oVe shirt.

    We head to the bar, Rosemary was talking to Mr. Mundo when John E. Bravo approached them. Rosemary put the moves on Bravo, but he was disgusted and weirded out.

    Fallah Bahh & TJP defeated XXXL via pinfall (Mamba Splash)

    This was primarily a big lads wrestling match, with TJP providing a fast-paced technical edge. TJP and Bahh work over Larry D with quick tags and double team moves, but Acey Romero got a blind tag and XXXL got to work over TJP. After a few minutes of working him over, TJP jumped off of Acey Romero, hitting a DDT on Larry D and got the hot tag to Fallah Bahh, who cleaned house.

    Bahh picked up the win for his team, cutting off Larry D and finishing him off with a samoan drop and TJP’s Mamba splash. This was decent.

    TNA World Title: ‘Champion’ Moose defeated Suicide via pinfall to ‘retain’ his title (roll through on a crossbody)

    Moose forced ring announcer David Penzer to make the proper title match introductions once again. This was good, but not as good as their match last week. Suicide outquicked Moose in the beginning, hitting a hurricanrana and a pescado to the outside. Moose caught Suicide off an apron senton, swinging the challenger into the guard rail.

    Moose then worked over Suicide, but he fought back hitting clothesline after clothesline and this gave him an opening to run wild of the champion. Suicide hit a codebreaker and a superkick, went for a top-rope crossbody but Moose rolled through and picked up the win.

    We saw a promo from Michael Elgin, who talked about people waiting for their participation trophies while he puts in the work, and says he is hated for being the best like Ali and McGregor once were. He closes by saying that in due time, everyone will appreciate Elgin’s greatness.

    Chris Bey approached Swinger backstage and told him that if he can’t win, he may as well take out Mack and consider that as a win. Swinger was sure he was winning tonight.

    X-Division Title: Champion Willie Mack defeated Johnny Swinger via pinfall to retain his title (samoan drop/moonsault)

    Swinger jumped Mack from the bell and used underhanded tactics to take control. Mack fought back, but Swinger hit his swinging neckbreaker out of nowhere for a near fall.

    Swinger thought he won and grabbed the title, but the distraction allowed Mack to hit his samoan drop and moonsault combination for the win.

    Post-match, Swinger wouldn’t let go of the title so Mack had to rip it from his hands. Swinger afterwards jumped Mack from behind. He was joined by Chris Bey as both of them laid out Mack.

    We then heard from Impact Tag Champions The North in the Battlearts academy. Page said he rented the dojo for a month, but Alexander wasn’t excited for another match. Page said there was no more competition when Cody Deaner suddenly walked in and told them he wanted a title shot. Deaner made the challenge for a match at the Deaner compound, where he revealed that he will have a mystery partner for that match.

    Impact World Title #1 Contender First Round Match: Michael Elgin defeated Sami Callihan via pinfall (Elgin bomb)

    A great TV main event. Callihan was selling his ankle from his match with Ken Shamrock.

    Elgin overpowered Callihan to begin, and zeroed in on Sami’s injured ankle. Sami got some hope, hitting a draping DDT for a near fall but every time he got some momentum, Elgin went back to the ankle.

    Eventually Sami pulled himself back into it and the two had a very hard-hitting, back and forth main event match. Hitting big move after move, this felt like your usual Japanese strong style contest. Elgin hit a backfist but couldn’t connect with the Elgin bomb, but a second backfist was enough to eventually hit the powerbomb and pick up the win.

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