Impact Wrestling Results – May 26, 2020


The show opens with tributes to Shad Gaspard and Hana Kimura.

Impact World Title #1 Contender Semi-Final: Ace Austin defeated Hernandez via pinfall (The Fold)

Hernandez overpowered the smaller Ace Austin to begin, but when Austin caught Hernandez coming into the ring and kicked the rope into his groin, Ace retook control.

Ace Austin then worked the knee of Hernandez, which allowed him to pick up the win after clipping his knee, hitting a reverse DDT followed by The Fold for the win. This match was carried by Ace Austin.

We got a video package of someone in a motorcycle, which led to Undertaker references by Cody Deaner, who was getting ready for his match tonight. We then saw The North take a limo to the Deaner Compound, mocking everyone who lives there.

Backstage, Johnny Swinger told Chris Bey that he has his back tonight and he has all the gimmicks in his pocket. Bey just told Swinger to call it in the ring.

Michael Elgin cut a promo saying that last week he beat yet another World Champion, and tonight, he has to take care of Trey. He told him to not be his Treehouse happy-go-lucky self and get serious, because Elgin is always serious.

Chris Bey defeated Cousin Jake via pinfall (Final Finesse)

Commentary told us that Cousin Jake isn’t with Cody Deaner due to being stuck in the US.

Cousin Jake overpowered Bey in the opening moments, and attempts at trying to pick up the pace were met with body blocks and body slams. Eventually, thanks to a distraction from Johnny Swinger, allowed Chris Bey to take control.

Chris Bey used his pace and Swinger on the outside to work over Jake, and despite a late flurry from Cousin Jake, Swinger’s distraction allowed Bey to pick up the win after a Fameasser and the Final Finesse.

Post-match, Swinger and Bey attacked Cousin Jake until Willie Mack came out for the save.

We then saw an interview with Rohit Raju, he asked when he was getting a rematch, but Chase Stevens interrupted him. Rohit asked why he was here to take spots in the card and challenged him to a match.

Kimber Lee defeated Havok via disqualification

Lee jumped Havoc at the bell, but quickly after Havok started throwing Kimber Lee around. Kimber Lee tried to bring Havok down to her size and lock in a sleeper, but Havoc fired up and started throwing Kimber Lee around some more.

Kimber Lee then take raked Havok’s eyes and went for her brass knuckles, but Neveah entered the ring and attacked Lee for the DQ.

Havoc and Neveah beat down Kimber Lee post-match.

Backstage, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz bullied Kylie Rae. Susie came out and told Hogan that what she was doing was bad, so Hogan and Steelz beat up Rae and Susie. Susie had some Su Yung flashbacks.

The North then arrived to the compound’s barn and was greeted by a guy that just keeps running. The barn opened and what I’m guessing is a trio of Deaners welcomed The North in.

Joseph P. Ryan asked Jake and Dave Crist to come out with him next to his fight with “Mentally ill” Steve.

Cody Deaner hyped his crew for tonight’s match. The North said the match was a two-on-two and that no other Deaner could get involved, but Cody Deaner said that in the compound, everything goes. He then introduced “Wheels”, his tag team partner.

Impact World Tag Team Titles: Champions The North defeated The Deaners via pinfall to retain their titles (low blow)

This was another cinematic match, which is the style right now. The Deaners began on top thanks to the size of Wheels. Cody then focused on Josh while Wheels went around ringside beating up Page.

In the ring, Josh Alexander beat down Cody Deaner as Ethan Page throws stuff at Wheels. The match went outside as they rammed each other against walls and tossed tractor tires at each other. The North threw Cody from a trailer into a crowd, and later Cody dove from the trailer onto The North as well.

Wheels was tossed through a fence, but recovered to slam Josh through a car for a near fall.

We saw tire irons and other farm equipment in play, and Josh Alexander piledrove Cody Deaner on a tractor trailer, leaving him down and out. The North worked over Wheels as the Deaner family tried to rescue Cody.

The referee then attacked The North, but missed his attempted 450 splash. Cody returned and hit The Giv’er, but the referee was down.

Wheels went for a double chokeslam, but the ring announcer from The North’s matches appeared and low blowed Wheels, revealing his own referee shirt and allowed The North to pick up the win with a fast count.

The North then ran from a host of angry Deaners and got out of the compound. This was okay but not as good as anything AEW or WWE have done in this style.

TJP and Fallah Bahh were then interviewed about The North, with TJP saying they were still in the northern trail and it was a matter of time before they would get their title match. The Rascalz interrupted, to which TJP made a challenge for next week for a shot at the tag team titles.

We then return to the treehouse, where Wentz and Dezmond were freaking out over Trey’s match tonight. Moose then arrived and gifted Trey with some sweet sunglasses. They asked Moose why he had the TNA title, and he said that once Trey wins, maybe he should go after Moose’s title instead of Tessa’s, but they laughed it off. Moose reminded them what happened the last time they made fun of Moose.

We got a vignette for debuting “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo. This is a shock, hell of a pick-up for Impact.

Rosemary and John E. Bravo were talking at the bar, as she talked about her history and coming close to getting married. Bravo said that he felt like he had also sold his soul to Taya. They agreed to work together and said that they’d go find a new bar for next week.

Impact World Title #1 Contender Semi-Final: Trey defeated Michael Elgin via pinfall (roll-up)

Another pace vs power contest, but these two started with some chain wrestling to open. Elgin overpowered Trey to begin but once Trey got to flying around, he took Elgin out of his game.

Trey looked in firm control, but was brought down from the top rope the hard way and hit with a double underhook backbreaker for a near fall. Elgin started to beat down Trey, to the point where Elgin was begging Trey to fight back.

Trey fought back and showed tremendous heart, fighting back with big strikes and near falls. Trey is a fantastic underdog babyface here. Elgin used his power once again and looked certain to win as he set up for the buckle bomb, but Sami Callihan hacked the lights and screen. This distraction allowed Trey to roll him up for the win.

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