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    IMPACT Wrestling: Results | November 17th 2020 Thank You Rascalz

    On a night we prepare to say farewell to the Rascalz, we had the opening round in the knockouts tag title tournament, we found a prime suspect and we were told a phenomenal wrestler will be making his return to Impact Wrestling. What more could you want…right?

    NO DQ: Moose def. Willie Mack Via Referee stoppage

    Big Willie Mack had no intention of letting Mr Impact Wrestling gain the upper hand in the opening few minutes. Willie charged at Moose only seconds after the bell had been rung, but Willie’s opening onslaught would have little to no effect on the TNA World Champion as Moose would take advantage of the no disqualification stipulation. Bringing both men spilling to the outside Moose began to show off his power and dominance, as he spent quite a few minutes throwing Willie Mack into the guardrails at ringside. Eventually bringing the match back into the ring, Willie Mack managed to get in a few little flurries of the offence even managing to cause some damage to the shoulder of Moose. But it wouldn’t take long for Moose to take back control, after taking a stunner from Mack, Moose went back into the ropes before charging at Mack and delivering his Lights Out spear. Once again however deciding against a pin and began to lay in heavy shots to the side of Willie’s head causing the referee to stop the match.

    We then paid one final visit to the Tree House in which we see some emotional Rascalz reminiscing about the happy times they’ve spent in the Tree House.

    Detective Dreamer is still on the case of who shot Bravo, The Deaners then come in and tell Tommy Dreamer that he should investigate Johnny Swinger further and to pay extra attention to his signature bum bag (Fanny Pack).

    Suicide vs Gio: No Contest

    Suicide makes his entrance but his opponent Gio is ready and waiting in the ring. The match begins but after a few seconds, it’s quickly over. Eric Young and his new counterpart Joe Doering enter the ring and Doering lays both Suicide and Gio out with hard-hitting clotheslines.

    Eric Young the grabs a microphone and once again reiterates the words “This World doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to us”.

    We then head to the locker room of the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and the Curator Kimber Lee, who are being asked by Gia Miller about the upcoming Knockouts tag team tournament. As they tell everyone that they are going to win the tournament, Something strange begins to happen with the lights and camera. As it goes back to normal, on the mirror behind them is a message left to them by Su Yung written in red saying “Next week UR time has come”.

    Next, we’re with Heath and Rhino, Rhino steps out of the room as Heath makes a phone call to a physical therapist. Rhino is met by EY and Joe Doering who start to attack Rhino. Heath opens the door and begins to slowly back away inside the locker room, EY and Doering follow him in and Young slams the door behind them.

    Brian Myers def. Crazzy Steve

    The Most Professional Wrestler Bryan Myers looks to once again live up to the name as he faces Crazzy Steve. Myers throughout the match looks to break things down with wrestling holds, calling for a collar and elbow tie-up. Steve isn’t having any of it and the two go back and forth for several minutes as they look for a way to gain the upper hand, Myers would find a small gap in the offence of Steve before delivering his signature clothesline for the pin-fall and the victory.

    Johnny Swinger walks into the office of Tommy Dreamer with a gun visibly poking out of his Fanny pack, Dreamer calls him out on it and accuses him of shooting Bravo before announcing the return of wrestlers court next week.

    Havok and Neveah def. Alisha and Tenille – KO Tag Team Tournament

    Lish started off the match with Neveah and too her credit she gave it everything she had and took it to Neveah, dominating for the first couple of minutes before tagging out and handing the momentum over to Tenille. Dashwood kept it for another minute or two and of course, Kaleb with a K was snapping away trying to get the perfect shot for the Gram. Neveah would find a quick gap, enough to get the tag to Havok which led to Tenille tagging out to Lish. She did her best but the power of Havok proved too much, despite at one point taking Havok to the outside Tenille would push her tag team partner into a clothesline from Neveah, and Dashwood also caught by a kick from Neveah. Havok would then lift up Lish in a wheelbarrow position giving the opportunity for Neveah to deliver a cutter which gave her team the win and a spot in the next round of the tag team tournament.

    Hernandez def Fallah Bahh

    Straight away the two big men attempted massive shoulder tackles in an attempt to knock the other off their feet. But to little or no avail, big moves were attempted by both and Hernandez would break out a suicide dive but even that couldn’t finish off Bahh. Fallah would attempt a Samoan drop but Hernandez snuck out the back, leading to a big super-Mex frog splash for the win.

    Scott D’Amore is sat backstage with the new tag team champions the Good Brothers sharing a laugh or two before being interrupted by Ethan Page. Page demands a rematch for the tag team titles, the Good Brothers agree but only if Page defeats a “Phenomenal” opponent.

    Farewell Match: Trey Miguel and Rich Swann def Dez and Wentz.

    For the final time, the Rascalz make their way to the ring and its clear emotions are running high for the trio. But as they settle in for the feature match Dez and Trey go back and forth as they try to go move for move with each other, the same thing happened as the highly athletic Rich Swann and Dez went toe to toe. Several times Dez and Wentz attempted their finishing move hot fire flame, landing it on Swann the first time only for Trey to superkick Dez into the pin-fall breaking it up. Throughout the match, the Rascalz were using their greatest hits if you will. Trey delivered a cheeky Nando’s kick to Dez in the corner and also hit a Meteora after Wentz missed the Hot Fire Flame, Swann delivered one big kick to the back of Dez’s head, covered him for the three and then the Rascalz embraced in the ring as the tears began to fall, in a big gesture all three Rascalz hang their ring jackets over the top rope before giving a Rascal goodbye. They tapped the impact logo before heading backstage.

    The camera followed Swann and the Rascalz behind the curtain and as they embraced one last time they were attacked by Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock. Shamrock made it clear to Rich that during their match for the Impact World Title he’s going to rip every limb from his body and we’re left with the image of everyone left laying.

    Thank You for reading, catch the replay of this week’s Impact on the Impact Plus app along with the replay of Turning Point.

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