Impact Wrestling: Slammiversary 2016 Results | June 12th 2016

We are currently in the midst of Slammiversary season, so what better PPV to review than Slammiversary 2016 which occurred on June 12th inside the Impact Zone in Orlando Florida.

Of course, the company at the time was going through what could best be described as the combination of hard times financially and a transitional period as many top stars were leaving TNA to either join WWE’s NXT brand or saw that the writing was on the wall and bailed as soon as possible.

Slammiversary 2016
Andrew Everett vs. DJZ vs. Trevor Lee vs. Eddie Edwards
TNA X Division Championship

Context: In February, Lee would become X Division Champion and formed an alliance with former WWE cruiserweight champion, Gregory Shane Helms and fellow X Division wrestler, Andrew Everett to create a faction known as ‘The Helms Dynasty. 

Names like DJZ and Eddie Edwards were also competing for the X Division title around this time as well and after few title defences on Impact, with many of them seeing Edwards and Zema getting screwed out of the title by Everett and Helms lead to this match being made official on the TNA website.

Before the action can officially start, Jeremy Borash gets on the mic to inform everyone that TNA management has banned Shane Helms from ringside thereby making this match resemble something of a fair fight.

Both of the babyfaces hit a low dropkick onto both members of the Helms Dynasty, Ion delivering a hurricanrana onto Trevor Lee before hitting a belly to back suplex onto the steel steps thanks to an assist by Edwards.

The bell rings officially starting the match; Eddie and DJZ work together to weaken Trevor Lee but it doesn’t last too long as Zema goes of a quick roll up but only gets a two count, a series of pin attempts by both men which don’t lead to three counts but it does excite the crowd. Trevor pulls Zema out of the ring but soon Lee is injected out of the ring by a scary-looking suplex the ring by Edwards…Side note, Josh Matthews on commentary mentions that he writes a blog on the Impact Wrestling website where he predicted that Eddie Edwards would be a future world champion, apparently, Josh not only commentate but also predicts the future because before the year comes to an end, Eddie would become TNA World Champion also Impact should start writing more blogs and articles back on their website just sayin’.

Everett jumping onto the ropes and hitting a corkscrew-like move onto everyone on the outside, both members of the Helm Dynasty begin working together for a little bit until a standing moonsault turns into a pin by Everett which leads to the pin getting broke up and some descension between Lee and Everett.

Eddie gets back into the ring with a double missile dropkick and moments later goes for the pin but gets broke up by a thunderous kick by the champion that would make soccer players jealous, Lee and Zema run into the ropes where Lee hits his signature mid-air reversal powerslam I don’t know what the heck you call it but it’s awesome but only a two count. Serious kicks, high flying manoeuvres from the top rope and pinfall attempts by all four competitors ensues until it’s only Eddie and Trevor left in the ring; A series of back and forth shots led to a small package cover by Eddie who wins the match and is your new TNA X Division Champion.

Slammiversary 2016 | Star Rating: 3.5 Stars Out of 5

This was a great way to start the pay per view and an impressive performance by all four of these men; While the company itself may not have been in the best shape, the X Division proves that they can still be a highlight on the show.

Eddie Edwards wouldn’t get to enjoy his reign as X Division Champion for too long as he would lose the title in the next set of tapings but more on that later.

Backstage, J.B. interviews EC3 about his match with Mike Bennett; EC3 says how he’s looking to finish his road to redemption by defeating Bennett here tonight and makes a lot of biblical references when discussing how his gone beat the man who self describes himself as a wrestling god.

We then see a quick montage regarding Sting’s Hall of Fame induction at Slammiversary 2012 before it’s revealed the next inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame will be announced on Tuesday night on Impact.

Slammiversary 2016
Grado and Mahabali Shera vs. Tribunal w/Al Snow

Context: So around this time, Al Snow was seen as a backstage figure for the company however on the March 29th edition of Impact, Snow attacked Shera and Grado which lead to Grado getting his arm broken in kayfabe; Snow would mention how his getting sick and tired of new wrestlers just walking into the business and how they can get themselves overall while wrestlers like him had to earn respect to get this far…basically it’s the angry salty pro wrestling veteran stuff you’d see guys like Jim Cornette do daily.

After a suspension, a not so sincere apology to Grado and Shera on Impact and a handful of matches against both men, Snow would bring in his recruits in Baron Dax and Basile Baraka later known as The Tribunal to help beat down Grado and Shera which leads us to this match.

Al Snow cuts a promo on the mic where he gets some cheap heat by bringing up politics including then 2016 Republican candidate Donald Trump and how he’s gonna make America great again just how he (Snow) and The Tribunal will make wrestling great again.

Grado and Shera storm down to the ring but are quickly jumped by the Tribunal, who controls the first half of this match through a series of quick tags and some outside interference by Al Snow. Shera manages to hit his signature ‘Sky High’ move out of desperation but as he tries to make the tag, Dax pulls Grado from the ring apron and the tribunal get back to cutting off the ring.

Grado enters the ring and hits a noggin knocker on both Dax and Baraka before shoving Shera all the way to the other side of the ring which leads to Grado becoming the legal man in this match; Grado is a house of firing in the beginning until a distraction by Snow leads to a double team manoeuvre by the tribunal but only a two count, Shera jumps into the ring with a springboard double axe handle…perhaps the most athletic thing I’ve ever seen Shera do in his entire time in Impact.

Both Grado and Shera hit some double team jabs to their opponents before capping it off with a double bionic elbow, both men start doing cartwheels and summersaults to celebrate their cohesiveness but it’s too premature as the tribunal attack and sends Shera out of the ring; Snow provides the distraction which gives Dax and Baraka enough time to attack Shera some more and hitting a tag team move on to Grado for the win.

Slammiversary 2016 | Star Rating: 1.5 Stars Out Of 5

It was an okay match, very servable and it did what it needed to do which was getting the tribunal overplus that springboard axe handle by Shera was good especially when you realize that he rarely does any high risks moves at all.

Backstage, TNA’s newest acquisition Braxton Sutter (or The Blade in AEW) is seen walking around when he encounters ‘The Cowboy James Storm and the two head off to have a discussion.

So this next match deserves some set up some bear with me… In January Maria and her husband, Mike Bennett debuted for TNA and instantly became heels with Maria setting her sites on Gail Kim and even winning a match to become the authority figure for the Knockouts; As this is going on Maria uses her power to break up ‘The Dollhouse’ once and for all but tells all three of members: Marti Belle, Jade and Rebel that they’ll be competing in a three-way number one contender’s match for a shot at the title which Jade wins.

Jade would pick up the victory and become the new Knockouts Champion thanks to Maria’s interference, however, following an in-ring segment with Maria weeks later, Jade would get attacked by Allysin Kay or Sienna as she was called in TNA and she would become a part of Maria’s Lady Squad faction as her muscle.

Following several times, Maria cost Gail a match leading into this event, about was set up to see Gail vs. Maria at Slammiversary 2016 unfortunately, Maria suffered a broken hand before the pay per view which was a real-life injury she suffered although it’s not clear when she got it.

Gail Kim comes down the ring with her left leg wrapped up following an attack by Maria, Allie and Sienna with some steel chairs on the go-home episode of Impact.

Maria comes down to the ring with her assistant Allie and explains that she can’t compete due to the injury but Gail is having none of it and calls Maria a liar which gets a ‘Liar’ chant started in the crowd; Billy Corgan, the frontman for the Smashing Pumpkins and new guy in charge of TNA Wrestling confirms Maria’s injury is legit but compromise the situation by inserting Gail Kim into the Knockouts Title between Jade and Sienna which is going to start right now.

Slammiversary 2016
Gail Kim vs. Jade vs. Sienna w/Maria Kanellis and Allie
TNA Knockouts Championship

The match starts with both Jade and Gail double-teaming Sienna before a series of pinfall attempts and Sienna imposing her will stops that in their tracks.

Sienna then puts Gail Kim on the top turnbuckle, lifts Jade on top of her shoulders as well as Gail and then hits a big Samoan Drop before all three ladies roll out the ring to continue the action; Jade and Gail continue to team up on Sienna until Kim gets set out of the ring which allows Jades to deliver a series of knee strikes and a tornado DDT, but only a two count thanks to Gail.

A top rope hurricanrana by Gail sends Jade out but not for too long as Jade delivers her own hurricanrana onto Sienna; Jade is looking for a package piledriver but it’s reversed by Sienna into her signature ‘AK-47’ move, Gail sneaks up and hits the ‘Eat Defeat’ on Sienna before going for the cover and it’s broken up by Allie, who pulls Gail’s leg without the referee seeing it.

Gail responds by blasting Allie in the face with some elbows, before turning her attention onto Maria but Gail gets kicked in the injured knee by Maria.

Allie then grabs the Knockouts Championship and passes it to Sienna when suddenly out of nowhere, Marti Belle enters the ring and dodges a belt shot by Sienna; Marti produces a baton and hits her former Dollhouse teammate Jade, knocking her out in the process. Sienna goes for the cover, pins to win and is the new TNA Knockouts Champion.

Slammiversary 2016 | Star Rating: 3 Stars Out Of 5

A very competitive match between both ladies and certainly wasn’t expecting Marti to turn on Jade or even Sienna winning the Knockouts Title, to be honest, but of course, this wouldn’t be the last time Sienna would win championship gold in her time with the company.

So following this, Marti Belle would have a sit-down interview on an episode of Impact explaining her reasons for turning on Jade leading to a match on Impact between ladies where Jade at one point uses a set on nunchucks at one point in the match and picks up the win.

And course the feud between Gail Kim and Maria would continue as on the following episode of Impact, it’s revealed that Gail will be the first woman inducted into the TNA/Impact Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory meanwhile Gail and Maria would face off later that same night at BFG for the Knockouts championship.

Backstage with JB again as he interviews Bobby Lashley about his main event title match with Galloway; Lashley mentions that Drew is stepping into his world as the match can only end by either tap out or pass out.

Lashley then intimidates JB a couple of times to announce him as the new TNA World Heavyweight champion before walking off…possible foreshadowing of things to come.

Slammiversary 2016
James Storm vs. Braxton Sutter

James Storm grabs the microphone to hype the crowd and reminisces about the journey he had over the last 14 years and decides to allow a newer comer in Impact in the form of Braxton Sutter.

Some lockups between Storm and Sutter to kick things off

Storm manages to counter much of Sutter’s offence in the beginning before hitting a ‘backstabber’ onto him but the newbie manages to kick out; Storm goes to the top but Sutter soon turns things around after hitting a swinging suplex manoeuvre but only a two count. Sutter then heads to the top rope waiting for ‘The Cowboy’ and hits a flying cross body but only gets two, Sutter sends Storm into the ropes and hits a snap powerslam into the cover another two counts, some action happens in the ring corner with Braxton hitting a suplex on Storm with the cowboy’s legs catching the turnbuckles and another two count.

Braxton waits for Storm to get back to his feet only for the Cowboy to respond with his signature ‘Lung Blower’ move, Storm now waits for Sutter to get to his feet and hits the ‘Last Call’ Superkick to get the three count and the win.

Both Storm and Sutter embrace following the match and even share a couple of beers soon afterwards.

Slammiversary 2016 | Star Rating: 1.5 Stars Out Of 5

It was an okay match, a bit of a slow pace compared to some of the other matches that occurred previously and later on in the night but it did what it needed to and not much else to say about that.

Eli Drake gets interviewed backstage about his match with Bram for the King of The Mountain Championship where Drake spews off his signature catchphrase and nicknames like ‘Namer Of Dummies’, E-LI Drake, ‘Dummy Yeah!” and closing it all off by saying “That’s not an insult, That is just a fact of life”.

Slammiversary 2016
Bram vs. Eli Drake
TNA King Of The Mountain Championship

Context: Early in the year, Bram and Eric Young would form a team that saw the two bearded maniacs attack anyone they felt like until EY turned on Bram in April and even cut off part of his beard because of reasons.

EY would lose his King of The Mountain Championship in a falls count anywhere match to Bram before going on to have his “very successful” run in the WWE; Bram wouldn’t be champion for too long as Eli Drake would cash in his feast or fired briefcase and become the new champion so now Bram has invoked his rematch clause thus leading to this match.

Before the match even starts Eli Drake poses to the crowd but ends up slipping off the top rope but thankfully he didn’t hurt himself.

Eli spends the first few minutes avoiding Bram but the former champion sends the current one outside of the ring with a clothesline; Drake takes up his King of the Mountain title and looks like he’s walking out on the match and tells his opponent “Will do it another time”, Bram chases Eli to the entrance ramp, a failed sneak attack by Drake leads to clothesline onto the floor by the challenger.

Bram continues the onslaught on Drake by exposing the concrete floor but Eli recovers by hitting a back body drop on Bram; Bram gets back into the ring before the referee can reach the ten count, Drake goes for the cover but only gets two. 

Series of punches between both men with Bram getting the better of the exchange, a big powerbomb by Bram onto the champion and then hits his finisher, ‘The Brighter Side of Suffering’ but Drake can roll out before getting pinned.

Bram rolls Eli back into the ring but Bram gets caught by Drake’s old finisher, ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ to score the three count and retain his King of The Mountain Championship.

Slammiversary 2016 | Star Rating: 2 Stars Out Of 5

It was a good title match, plus the shot of Eli slipping off the ropes and the ‘Namer of Dummies’ playing off as if nothing happened was just hilarious.

Backstage again as Borash is interviewing ‘The Miracle’ Mike Bennett for his up-and-coming match. Bennett does some bragging in his promo and mentions he was the first man to pin EC3 and that Ethan Carter’s Road to Redemption will not have a happy ending.

Slammiversary 2016
Mike Bennett vs. EC3

Context: In January, Mike and his wife Maria would debut on an episode of Impact where Bennett proclaimed himself everything from ‘The Miracle’ to ‘Wrestling Jesus’; Soon after his debut Bennett and EC3 would get into a feud that saw their first match end in a DQ by the hands of ‘The Miracle’ and their second match which took place on a special episode of Impact called ‘Sacrifice’ where Bennett shocked everyone when he pinned EC3 in the middle of the ring ending his 30-month unbeaten streak.

In an attempt to get another chance at Mike Bennett, EC3 goes through several old foes like Rockstar Spud, Tyrus and Matt Hardy in the ‘EC3’s Road To Redemption’ where if Ethan loses any of these matches he can’t face ‘The Miracle’ but obviously EC3 comes out victorious in all of these matches and that all leads to this match.

Following some posturing and headlocks to start the match, both EC3 and Mike Bennett exchange a series of punches onto each other until referee Brian Hebner breaks it up; Some quite looking knife-edge chops by Carter drops Bennett before both men head to the outside of the ring where Bennett begins to take control following an accidental splash into the ring post by EC3.

Bennett repeatedly kicks EC3 out of the ring and then place Ethan on one of the guard rails before hitting a draping DDT on the floor. Action resumes in the ring with both guys exchanging shots before EC3 hits a powerbomb into the cover but gets a two count, Bennett hits an Arn Anderson style like Spinebuster on Carter but gets a two count, and attempted at a diamond cutter by Bennett gets countered by a clothesline and the fans can be heard chanting ‘EC3’ throughout this match.

EC3 hits a jawbreaker on the Miracle before finally hitting the EC3 Splash in the corner and a flapjack before hitting ‘The One Percenter’ but only getting a two count, EC3 and Mike Bennett are on the ring apron when Carter hits the TK3 with both men getting the worse on that exchange; EC3 heads to the top rope but gets caught by a diamond cutter by Bennett only a two count, EC3 puts on the cobra clutch submission but Bennett can distract the ref and hits a blow and a piledriver onto EC3 but again another two count.

EC3 soon recovers and hits three German Suplexes in a row on Mike Bennett (shades of Kurt Angle by Ethan Carter), Carter hits the One Percenter again but just as he goes for the cover, Maria slides in a steel chair which distracts the referee for a few seconds before going for the three counts but Bennett kicks out on two.

Hebner sends Maria backstage but while that is going on Mike Bennett hits ‘The Miracle In Progress’ onto the steel chair but EC3 kicks out and the fans are cheering; Bennett slaps EC3 in the back of the head and looks to go for another piledriver but EC3 reverses it and hits the TK3 and then a third ‘One Percenter’ to get the three count and just like that EC3 got his redemption.

Slammiversary 2016 | Star Rating: 3.5 Stars Out Of 5

The back and forth action between both Ethan Carter and Mike Bennett throughout the match was incredible, the close calls felt suspenseful on several occasions, the crowd reaction from the fans really helped to make the match more enjoyable and of course, the right man won.

This would be the end of the feud between Carter and Bennett as EC3 would go on to feud with names like Drew Galloway and Lashley before winning many contender’s matches and main eventing that year’s Bound For Glory pay per view.

Mike Bennett would also look to become world champion as well but to do that The Miracle decided to wrestle Eddie Edwards for the X Division Championship to use the belt and Option C as a ‘Stepping Stone’ in his own words get to the TNA World Championship.

Bennett would shocking win the belt from Edwards on an episode of Impact but he wouldn’t hold the belt for long as he would lose it to Eddie just a week or two later.

Bennett would proclaim that he would ruin the main event of Destination X and he did it with the help of Moose, who made his TNA debut on that night and just days after he left Ring of Honor.

And of course, you know how the career of Moose has turned out up to this point: Former TNA Grand Champion, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, turned heel on Eddie Edwards, became a “Wrestling God” and the rest is history.

promo done earlier in the day by Matt Hardy sees the Broken One talking about how he is going use weapons like steel chairs, ladders and tables to injury his brother Jeff and says that he will ‘Delete You, Once and For All’.

Slammiversary 2016
Jeff Hardy vs. “Broken” Matt Hardy
Falls Count Anywhere Full Metal Mayhem

Context: The history between Matt and Jeff Hardy is well known but in regards to this match, here is how we got to this point.

So after Jeff Hardy injury his leg in a motorcycle accident, The Hardy Boys were forced to relinquish the TNA Tag Team Titles that they had previously one in an Ultimate X.

Fast forward to the start of 2016 and Matt Hardy defeats EC3 in the last man standing match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, in the process EC3 turns face and Matt turns heel thanks to the outside interference of his wife, Reby Sky and Tyrus (who was EC3’s bodyguard). Hardy sudden becomes more entitled and selfish whilst calling himself ‘Big Money’ Matt or the ‘Iconic’ Matt hardy and following Jeff’s return from injury a family feud between the brothers continued with one of the biggest talking points being the ‘I Quit match both men had on an episode of Impact which ended in a no contest and Matt leaving the building on a stretcher. 

This would lead to the creation of ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy, a character that would take over the wrestling world by storm for his over the top manner of speaking and outlandish attire; Following weeks of mind games including multiple versions of Willow The Wisp running around the Impact Zone, a match was made for both Matt and Jeff to face each other at Slammiversary 2016 in a Falls Count Anywhere Full Metal Mayhem match.

Following an introduction by Reby Sky to introduce her husband, Jeff comes out the ring and both Hardy’s begin brawling in and outside the ring with the use of weapons like trash cans and ladders; Jeff brings out a table, which Matt then tries to set up and he is successful but gets suplexed onto the floor by his brother and then hits a springboard like a splash onto Matt through the table but one gets a two count.

Jeff grabs a ladder and extends it so much that it basically cuts off half of the ring and hits a twist of fate and a top rope splash onto Matt through the ladder but again Jeff only gets two. Jeff goes for a Swanton Bomb but Matt counters it and goes for the cover but only gets two before the Broken One starts to bite and punch his brother in the face and his ear; Matt hits the side effect on Jeff on the ring apron and then grabs an actual keyboard from underneath the ring before powerbombing his brother through it and going for a cover but only two.

Broken Matt sets up two more tables outside of the ring and a ladder inside the ring but his brother Jeff meets him on top of the ladder before it comes crashing down taking both Hardy’s off their feet. Jeff can regain some momentum as the action heads back to the outside with Jeff hitting his fourth or perhaps the fifth Twist of Fate in the match but this one sends Matt through a table, Jeff goes for the pin but another kick out by Matt, Jeff places Matt on the other table and heads to the top rope where he hits a Swanton Bomb on the outside through both his brother and the table.

Hardy goes for cover, pins and just like that, Jeff Hardy defeats his deranged brother for the win.

Slammiversary 2016 | Star Rating: 3.5 Stars Out Of 5

This was a wild and crazy brawl between the two extreme siblings and the crowd was into it from beginning to end which certainly helps in my enjoyment of the match.

Of course, the feud between the Broken One and ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ was far from over as they would battle in a couple of more matches before culminating at the Hardy Compound in the legendary or infamous (depending on your taste in pro wrestling) “Final Deletion” which helped to launch meteoric rise of Broken Matt Hardy as well as get some impressive media attention for the company.

Eventually, both Matt and Jeff would reunite as ‘The Broken Hardy’s and regain those tag team titles becoming the most popular act in not just the company but in professional wrestling at the time.

Backstage, the reigning TNA Tag Team Champions Decay mention in their own sick and twisted way how they plan to destroy the BroMans in their up-and-coming title match before Rosemary ends by saying their opponents will Decay… Decay… Decay!!!

Slammiversary 2016
The Bro Mans vs. Decay
TNA World Tag Team Championships

Context: In early 2016, Crazzy Steve and Abyss attack Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards backstage, which led to the two of them calling out their attackers but instead they and the TNA Wrestling world are introduced to Rosemary, who says the type of cryptic and sinister things most fans expect from ‘The Demon Assassin’  and soon after this Abyss and Steve come out and accompany Rosemary which leads to the birth of the new faction called ‘Decay’ and soon after their formation, the group would defeat Beer Money at Sacrifice to become the new Tag Team Champions.

Meanwhile, Robbie E and Jessie Godderz reunite as The Bro-Mans after having a falling out that led to a match between the two of them at the previous year’s Slammiversary.  

Robbie and Jessie by this point are beloved by the fans and are focused on regaining the tag team titles after a few fail attempts against Beer Money and winning a number one contender’s match on Impact.

Also, the Bro-Mans have a new valet/fitness guru in the form of the purple-haired wrestler known as Raquel.

Robbie E starts off taking it to both Crazzy Steve and Abyss but that soon changes as ‘The Monster’ begins imposing his will on his much smaller opponent; Frequent tags are many by Decay until Jessie gets tagged in and with the help of Robbie takes both male members of Decay down to the floor, Rosemary and Jessie have a little bit of a staredown until Godderz lifts Rosemary in a military press before slamming her to outside onto Abyss and Steve.

Crazzy Steve trips up Jessie on the ring apron which allows Decay to retaliate with punches and even more frequent tags; A shoulder tackle from the second rope by Jessie leads him and Abyss tagging in their partners and chaos begins to break out as Rosemary attempts to spit the red mist into Robbie’s face but he ducks and the mist ends up in the monster’s face instead.

Temporarily blinded, Abyss accidentally chokeslams his own partner before getting sent out by Godderz which leads to the Bro-Mans hitting “The Bro Down” before transitioning it into a Boston Crab submission or in this case called “The Adonis Crab”. Abyss pulls referee Brian Stiffer out of the ring and some more misfires with the mist occur when Abyss spew green mist into Stiffer’s face blinding him on the outside.

Steve begins to tap out but there’s no referee, Rosemary looks to use one of the title belts as a weapon but Raquel gets into the ring and begin punching ‘The Demon Assassin’ until she’s restrained by Jessie, who gets blasted in the face with the title belt; Rosemary pulls Raquel out and boots her in the face while a new referee makes the count but it’s only two, Jessie grabs Steve and puts on the Adonis Crab again but he gets caught by Abyss who knocks Robbie E from the apron and hits the Blackhole Slam and a tag team manoeuvre with Crazzy Steve on Jessie to retain the tag team titles.

Slammiversary 2016 | Star Rating: 3 Stars Out Of 5

A good tag team match with great performances from everyone involved and it’s easily one of the Bro-Mans best matches.

Backstage with Jeremy Borash for the last time tonight as he interviews the reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Drew Galloway; The Champion talks about his 16 year journey to get to this moment while also mentioning the toughness of his challenger but he ends the promo by reminding everyone that he made Kurt Angle tap out, so what heck do you think he’ll do to Lashley.

Slammiversary 2016
Bobby Lashley vs. Drew Galloway
TNA World Heavyweight Championship

In your main event, it’s “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley vs. Drew Galloway for the TNA World Championship. 

Context: Back in March, Drew Galloway cashed in his feast or fired briefcase which contained a shot at the world title on ‘Big Money’ Matt Hardy towards the end of the March 15th edition of Impact which, saw Galloway become world heavyweight champion for the very first time in his career.

While Galloway was defending his belt against names like Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley was wrestling ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero and Kurt Angle (in what would be the Olympic Gold Medalist’s last match in the company), soon Lashley and Galloway’s paths would be intertwined and after a lumberjack match involving both men went to a no contest, TNA President Dixie Carter announced that a rematch would happen at Slammiversary 2016 with the added stipulation being that the only way to win is by making your opponent tap out or they get knocked out.

After the ring introductions, Galloway waste no time and hits the ‘Claymore Kick’ on Lashley shocking everyone including the commentators; Lashley is quickly able to recover and clotheslines Drew out of the ring but the action returns inside the square circle with Lashley targeting the ribs and midsection of the champion.

Nice exchange occurs as Galloway puts on his “Iron Maiden” submission move but Lashley gets out, Drew puts it back on, Lashley escapes and delivers a spear onto Galloway. Bobby continues the onslaught and applies a cross arm breaker but Drew can kick out literally as he boots Lashley right in the face which appears to have made one of his eyes starting bleeding, thereby potentially making his vision blurry. 

A spinebuster and a vertical suplex by Lashley leaves the champion dazed but not too long as Drew jumps off the top rope with an axe handle which drops the big man down before getting sent out of the ring with a big boot by Galloway. Both men continue to brawl with Lashley slamming Drew on the ring apron but Galloway answering back by sending Lashley into the steel steps and even hitting the signature Celtic Cross manoeuvre on Lashley onto the steps… ouch.

Galloway applying the Sharpshooter on Lashley on the steps and then nails Bobby with another Claymore Kick. Drew sets up a table on the outside and places Lashley on top as he motions to the crowd that he’s gonna fly but Drew’s high-risk move reaps no reward as he ends up getting nothing but a table.

Lashley tells the referee to count Galloway out but by the count of eight, a bloody Drew Galloway is back on his feet and reverses a crossface attempt with a tombstone piledriver. Both men are down by this point as the referee Brian Hebner begins to make the count, Galloway gets up first as the fans chant ‘This Is Awesome’.

The champion dares his challenger to stand up with Drew exclaiming “Get Up Your Son-A-Bitch!” to which Lashley does and responds with one heck of a right hand which knocks Drew off his feet; Lashley immediately puts on a new submission hold where he traps the right arm and head which sees Drew fading away quickly and leads to the ref checking to see if he can continue but Galloway simply cannot, so Hebner rings the bell and as a result of a knock out Bobby Lashley wins and is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion for the third time in his career.

Slammiversary 2016 | Star Rating: 4.5 Stars Out Of 5

I mean… wow, what a matchup between these two men it was hard-hitting, it keeps me on my feet as to who would win the match and the resiliency of both Lashley and Galloway were on full display on this match but in the end, this match had to end via tap out or knock out and wrestler who is also an MMA Fighter unsurprisingly came out with the victory.

Grade: B +


  • Four Way X Division Title Match
  • Three Way Knockouts Title Match
  • Mike Bennett vs. EC3
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Broken Matt Hardy
  • The Bro Mans vs. Decay
  • Lashley vs. Galloway 


  • James Storm vs. Braxton Sutter
  • Too Many Backstage interviews with JB

Well, I hope you’d enjoy this review of Slammiversary 2016, be sure to tell me which match from this PPV was your favourite. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to follow me on Twitter @hakeemfullerton.

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