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    Indy: An Introduction to Billie Starkz

    After an incredible performance over The Collective weekend, including a Clusterfuck appearance and a match with Killer Kelly, the young Billie Starkz has really blown up over the past few months. Starkz trained at Grindhouse Pro Wrestling Academy, namely by Raul LaMotta and Rudy Switchblade. Her two year anniversary of her debut was this past Tuesday, which is pretty cool after the weekend she had at The Collective. In this introduction, I will be reviewing some matches Starkz has already had so far in her young career.

    November 17th, 2019
    Black Label Pro – Slamilton 2 (available to watch on IWTV)
    Billie Starkz vs. Kylie Rae

    The match started with both Kylie and Billie dancing along to the applause of the crowd. They started off with a collar and elbow tie-up but that was soon broken up with neither Kylie nor Billie taking control. Starkz and Kylie then shake hands after playing up to the crowd a little.
    Kylie puts Billie into a rear waistlock, only for Starkz to take over control with an arm wrench. Kylie soon puts Starkz back into the rear waistlock, transitioning into a side headlock. Starkz escapes it and locks Kylie in her own chin lock. Kylie escapes that one too and puts Starkz back into a side headlock, transitioning that into a wristlock.

    Starkz rolls through the wristlock and puts Kylie in one of her own. Billie then proceeded to bite Kylie’s fingers. Starkz apologises to Kylie for biting her but then rolls her up for a two-count. Billie and Kylie then simultaneously bit each other’s fingers. Starkz and Kylie then began biting the referee’s fingers for trying to break it up. After Kylie spent a good minute or so biting the referee’s finger, Starkz gets her back into the match, hits an arm drag and gets a two-count on a pinfall.

    Starkz attempts a spinning heel kick but Kylie catches her, and puts her back into a rear waistlock, with Starkz escaping that and soon after hitting a sunset flip, getting another two-count, taking Kylie out with a kick to the side of the head, getting another two-count. Starkz puts Kylie into a Cobra clutch hold but Kylie escapes it with elbows, pushing Billie into the corner.

    Rae charged into the corner and caught Starkz’ feet, pushing them onto the top rope, but then avoiding anything Starkz had planned by forcing her down to the mat, using Billie’s hair to do so, getting a two-count. Kylie then used her foot to choke Starkz out, with the referee forcing her to break it up. Kylie got Starkz back to her feet, by pulling her hair, with Rae dropping her back to the mat with an elbow.

    Kylie then put Starkz into a wristhold, taking her down with two shoulder blocks but Starkz got back into it, hitting Kylie with three elbows. She went for another but Kylie ducked and then took her down with a clothesline, getting a two-count. Kylie then sends Billie into the corner, hitting her with a chop. Kylie does the same in the adjacent corner, but Billie ducks it on the third attempt, attacking Rae with chops of her own.

    Starkz attempted an elbow of her own, but Kylie ducked and hit Starkz with a running European uppercut in the corner, following it up with a huge cannonball, getting another two-count on the attempted pinfall. Kylie locks in a nerve pinch on the shoulder of Starkz, with Billie attempting to escape it with elbows only for Kylie to send her down to one knee with a clubbing blow to the back.

    Kylie sent Billie back into the corner, but missed a European uppercut, with Starkz stunning Kylie slightly with a facebuster. Billie continues the attack with a flurry of strikes, attempting to put Kylie in a waistlock, only for Rae to transition it into one of her own. Starkz then escaped that, rolled through Kylie’s legs and dropped her with a German suplex, getting a two-count on the bridge.

    Starkz hit Rae with a reverse tombstone variation, getting only a two-count, due to Kylie getting her foot on the bottom rope. Kylie soon gets back into the match by dropping Billie with a Russian Leg Sweep, transitioning it into a Crossface, with Starkz escaping it by rolling through for a two-count. Kylie hit Starkz with a big superkick to get the three-count. Kylie showed respect to Billie following the match, with emotions getting the better of Billie after wrestling her hero.

    An incredible match between two really talented wrestlers. One of my favourites that I’ve seen for sure. I can’t even imagine how Billie felt to wrestle her hero. I cannot say enough good words about it, an incredibly close contest between the two.

    September 27th, 2020
    New Wave Pro – Complex Chaos (available to watch on IWTV)
    Billie Starkz vs. Solo Darling

    The next match on my list was the main event match of New Wave Pro’s Complex Chaos event that saw Billie Starkz square off against Solo Darling. They started the match off with a handshake. After keeping the handshake on for quite some time, Starkz broke it and then swept Solo’s leg, taking her down to the mat, wrenching on the heel, keeping Darling grounded.

    Darling escaped and locked Starkz into a muffler variation, with Starkz quickly getting out of it, putting on a wristlock. Solo rolls around the ring and then takes Starkz down with a boot to the knee, attempting to lock in a kneebar. Starkz got out of the kneebar by transitioning into a jackknife cover, getting a two-count.

    Starkz attempted a German suplex but Solo avoided it, once again, grounding Billie, locking in a wristlock. Darling then rolled Starkz into a crucifix pin, getting a two-count on the attempted pinfall. Darling took out Starkz with a shoulder in the corner. Darling catches a kick attempt from Billie, and transitions her, and then drops her, with an electric chair, getting another two-count.

    Darling then attempted to lock Starkz into a Texas Cloverleaf variation but Billie quickly escaped it by reaching the ropes. Starkz hit Solo with a strike, with Darling come back with a kick to the leg. Starkz hits Solo with a sunset flip off an Irish whip, getting a two-count, kicking Darling in the side of the head after she kicked out.

    Darling took Starkz down with another leg sweep, locking her into an Indian Deathlock, escaping the hold by reaching the ropes. Solo attempted an attack on Starkz, only for Billie to push her into the ropes and then drop her with a high kick to the head. Starkz took Darling to the outside and looked as though she was about to hit a suplex on the floor, only for Darling to avoid it by pushing Starkz back first into the ring post, following it up with a hard smack to the side of the head.

    Darling looked as if she was attempting a tornado DDT on the outside but Starkz avoided it, pushed her backwards and then hit her with a vicious elbow. Starkz then nailed a Fisherman Suplex on the hard concrete floor. Starkz lifted Darling onto the apron and began trading off elbows and kicks with Darling. Solo then nailed Starkz with a Death Valley Driver on the apron, only getting a two-count after Darling rolled her back into the ring.

    Darling began working on Billie’s legs, but Starkz fought her way out of it, kicking at Solo. Billie and Darling then began trading kicks, forearms and slaps. Starkz avoided a Tornado DDT attempt but Darling soon after hit a tornado suplex. Darling attempted another tornado manoeuvre in the corner but Starkz avoided it, kicking Darling in the side of the head, following it up with a picture-perfect German Suplex.

    Starkz hits Solo with a huge boot in the corner. Billie attempts a big crossbody in the corner, only for Solo to catch her and drop her with a big power slam, with Starkz kicking out at one. Darling continued the assault on Starkz with repeated kicks. Darling went running against the ropes but Billie caught her and dropped Solo with another German Suplex, along with the bridge, getting another two-count.

    Starkz and Darling trade slaps, kicks and elbows until Darling takes Starkz down with a pump handle slam, once again, only getting a two count. Darling then nailed a cross-legged fisherman suplex, transitioning into a small package, getting another close two count. Starkz hit Solo with a palm strike, hit a kick to the face and then nailed a spinning boat driver to get the pinfall and the victory!!! Darling and Starkz shook hands, showing a sign of respect to each other after the match.

    Incredible match, with Billie picking up the hard-fought victory. There were times in the match that I thought Solo would win but Starkz showed her resilience to pick up the victory against the veteran. With each match I watch, I am becoming a bigger fan of Billie Starkz.

    Black Label Pro Wrestling: Through Being Cool
    August 24th, 2020
    Black Label Pro Championship
    Jake Something (c) vs. Billie Starkz

    Starkz attempted to start the match with a wristlock tie-up, only for Something to drop her with a hard elbow. Billie came back with strikes and chops to the chest of Jake Something, only for Something to, once again, drop Billie with another elbow. Something then sent Starkz hard into the corner, following it up with a backbreaker.

    Starkz reversed a possible powerbomb attempt into a jacknife pin, getting only a one-count, with Starkz hitting Something with a hard elbow after Jake kicked out. Starkz then hit a chop and a spinning heel kick, sending something backwards into the corner. Something dropped Starkz with a bodyslam, soon after Billie hit him with another elbow strike.

    Something bounced Billie’s head off the mat and then struck her in the back with a hard elbow. Something then took Billie down with a lariat, with Starkz kicking out at two. Something then retrieved three steel chairs and a door from underneath the ring, chucking them into the ring. Billie hit Something with a kick to the gut, only for Jake to drop her with another hard elbow.

    Something then sets up the door in between two of the steel chairs in the ring, lifted her up into a powerbomb position, climbed to the top rope but was reversed into a Frankensteiner from the top turnbuckle, sending Something through the door. Starkz sent Something out of the ring and then took him out with a suicide dive.

    Returning to the ring, Starkz hit something with an elbow and then climbed to the top turnbuckle. hitting a picture-perfect Swanton Bomb, getting a VERY close two-count. Starkz gets another very close two-count after hitting a German Suplex. A lariat attempt from Billie is reversed into a Black Hole Slam, which gets Something the victory to retain the BLP Championship.

    An absolutely incredible match with so many moments in the match where I thought Billie was going to pick up the win. She is so damn talented at such a young age and it just blows my mind. Incredible match with Something here, only just missing out on the victory but I definitely see Starkz getting another opportunity at the BLP title in the future.

    Black Label Pro – We’re Back: A Wrestler’s Story
    August 23rd, 2020
    Billie Starkz vs. Elayna Black

    The match began with an offer of a handshake from Starkz, but Elayna, instead, seemed to give her a tarot card. Starkz didn’t keep hold of it for long as she yeeted it out of the ring. Elayna then charged at Starkz, attempting a clothesline but Billie ducked and took her down with an arm drag. Starkz hit another one, transitioning it into a pinfall attempt, only getting a one-count.

    Starkz ducked another attack from Elayna, hitting her with an elbow to the midsection. Starkz then hit Black with a Sunset Flip, which, in turn, resulted in both Billie and Elayna trading pinfall attempts, with Billie nailing Black with a vicious knee strike to the side of Elayna’s head. Billie charged at Elayna, only for Black to sweep her leg, sending her to the mat. Black followed that up by using Starkz to roll her back to her feet, and, once again, dropped her to the mat, with a snapmare, rolling her up with a crucifix-style pin, only getting a one-count.

    Another leg trip from Elayna gets her a one count, with Black dropping Billie to her knees with a kick to the back of the leg. Black missed a kick to the back of the head, using Starkz back to roll through and then dropped her with a DDT, getting a two-count. Black hit a vicious kick to Billie’s back and then pushed Starkz into the corner, using her foot to choke Billie out. Elayna followed it up with another elbow strike.

    Elayna dragged Billie to another corner, bouncing her head off the turnbuckle as she did. Black then hit Billie with two shoulder tackles in the corner, before sending her to the opposite one, hitting Starkz with a high knee. Black hit Billie with a snapmare and followed it up with a big kick to the back, getting a two-count. Black then locked Starkz into a chin lock, with Starkz breaking it by ramming Elayna into the buckle three times.

    Billie got back into the match by hitting Black with a facebuster, following it up with a spinning heel kick to the face. Starkz hits Black with a back elbow and a kick to the chin to avoid giving control of the match back to Elayna. Starkz then hits Elayna with a top rope enzigiri. Elayna avoids a German suplex, hitting two vicious elbows and attempts to hit her own but Starkz nails Black with elbow strikes of her own, hitting Elayna with front and back elbows, sending her into the ropes.

    Starkz continues the attack with a second back elbow. Starkz ducks a clothesline, leading Black into the ropes and then nails a German suplex, with a bridge, only getting a two-count. Black gets back into it, hitting Starkz with three consecutive elbows, following it up with a straight kick. Starkz avoids another attack, hitting Black with a huge elbow, back fist and a high face kick, dropping Elayna with a Fade to Black to get the pinfall victory.

    A great back-and-forth match, with both Billie and Elayna showing what they can do in the ring. Two of the top talents in America today, with both of them rising up the ranks. I see a very bright future ahead for both Elayna and Billie.

    Black Label Pro – Threat Level Noon as part of The Collective
    October 11th, 2020
    Billie Starkz vs. Killer Kelly

    The originally scheduled match was Killer Kelly vs. Kylie Rae, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Kylie was unable to compete, so Black Label Pro replaced her with Billie Starkz.

    The match starts off very quickly with Kelly hitting Starkz with a palm strike to the face. After avoiding a few strikes and submission holds, Billie nails Kelly with a vicious Lariat, with the base of her elbow, staggering Kelly. Starkz rolled through with a pinning variation, getting a one-count. Starkz continued the attack, with an elbow to the midsection of Kelly, getting a one-count on a sunset flip, missing an attempted kick.

    Starkz missed a bicycle kick but, after some running against the ropes, Kelly drops Billie with one of her own, getting a one-count on the attempted pinfall. Kelly rained some vicious strikes down on Starkz. Billie tried to get back into it with elbow strikes, only for Kelly to take her down with a knee strike, getting a two-count.

    Kelly kept control by taking Billie down with a front suplex drop, getting another two-count. Kelly then hit Starkz with a suplex, getting a two-count on the bridge pinfall attempt. Kelly slapped Billie in the face, only for Starkz to try to get herself back into it with a flurry of strikes. Kelly trips Starkz and follows it up with an absolutely brutal looking soccer kick.

    Starkz took to the outside, only for Kelly to hit her with another soccer kick from the apron. Starkz avoids another by grabbing Kelly’s foot and sending her face-first into the apron. Starkz and Kelly both make their way to the apron, with Billie hitting Kelly with continuous unanswered strikes until Kelly hit Billie with a vicious strike of her own, following it up with a slap. Kelly lifted Billie into a Fireman’s Carry, possibly looking for a Death Valley Driver but Starkz escaped the hold, getting back into the ring from the apron.

    Starkz then struck Kelly with a huge palm strike. Kelly gets back into the ring and takes Billie down to the ground with palm strikes of her own, also dropping her with an elbow. Starkz fought back into it with an elbow and a chop of her own, along with another palm strike, but Kelly hit her with a clubbing blow to the back.

    Starkz tried to hit a lariat but Kelly caught her and hit Billie with a vicious headbutt, following it up with a double under hook suplex. Kelly attempted a low dropkick in the corner, as Billie was down there, but Starkz moved out of the way just in time. Starkz dropped Kelly with a rolling forearm.

    Before Billie could take advantage, Kelly grabbed her arm and dropped her with continuous lariats. Kelly finally nailed Billie with the low dropkick in the corner, following it up with a Fireman’s Carry, only for Starkz to attempt a roll-through into a crucifix, only for Kelly to roll through that and drop Starkz with a Death Valley Driver, getting a two-count on the pinfall attempt, due to Starkz grabbing the bottom rope.

    Kelly put a waistlock on Billie, with Starkz holding onto the rope to try and escape, only for Kelly to swat the hold on the ropes away and nailing a German Suplex, getting a two-count. Kelly let her anger take control as she took Starkz down and began raining vicious strikes down on her, forcing the referee to put a stop to it.

    Billie broke up a chokehold that Kelly had on her with continuous forearm shots and chops, even dropping Kelly with a picture-perfect head kick. Kelly escapes an attempt at a possible German Suplex by sending Starkz into the corner. Starkz hits Kelly with an elbow and a boot to avoid losing control of the match, follows it up with a step-up enzigiri variant. Billie attempts a German, pushing Kelly into the ropes, only to get pushed out of the waistlock. Starkz opts out of the O’Connor Roll, instead nails the German suplex, with the bridge to get a two-count on the pinfall attempt.

    Starkz attempted a Fisherman suplex, only for Kelly to roll-through it with a Dragon Sleeper. Starkz rolled out of that with a pinfall attempt of her own but got a two-count. Starkz kept the pressure on with a spinning side kick, following it up with a side elbow, with Kelly dropping to the mat, getting another two-count.

    Starkz then hit Kelly with a Fisherman Suplex into the turnbuckle, getting a two-count on the attempted pinfall. Starkz attempted a senton bomb from the top but Kelly dodged it and then forced Billie to submit to the Dragon Sleeper.

    One of my favourite matches of the entire weekend. Billie Starkz absolutely stepped up to the plate and put on one hell of a performance against Killer Kelly, even convincing me she could have won at certain points in the match. Both Kelly and Billie are so freaking talented and this match is definitely one I think everyone should watch.

    After seeing how well she did during The Collective weekend, I was inspired to write this as a short introduction to anyone who may not know about Billie Starkz. At only fifteen, she has such a bright future ahead of her and she’s already so damn talented. She looks like she absolutely enjoys everything she does in that ring and you can tell that from any match she’s in, always starts and ends the match with a big smile on her face. Billie Starkz is a name for the future and I cannot wait to see her career flourish.

    Craig Simons
    Twenty-four year old wrestling fan. Been watching since 2003. Writer. Podcast host.
    Craig Simons
    Twenty-four year old wrestling fan. Been watching since 2003. Writer. Podcast host.

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