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INDY: Leyton Buzzard on facing NJPW Talent

Written & Provide By: Mark O. and Gerry Rushe

Leyton: [00:00:00] I want to model myself after you know that I grew up loving and
idolizing and they all made a name for themselves in Japan first. And they all did that
training in Japan. So yeah, it’s definitely something that I want to do. I’m going to do
everything I can to make it there.

Gerry: [00:00:13] Cool. And just to mention, a few days ago, you may have been calling
out someone from Japan, in Will Ospreay. Is that something that that you’re pushing for
or is that someone may be booked already or is there something that you’re hoping for?

Leyton: [00:00:26] It’s something I’m pushing for. Will Ospreay. He put out this promo
doing an open challenge to everyone in the UK. I saw the promo, but then a friend of
mine messaged me. You know, it was him who really gave me the push. He believed in me and he said, “You should really send out a promo to this” He was like, “You could really get yourself noticed”

Yeah, I didn’t think. I thought, you know, maybe I won’t get noticed. But no, my friend,
he gave me confidence, so I did it. I thought, Screw it, I’m going to do it. So that day
I went, I filmed a promo, I put it together, I put it out online, I tweeted it and the reaction
was great, you know? Yeah, loads of likes, loads of shares. And then I noticed on my
Instagram, Will Ospreay liked it. He doesn’t follow me on anything, but he liked the
Instagram video.

I was like, Oh, that’s cool. He’s seen it. You know, I thought at least he’s seen it. And
then I didn’t know if anything was going to come of it. And then I think two days later, I
think someone sent me this picture. They were like, Go on Twitter and look at this. And I
was like, Oh, okay. And I went on Twitter. I looked and it was Will Ospreay. And he just
tweeted my name. And I was like, Man, that’s crazy. So, yeah, I’m going to keep
pushing for it. I’m going to keep pushing. I’m going to hopefully try and make this match
happen because, you know, it would be huge for me. And in my personal
opinion, I think he’s the best wrestler in the world right now. So, yeah, to be able to get
in there with the best in the world, I think there’s no better way to prove yourself and
elevate yourself as a wrestler than to get in the way there with the best.

Link to clip: https://youtu.be/QpWBFr3cY_Y

Link to the full interview: https://youtu.be/kjX9hXKzVLA

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