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Games: Is There A Hidden Cost Of Subscription Gaming

EA Play

Then we come to EA Play. This comes in two versions, Vanilla and then the Pro version. Vanilla gives you access to a lot of games but not the most recent titles.

EA Play Subscription

However, the Pro version is more like Ubisoft+, giving access to games on day one for a little extra cost and also offers a select number of non-EA titles to play.

Before this was rolled into Gamepass, it would depend on the type of gamer that you were whether it was worth it or not. If you want all the sports games EA make they are on the service within about 6 to 7 months from release (for the normal cheaper version of Play).

However, this was recently rolled into Gamepass…at the same cost, it kind of makes it a non-starter for Xbox or PC gamers. It should be noted that console gamers only currently have the option of the normal version.


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