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IW: EVP D’Amore wants NXT UK star on Impact Wrestling [EXCLUSIVE]

IMPACT Wrestling’s executive vice president Scott D’Amore has exclusively told TWM Wrestling that he wants to add UK talent to the roster – including NXT UK talent Eddie Dennis.

During an interview to promote the show’s UK debut on Premier Sports and Free Sports (available on Sky, Freeview and more), he said: “We always look to the future, and we wanted to add some UK talent back to the roster, and it remains a priority.

“There’s so much good talent over there. I spent my summer holiday in 1996 at the holiday camps like Butlins with World Wrestling All-stars. Going over there is always a great experience.

“In the 90s, the scene was not as strong as it is now. There’s just so much great talent out there, including one of my old students Eddie Dennis. He has the perfect story – school teacher, great job, great life but something was missing and he decided to chase his dream and he’s doing great. Maybe one day we’ll steal him and get him to appear in an Impact ring.

“We definitely want to get the fantastic UK talent onto our roster – it is one of our goals here.”

Adam Cailler
Adam Cailler
Head of PR and Talent Relations for The Wrestling Movement.
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