IWTV: Family Reunion 2021 Results | April 8th 2021

The following results are from a recent IndependentWrestling.TV event. The event took place on April 8th, 2021 at the 81Bay Brewing Company in Tampa, Florida and aired live on IWTV: IndependentWrestling.TV.

Lucha Rules 6 Person Mixed Tag Team Match
Erica Leigh, Boomer Hatfield & Boar defeated Matt Makowski, A Very Good Professional Wrestler & Travis Huckabee.

Singles Match
Daniel Makabe defeated Jaden Newman.

Singles Match
Will Wrestle defeated Judge Hugo Lexington Black.

#1 Contender’s Match For The IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship
Wheeler YUTA defeated Adam Priest.

UWFi Rules Match
Dominic Garrini defeated Robert Martyr via referee’s decision.

6 Person Mixed Tag Team Match
Nurse Ratchet, The Super Beast & Funny Bone defeated Willow Nightingale, D-Rogue & James C.

Old School Rules Match For The IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship
John Wayne Murdoch defeated Jake Crist to become the new Champion.

IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship Match
Lee Moriarty (c) defeated Edith Surreal.

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