STARDOM: 5★STAR Grand Prix: September 23rd 2021

We’ve got two days left to go in this year’s Stardom: Five Star Grand Prix folks and today is gonna be an easy and quick one as there are only three 5★ matches on the card. Instead of boring you with the mindless dribble and rambling on and on about stupid stuff, I’m gonna jump right into it. We’re kicking things off with…

5★STAR Grand Prix: Himeka vs Saki Kashima

Saki Kashima, who has nothing to gain really in a win or loss, faces off with Himeka. The only thing she can hope for is to spoil a chance at Himeka topping or tying Momo Watanabe. The actions spills outside immediately before the bell as Saki gets the jump on Himeka and drags her behind the curtains. We don’t see much but Saki soon comes back and gets into the ring, wanting to try and win by count-out. This isn’t to be as Himeka returns at the 15 count, only to be jumped again by Saki. All Saki early on as she keeps the powerhouse on her toes, trying to be a bit unpredictable. Smart strategy in my opinion by Saki until she starts taking Himeka lightly and ends up paying the price as Himeka starts using her strength to punish Saki. Himeka tried a torture rack only to be spun into the ropes by a head scissors which almost got Saki the win. She goes for a double underhook which gets countered with a big clothesline and immediately into a single leg crab. Saki breaks it by getting to the ropes but is dropped from a torture rack bomb for two. Himeka picks Saki up, goes for a powerbomb which gets countered, but she counters it again into a torture rack and picks up the submission victory. Solid match for Himeka, even spending most of the time on the defensive. The win keeps her in contention for the crown this year.

Himeka – 10 points (+2) | Saki Kashima – 4 points

And up next..

5★STAR Grand Prix: Utami Hayashishita vs Ruaka

Utami Hayashishita, who wanted to win for a second straight year, faces the winless Ruaka. Utami needs a win to keep pace in the Blue Block while Ruaka can only play spoiler. Ruaka offers a handshake and Utami hesitates to take it, smart by her as Ruaka is known to jump opponents. She tries again but Utami was ready for her. We gets each woman trying to shoulder block each other to gain an advantage with Utami finally knocking Ruaka to the mat. All Utami early as she muscles Ruaka around, but in true Oedo Tai fashion, Ruaka gouges the eyes and takes control. She even whips one of the spotters into Utami to inflict some more damage before knocking out the spotter with her case. Back in the ring and Ruaka is in control, who immediately drags Utami back outside and smacks her face off the time keepers desk. Utami makes it back into the ring before the count out, but Ruaka jumps right back onto her. Facebuster nets Ruaka a two and immediately goes into a cross face. Never thought that Ruaka would control most of this match against the Red Belt Champion, but she did and she really made Utami look like an underdog. As soon as Utami gets any control, Ruaka takes it right back. Samoan Drop and Sliding elbow gets Utami a two count as she takes some control. A little more back and forth before Utami hits a Komoritsuri Otoshi and picks up the win, keeping her within striking distance of the crown.

Utami Hayashishita – 10 points (+2) | Ruaka – 0 points

Our final match for this evening as far as 5 Star matches go..

5★STAR Grand Prix: Koguma vs Mina Shirakawa

It’s Mina Shirakawa against Koguma today in our last 5-star match. Mina, long eliminated from contention, hopes to further keep Koguma down on the point totals. The match starts with Koguma doing her bear pose and trying to get Mina to go along with it, who does so kind of reluctantly at first but gets kind of into it. Of course, Koguma kicks her during it and the match gets going. Mina’s all over Koguma after that kick, showing aggression she normally doesn’t and I like that. About the time she gets some killer instinct. She locks Koguma into her surfboard stretch but doesn’t get a tap out. We get our first strike exchange of the match with Mina taking control. Koguma catches her while running the ropes for a roll-up and then a big dropkick to the back. Stomps to the lower back, typical Koguma, and the High-Speed Genius is in control. A couple near falls for Koguma in a row before Mina kicks her legs out from under her for two. Koguma hangman, Mina, out of the corner and to the outside. Mayu interferes as Mina tries to slam Koguma to the floor, keeping her from doing so and saving her friend. Back in the ring and Mina hits a hanging DDT for two. You can tell Mina is frustrated as she calls for the end but gets rolled up by Koguma for three quick two counts. Another strike exchange, second of the match, which Koguma wins and hits a spiking DDT. Picking Mina up, Koguma gets rolled up for two. Koguma jumps on Mina’s back and locks in a sleeper hold but she lets it go for some reason. Koguma off the top with a missile dropkick to the back for two. Bridging German Suplex by Koguma earns her a hard-fought victory and two more points. Both women are out of contention for the crown but it was a great match for both.

Koguma – 9 points (+2) | Mina Shirakawa – 4 points

That’s all for today folks. Here are the updated standings going into the finals on the 25th.

Red Block

  • Momo Watanabe – 12 points
  • Starlight Kid – 11 points
  • Himeka – 10 points
  • Natsupoi – 9 points
  • Mayu Iwatani – 9 points
  • Koguma – 9 points
  • Fukigen Death – 8 points
  • Giulia – 6 points
    (Injured, forfeit the rest of her matches)
  • Mina Shirakawa – 4 points
  • Saki Kashima – 4 points

Blue Block

  • Saya Kamitani – 11 points
  • Syuri – 11 points
  • Konami – 10 points
  • Takumi Iroha – 10 points
  • Utami Hayashishita – 10 points
  • Tam Nakano – 8 points
  • Maika – 7 points
  • Unagi Sayaka – 7 points
  • AZM – 4 Points
  • Ruaka – 0 points

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