Japan: Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling! Inspiration #2 Review | July 1st 2021

We’re gonna review the TJPW show from July 1st called Inspiration #2 today. It’s a really short show, three matches long, but it’s my first TJPW show review and reaction so sit back and enjoy it. I highly doubt this will be very long, given the number of matches, but it should be fun regardless. Anyway, here we go. Inspiration #2!

We get about ten minutes of the ring announcer talking to the crowd and, unfortunately, I cannot speak Japanese fluently and there are no subtitles for the show so I have no idea what she is talking about. Shame that I haven’t been able to become fluent yet but someday I will be! Now then, onto our first matchup. Inspiration #2!

TJPW Inspiration #2
Moka Miyamoto vs Arisu Endo

The TJPW Inspiration #2 opening match is a battle between two rookies. This might look like a standard match on paper. However, these two are fighting for their first-ever pinfall victory in the company. Arisu Endo debuted back in January during TJPW’s big Jan 4 show and has been impressive ever since. Only having half a year of experience, she has shown that she can handle herself in the ring way beyond her years. As for Moka Miyamoto, her one-year anniversary comes up on the 23rd of July. Although her progress has been slower in comparison, the past few months, she has been pushing toward that next level.

Our first participant to enter the ring is Arisu, getting a pretty decent reaction from the crowd. Out next is Moka who gets a decent reaction as well and is dressed kind of like a shrine maiden. Let’s see how the match is then. Shaking of the hands and we get the bell. Off the bat, we’re experiencing a pretty standard wrestling match. Nothing crazy, nothing wild, just two women trying to get the better of each other. Moka with the advantage early using a lot of chin locks and holds before Arisu eventually fights out and reverses it. This doesn’t last long however as Moka gets the advantage back fairly quickly and gets a near fall. Out of the near fall, Arisu takes control and starts focusing on an arm. This is a really technical match so far with a lot of ‘rest’ holds. Not surprising with a couple of rookies in there together. It’s not a bad match though, far from it. Arisu focusing on the arm when the minute mark is announced, slamming it into the corner over and over. Whip into the corner and a big boot from Moka! She takes advantage once again and begins working over the left knee of Arisu.

She spends a lot of time doing this, kneebars and holds to twist that knee. Arisu really selling the pain and letting her voice go. Moka then turns the knee hold into a single-legged crab in the middle of the ring. But Arisu makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Up from the break and Arisu takes advantage again, using that wounded leg to slam Moka’s head into the mat. Limping pretty bad, Arisu hits a nice dropkick into the corner but Moka soon turns the tables again and slams Arisu hard to the mat. Not once, not twice but three times before picking up a near fall. Really close match so far. Arisu trips Moka as she is running to the ropes and applies a camel clutch! Center of the ring and Moka is really trying to break free as the minute mark is announced. She does break free and sends Arisu to the outside with a stiff dropkick. She doesn’t follow up as she has to fix her outfit.

Arisu back in the ring and the two starts going back and forth again with neither gaining a clear advantage. We get a few minutes of this before Arisu slams her knee into the back of Moka’s neck from the top. Missile dropkick earns Arisu a near fall. Another camel clutch in until Moka reverses and hits a nice spinning heel kick for a near fall. The ladies are running out of time and resort to hitting each other with forearms, which Arisu gains the advantage. Hits another knee to the back of the head for a near fall. A lot of near falls in this one. Moka turns the tide again, hitting Arisu in the back with strikes but the bell sounds! Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a fifteen-minute draw.

Match Result: Draw

TJPW Inspiration #2
Yuka Sakazaki vs Suzume

According to TJPW’s official Twitter, this will be Yuka Sakazaki’s send-off match before she heads to the United States to work with AEW during July. As always, Sakazaki will have an amazing outing in this one while also making one of the future stars of TJPW look good. Suzume has been doing a lot of work with Mirai Maiumi, who features in the main event, and this has given her the chance to excel past everyone else who was lower down on the card. This will certainly be one to watch for both of them, it may not be the match to steal the show but it’s the perfect set-up for Yuka’s excursion.

Suzume hits the ring first and, I can imagine that both women will get the same kind of reception here. Which is actually not what we get. The Magical Girl Yuka Sakazaki gets a really solid reception. Probably because this is her send-off match. The match starts with Yuka ragdolling Suzume around, clearly showing her strength. Gets a couple near falls just holding Suzume to the mat. Suzume uses some quickness to get out of a hold but is immediately thrown to the ground with a headlock. Yuka seems content trying to keep the match on the ground here. Speed counters into roll-ups for each woman getting near falls. They’re pretty evenly matched on the speed front. But this is all trading near falls or head locks in the early going. Not what I’m used to seeing from a Yuka Sakazaki match at all. Suzume with a brief bit of offence but Yuka kicks her in the face to end that just as fast as it began. Yuka really working her size and strength advantage here.

A couple of hard slams earns Yuka a near fall. Yuka blocks a roll-up attempt but eats a dropkick for her trouble as Suzume finally has some offence in this match. But she wastes too much time on the ropes and Yuka comes in, but gets knocked off. Suzume with a beautiful crossbody for the near fall. Sleeper attempt by Suzume but she gets thrown off with ease. Uses some roll-ups for a couple of near falls but Yuka takes control again. Some stiff offence with Yuka hitting a spinning front slam for the pin. Almost like a modified F-5.

Winner: Yuka Sakazaki

Yuka made to look really strong on her send-off to AEW… Up next is the main event of the event.

TJPW Inspiration #2
UWF Rules: Miyu Yamashita vs Mirai Maiumi

The Inspiration #2 show is all about giving the women in TJPW the opportunity to try things they might not have the chance to do on a regular show. In the first episode of Inspiration, Hikari Noa fulfilled her deathmatch dream and faced Rina Yamashita. This time, the best striker and the best grappler face off in a UWF Rules match. For fans that have no clue what this means, the rules are quite simple in theory.

There are no pinfalls, the match ends by knockout, tap out or TKO. Since this is a point-based system, a point can be lost every time someone is knocked down or uses the ropes to escape. If 5 points are lost, that results in a TKO. Miyu Yamashita and Mirai Maiumi have a 20-minute time limit to try and get the victory. The rules also state that there is no headbutting, elbows, closed fist punches to the face. There are to be no strikes when the opponent is on their hands and knees, which takes out the possibility of some of Yamashita’s strikes.

Maiumi out first and then Miyu. Both get a strong reaction, which I love. The fans in Japan really make each performer sound like a favourite. This is going to be pretty unusual since this seems like an MMA fight. Off the bat, it’s a feeling-out process with Mirai trying for some takedowns. She gets one and takes the back, looking for a submission hold. But doesn’t find one and Miyu reverses, beginning to look for her own. Really slow-paced, ground-based match so far. Lots of reversals and attempts to put in submissions. Mirai has a leg lock on, wrenching the knee back but Miyu refuses to tap, getting to the ropes and forcing a break. Miyu with some strike attempts on their feet but Mirai takes her down again. Miyu reverses and she has a choke applied, right near the ropes. Transitions to an armbar attempt and rolls it to the middle of the ring. She’s got it in and Mirai struggles to make it to the ropes to break it up.

Back on their feet again and Miyu is unleashing her striking. Trying to keep Mirai at a distance with body and leg shots, but Mirai takes her head off with a clothesline. Miyu up at the count of seven. Another takedown for Mirai and locks in a kimura. It’s in deep and in the middle of the ring, Miyu struggling to escape and does by using the ropes to force a break. Back on their feet and Miyu absolutely rocks Mirai with a head kick, knocking her to the mat and almost earning a KO. Up at nine and Miyu begins to tee off on her. Hand strikes with another nasty head kick and it’s over folks, Miyu Yamashita with a sick looking knockout!

Winner: Miyu Yamashita by Head Kick KO

And there you have it, folks! Thanks for coming along with me for this foray into TJPW territory. All in all, it was a short but really good show. There really was no silliness or crazy antics this time, which I am grateful for. Be on the lookout because I’ll definitely be doing this more in the future!

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