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Jeff Jarrett to be inducted into the 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame

One of the most unlikely inductions in recent memory, as ‘Double J’ Jeff Jarrett is set to be inducted into the 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame.

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One of the most uttered phrases in wrestling is “never say never” and nothing else could describe the news of Jeff Jarrett being announced as the next inductee into the 2018 Hall Of Fame.

As first reported by NBCSports.com, Jarrett is the fourth inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame’s Class of 2018, alongside Goldberg, The Dudley Boyz and Ivory.

The son of famous Tennessee wrestling promoter Jerry Jarrett,  he first started as a referee before competing between the ropes at the age of 18 alongside greats like Jerry “The King” Lawler, Nick Bockwinkel and many more.

He made his WWE debut in 1993 as cocky country and western star “Double J”, claiming that the WWE was his road to stardom in the ring and on the stage. He fought with Razor Ramon over the Intercontinental Championship, which he won four times alongside his faithful sidekick “The Roadie”. He then left for WCW in 1996, where he joined the Four Horsemen and captured the WCW United States Title.

Jarrett returned to WWF in 1997, where his new serious persona won him a fourth Intercontinental Title, a European Title and the WWF Tag Team Titles with Owen Hart. He had an acrimonious departure in 1999, apparently holding up Vince McMahon for money so he would drop the aforementioned Intercontinental belt to Chyna before leaving for WCW.

In WCW, he won four WCW World Heavyweight Titles and a second WCW United States Title and remained with the company until it closed. He would go on to then form his own promotion, Total Nonstop Action/NWA TNA. He would remain there, winning several NWA World Heavyweight Titles before leaving in 2014, against under controversial circumstances, stemming from his relationship with Kurt Angle’s ex-wife Karen.

He then formed Global Force Wrestling later that year, which then merged with TNA in 2017. He was inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame in 2015, making him the fourth person to be in both the TNA and WWE Hall of Fame.


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