Jushin Thunder Liger, New Japan Cup & ROH 17th Anniversary – That Other Podcast #46

What match shocked Matty at how good it was? Will they ever watch DEFIANT again? What have Matty and Mike vowed to do before Liger retires? Find out in That Other Podcast!

Join Matty Deller, Mike Mears and Rhys Thomas as they talk about this past week in independent wrestling.

On this weeks show:

  • They react to the announcement of Jushin Thunder Liger’s upcoming retirement.
  • They run through their favourite matches from the first round of the New Japan Cup.
  • Talk annoying reporters and all of the sexism in Impact Wrestling.
  • Preview this weekend’s Ring Of Honor’s 17th Anniversary Show.
  • Also MLW, DEFIANT, PROGRESS Wrestling, wXw and their favourite things from the week in wrestling.


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