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Lifestyle: How To Gamble Like The Big Players

Many people gamble, but few are really good at it. So what distinguishes the good players from the rest? As you will learn from this article, there are a few things serious and pro gamblers do that amateur gamblers do not. Let’s go over some of them.

1.  They take the time picking a casino.

This may sound obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people pick a casino based on the wrong criteria. For example, some people may opt for the Casino that offers them the biggest new player bonus and forget that there is much more to a casino than that.

How do you choose an online casino?

To pick a suitable online casino, you have to look at what separates one Casino from another. What makes Casino Red different from the other casinos you are evaluating? Here are some criteria to consider;

  1. Does it have the necessary operating licenses? For a casino to operate legally, it has to get permits to offer the service. Be sure that these licenses are valid in your jurisdiction.
  2. Is the Casino regulated? Licenses allow casinos to run, but regulators ensure that the casinos are operating per set rules and regulations. If the Casino is regulated by an independent party, they can make sure it maintains standards like ensuring the Casino is fair to all its players.
  3. What do its clients have to say? Check out what the customer reviews have to say about the Casino both on the website and out of it.
  4. How are its bonuses and offers? It’s not just about the amount offered but the terms and conditions that underlie the bonus. They must be favorable and fair.

This list does not contain a definitive list of evaluatory criteria, but it forms an excellent place to begin. If you do not want to go through the entire evaluatory process, you can also look at some casino review websites online. They can not only help you determine the best criteria to pick but also use their recommendations.

2.  They don’t gamble and use drugs.

There have been many studies done that show the effects of drugs on the brain. Drugs affect the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for executive functions such as thinking planning and self-control, meaning they can potentially affect how a person behaves in a casino. This implies that if one excessively consumes any drug, they risk making bad decisions like risky bets and losing their money.

What if you still want to let loose a little?

If you must use, have a preset limit on how much you can use when gambling and cut yourself off once you reach that limit. For example, you may decide that you will stop drinking or stop gambling after a specific number of bottles. This can help minimize how intoxicated you get.

3.  Know the rules of the games you want to play

A true gambler understands that the Casino always has the edge over the players. After all, that is the only way they can manage to stay in business. Their role, as players, is to find a way to get an edge, too, i.e., something that increases their odds of winning. One of the main ways many pro gamblers do this is by steering away from games that need pure luck and no strategy like slots. These are games in which nothing the player does can increase their odds of winning.

They focus their time and energy on games that need some strategy. That’s because when they perfect their technique, then their odds of winning also go up. Some games like these include Texas Hold ’em, Poker, and Blackjack. Some players also learn extra skills like card counting. While card counting may not be illegal, you should know that casinos often ask card counters to stop playing once discovered.

4.  They focus on money management.

While the first three factors listed in this article are important, money management may be the glue that holds them all together. Several things are important to remember when it comes to money management at a casino;

  1. Always have a set amount to gamble with every month or session. This is called a bankroll, and it prevents you from using the money you did not intend to gamble with.
  2. Never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. This means that all your gambling money should have no other designated use.
  3. Never borrow money to gamble.
  4. Limit how much time you spend gambling. This can help curb overspending.

5.  Don’t believe in no-loose strategies.

There are no magic bullets in gambling. If there were, the gambling industry would have died a long time ago. Anyone that tries to sell you a strategy they claim can never lose is simply trying to steal from you. Rather than waste your money hopping from one magic process to another, start perfecting your skills, then put that money into your bets. The strategy to watch out for the most is the Martingale system which will almost always lead to failure unless you have unlimited money.


Despite its bad reputation, gambling can be pretty relaxing and enjoyable. Yet, without tact, you may end up losing a lot of money which can make your gambling enjoyment diminish significantly. This article has given you a peek into how good gamblers differ from amateur players.

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