Lifestyle: Indian Users turn to eGaming during the Pandemic

The Pandemic has changed the way of life for almost all of us. Suddenly, the busy world seems to always run out of time paused. Aside from the front liners, almost everyone is confined in the four corners of their home. Movements were restricted, social distancing was implemented, and banned travelling to other nations. In a nutshell, people are forced to stop until such time that the Pandemic is controlled, if not totally eliminated. As the world is in a pause mode, various sectors of society are affected. However, one sector that remains steadfast is the online egaming industry. Over 100 million Indian users engaged in online gaming in 2020, which is pretty surprising.

According to WinZo, a gaming company based in India, online gaming user engagement has tripled and generated a 30% higher traffic in online mobile egaming. The user engagement is noticeable higher in multi-player mode than the single-player mode. Another mobile-based online gaming company in India, Paytm First Games, reported a 200% increase in the user-base during the time of Pandemic. It records a whopping 75,000 new users.

The rise in online gaming user-engagement

A noticeable increase in online gaming user engagement was noticed among a certain group of people, with an average of 24 years old male, and a surprising increase in female gamers too. Online egaming was observed throughout the day, but the peak is during nighttime, especially from 8 in the evening until midnight. It is not surprising to note this data as the majority of Indians turn to online gaming as a form of entertainment. Being confined in the four corners of home can be challenging because only a few leisure activities can be enjoyed at home. Fortunately, online gaming has been a source of fun and entertainment, helping people keep their sanity during this unfortunate time.

The positive effect of online gaming during Pandemic 

Online gaming has a positive impact on the mental and psychological health of Indians and people in the world as a whole during the Pandemic. It has been therapeutic to many people, especially in terms of enhancing cognitive skills like spatial awareness, reasoning, and problem-solving. Moreover, all sorts of online egaming have become available to a certain group of people, including online gambling.

Today, there are many international casino sites that are welcoming to Indian players. Many casino sites in India offer blackjack games online for money, and people crave it even more. Games such as this one are a source of fun and entertainment and a source of additional income. Although they are extremely beneficial entertainment-wise, it is a highly regulated industry. Many online gambling platforms have stringent qualifications, ensuring that only players of legal age can access the site and participate in such games. It does not discount the fact that online gambling and online gaming, in general, may sometimes lead to addiction, especially if gaming habits get out of hand.

For the same reason, various measures have been put in place to safeguard players’ welfare and well-being, such as the promotion of responsible gaming. The Pandemic has caused psychological distress to many people, and online gaming is a great way to combat stress. The occupational disruption caused by the Pandemic caused many people to have more free time, and they turned to online gaming to ease their boredom. However, there is a strong need to balance online gaming so as not to compromise other aspects of life.

At the end of the day, online gaming should be treated as a source of fun and entertainment and not something to be abused, or else it will cause further harm than good. The figures mentioned above only go to show how Indians turned to online egaming during the Pandemic. However, it is a must to maintain a healthy life and work balance. Always keep in mind that the purpose of online gaming is to unwind and distress. If it caused more harm than good, it is time for you to assess your gaming habit.


The rise in the number of online gamers during the Pandemic in India has positively affected the country’s socio-economic sector. It is not a hidden truth that many sectors of society were deeply affected by the Pandemic. Countries from all across the globe, even the richest countries, struggle to survive. The health care sector and the economy continue to be heavily stricken by the Pandemic. However, the surge in online gaming user engagement has been a light at the end of the tunnel. Not only did it help people keep their sanity during this crazy time, but it also helped the economy. It has anchored the economy to safety. It is one of the main reasons why you see a spike in the number of online egaming investors in the country. They see India as one of the hubs for online gaming growth and development.

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