Lifestyle: Slot Machines in Norway – The Essence of Gambling

The gambling industry is regulated differently all over the world, and this regulatory framework affects its development. Some countries don’t allow any form of gambling, whereas others have a lax position on this issue. When we talk about Norway and Norwegian laws, they are somewhere in the middle. Here we will talk about the casinos in Norway, what online slots Norway has to offer, and how people gamble there in general.

Casinos in Norway

Believe it or not, these establishments aren’t that common here at all. In fact, you won’t find any slots casinos Norway establishments in Oslo. That being said, there are a few resorts nearby where this entertainment is available. Most players in Norway play on online casino sites. Those who wish to find the best Norwegian online slots browse to find out what various operators have to offer. Furthermore, there are slot machines that you can find fairly easily, but we will go over some interesting history bits regarding those. All in all, if you enjoy playing in real gambling parlors, then Norway might not be the best destination for you.

Slot Machines in Norway

Slot machines are the heart and soul of almost any gambling joint, and a luxurious casino. However, they were made illegal in Norway in 2007. The reason behind the ban was that they are causing bad gambling habits. They weren’t outlawed for very long as in 2009 they were replaced with interactive video terminals or ITVs. Nowadays, there is also a big collection of online slots available at that gambling enthusiasts regularly play. Additionally, there all of these are mobile casino Norway websites and apps, so this content is quite accessible.

Gambling Industry in Norway

Generally speaking, the gambling industry can thrive in places where people have lots of disposable income. This is because citizens are very cognizant of their expenses, and they don’t spend much on this hobby. Losses don’t affect them in any serious way, and there is no reason to ban the activity since everyone is responsible. However, if there are a lot of operators out there, it can be difficult to regulate them all.

Norway has 2 institutions owned by the government that hold a monopoly on the gambling industry.

●       Norsk Rikstoto – For providing horse racing bets

●       Norsk Tipping AS – This company is in charge of almost everything gambling related. Casino entertainment, instant games, lotteries, sports betting options, and scratch cards

Of course, there are many online casino norsk sites that are not operated by  Norsk Tipping AS. Players love to have multiple options and also claim different bonuses. As a result, it’s possible for those operators to get new users. However, it’s also difficult for them to compete with Norsk Tipping AS. All things considered, Norwegian gamblers are in the best position. They have access to a lot of online slots from the best developers, and they get loads of free spins.

Why Are Slots so Popular

Without a doubt slots are the most played casino content both online and in brick-and-mortar gambling establishments. This is the most profitable type of content for casino owners, so it’s only natural that they heavily invest in it. Even software developers allocate most of their resources to creating new slot experiences. Nowadays, there are many different types of slots that players can access, but the great majority still strongly resemble classic fruit machines.

The reason why players find them appealing is their big prizes. Some of the slots have progressive jackpots and they allow them to win millions. It’s very similar to the lottery, only that you can play whenever you want.


To sum up, Norwegian gamblers have access to various online casinos. The same cannot be said for land-based counterparts. As a result, they have to play live dealer games if they want to have a more authentic gambling experience. The state practically has a monopoly on this form of entertainment. This can be good for player safety, but at the same time, it’s not ideal for attracting new operators. Slot machines have been replaced with ITVs, and these are available in almost any bar. This is great for everyone who loves slots and wants to take a break from playing them on mobile.

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