Lifestyle: The Controversy of Gambling & Betting in WWE and Games

Since their birth in the mid 1990s, online gambling sites have been growing, developing, and entering new sectors. However, when it comes to betting in WWE and video games the betting fans have been met with resistance and controversy. In this article we give a deeper understanding of why and how the future of betting in these sectors may change.

During the pandemic, many have found a new or increased interest in entertainment that can be enjoyed from the comforts of their own living room. One of those interests includes entertainment such as watching WWE for some exciting action, another includes engaging and improving on video game skills. An entertainment sector that could potentially include both of those interests is that of online gambling.

Though betting on video games and WWE matches isn’t as common yet, the gambling market is always changing, and the gambling legislation re-identify games as sports every so often. For example, it isn’t long ago that poker began being recognized as a sport, particularly as international poker tournaments were becoming more common. This would technically make poker eligible for sports betting engagement.

Finding a casino with quick payout

When it comes to poker, especially, some may argue that even finding the right casino to play on – physical or online – can be a game in itself. Following the rapid growth and development of online casinos there are several different factors to look for in finding a casino that suits your taste, be it visual effects, customer service, or bonus campaigns.

Especially attractive may be the ability to quickly access your revenue. Players looking for the fastest payout online casino in Canada can choose between many options which are both safe and popular.

The rise of online gambling forums

In order to understand why the discussion on gambling within sports such as WWE and video games, or esports, it may be effective to look at the history of online casinos. The first online casinos reached the web in the mid 1990s, though their models were a lot simpler than what you can find today. Just between 1996 and 1997, the market increased rapidly from 15 available online casinos to over 200. These mostly included variations of poker and other classic casino games.

Naturally, sports betting soon followed suit, and already in 1996 did InterTops launch the very first virtual sportsbook. It was met with initial success, which was likely related to the generous bonus offers that were widespread on gambling sites at the time. However, these bonuses have since decreased and are more heavily regulated to lessen the risk for unhealthy gambling habits.

Today, there are several thousand different online casinos and betting sites, which are becoming increasingly regulated. Regulations even affect marketing and advertisement of gambling sites, which has become specifically prominent in the European soccer sector during the last couple of years.

The increasing reach of the betting arena

As mentioned earlier, the gambling sector is indeed moving into these sectors as well. However, this transition is widely seen as controversial, due to the divided opinions on their classifications as classical sports.


As for WWE, there has been discussion on their legitimacy as a “bettable” sport due to their pre-meditated outcomes. However, as is featured in an article by ESPN, the betting nonetheless can impact the game and the result can still be changed into the very last minute. The scripted nature of the match therefore does not necessarily change the excitement of the betting population but keeps the tensions as high as in any other sport.

Additionally, the betting arena in WWE is much less ambitious than the betting arenas of football and other mainline sports. Sources report that viewers rarely bet more than a hundred dollars, and mainly do it for fun rather than for competition. Just like any other betting, it is an innovative way to connect more to the supporter community and to show support for your favorite players.

Video games

Video games may have gone further in being normalized as a regular sport through the introduction of e-sports, which have even made it as a collegiate sport in the United States. Similarly to poker, video games such as league of Legends have been featured as international tournaments where players can win money, earning it a more sport-like status.

In terms of being a “bettable” sport, there is little difference in engagement and effort between e-sports and regular sports. They both require physical preparation and exercise, as well as tactical understandings of the game and the ability to critically analyze the tactics of the opponents. Therefore, it is not unimaginable, but rather quite likely, that e-sports will continue to grow as a sport and as a market for the betting community.

In conclusion, the betting arena is still developing and the increasing interest of betting in WWE and video games or e-sports are likely to help further break the stigmas surrounding betting. The re-defining of the term sports, games and entertainment can lead to strengthened fandom communities and a stronger bond between players and viewers.

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