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Lifestyle: Why Crypto And Online Casinos Go Hand In Hand

Why is Bitcoin gambling so popular in the world of digital gaming? There are some specific reasons why crypto gambling is taking off these days. Many of them have to do with the radical new design of cryptocurrencies, compared to the traditional structure of online dollar-based payments. Crypto is decidedly different.

One of the easiest and most direct ways to explain it is that the dollar wasn’t made for purely digital transactions. Traditionally, it has been paper money and its physical ownership, the carrying and physical use of paper money, has been the way that money worked.

Only fairly recently, we built this sophisticated system of PCI card payments in order to make money digital. But then in short order, crypto came along.

Bitcoin works so well for crypto gambling and everything else online because it was designed to be a digital resource from the very beginning. It doesn’t have the “baggage” of the dollar, some of which is logistical. So it’s an opportunity to move ahead into a new age of finance.

Consensus-Based Verification and Frictionless Transactions

Experts refer to both of these things, the decentralized consensus-based nature of Bitcoin and frictionless transactions, as part of the broad utility for Bitcoin gambling, and other blockchain operations, some of which don’t even have to do with transactions at all.

Instead of having to use traditional bank verification, Bitcoin is self-verified by its digital data. Everybody knows at all times who owns what, and where each part of a Bitcoin is digitally. The same is not true for dollars – the ownership of physical dollars has to be translated into digital networks through payroll and other operations.

Ownership Value and Cash in Hand

Here’s another pretty unrelated reason why Bitcoin gambling is so popular in the crypto gambling world.

As a household name cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is familiar to many of us, and there are lots of ways to buy some. You can exchange dollars for Bitcoin at a variety of ATMs, including some of the Coinstar machines in big retail locations. Alternately, you can buy some on PayPal pretty quickly.

But why do people like to have this type of digital money on hand?

For many investors, it’s about having an asset that’s immune to lots of changes in regular money markets.

For example, as the Federal Reserve prints enormous numbers of new dollars, injecting them into the American economy, many people with an understanding of decentralized assets think it makes sense to diversify and have some Bitcoin holdings. So as they use these for crypto gambling or anything else, they are also diversifying their net worth in order to beat inflation or survive certain types of market cycles.

That’s part of the utility, too, along with how easy it is to post crypto to an online gaming site or casino account where using dollars could be a lot more labor-intensive, tedious and expensive.

Anonymity and Ease of Use

As a result, Bitcoin has some particular applications to crypto gambling.

First off, the players can be more anonymous and don’t have to fill out long forms about themselves and their finances. They just get their Bitcoin, and they’re good to go. (Qualification: there are some KYC-AML provisions that have to be met.)

Secondly, it’s easy for the casino operators to facilitate these transactions. That makes every hand or game easier to pay out, and also makes it easier to provide extras like:

·         Bonuses

·         Cashback

·         Rake back

·         Freeroll

That ease of use on both sides is what attracts a lot of people to the Bitcoin gambling phenomenon.

Gaming Algorithms

Digital gaming relies on the use of modern algorithms to verify that everything is fair and aboveboard. Cryptocurrency syncs with this in a very profound way.

Check out new Bitcoin gambling sites that leverage the power of Bitcoin in a particular way. Playing and earning is easier, and new types of gaming show how the road is open to a bright digital future!

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