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    Lizzy Evo on #SpeakingOut and the future of BritWres

    Lizzy Evo, the current TNT Women’s Champion, has spoken out about abuse she has faced during her time in the wrestling industry. Here, she details some of the changes she wants to see happen within the business.

    I want to start this piece with a massive thank you to every single person who spoke out and gave me the courage and strength to have my voice heard.

    There’s obviously so much that needs to change in the business.

    Everyone having a DBS check could be a start, but not every person’s criminal record is down on paper.

    As you have seen, some of these people who were named by those speaking out was a shock to many.

    A group of girls have now come together and put down some really good ideas.

    And I’d like to throw some of my own ideas out there, as I came up with these when talking to a close friend recently.

    Female and a Male Liaison Officers

    Having a female and a male liaison officer in each promotion/training school gives someone the right to anonymously raise concerns in any regard. This will help in preventing problems becoming escalated and dealing with potential abuse claims efficiently and effectively – in a safe and professional manner.

    It would be wrong to just have a female officer, as males may feel uncomfortable talking to a female, and the same could be said for female speaking to a male.

    Code of Conduct

    Training Centres and promotions should establish a code of conduct that allows both trainees, performers and trainers to be aware of what is expected in behaviour within the establishment.

    Should these code of conducts not be followed, it should noted and dealt with accordingly by promoters and coaches.

    Trainee Disclosure

    It should be part of trainees’ training to undergo a training session on sexual harassment, diversity and sexuality training to understand each of these and how to be mindful when around others – this would only help to make the environment safer for all involved.


    ALL shows must have mandatory trained medics on-site. There are many promotions around who do not fully-trained medics at shows, which makes the environment very unsafe.

    These are just a few of my ideas, but I’d love to hear some of yours. Tweet me @LizzyEvo8

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