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Marvel: 5 Characters From WandaVision and How They Will Affect Phase 4

WandaVision is over! (Sad Violin Music), with the final episode airing yesterday 05/03, with this fresh in our minds and hearts, here are 5 Characters from WandaVision and how they could develop/affect the storylines in Multiverse of Madness, Spiderman: No Way Home, and the rest of Phase 4.

The Scarlet Witch

At the end of Episode 8 Previously On.., Agatha is holding the Twins on magical leashes in the street, choking them to bait Wanda, she monologues about Wanda being a Myth, a being capable of Spontaneous Creation, and reveals what Marvel Comic lovers already knew, that after all she has seen, Wanda must be the Scarlet Witch.

Agatha Harkness: Description of WandaVision's Other Marvel Witches –  Jioforme

With the revelation that Wanda saved herself and her brother Pietro from the Stark Bomb that killed her parents and nearly them too, using a Probability Hex, this means Wanda was born with a ‘Mutant’ Gene and could be a sign of things to come. We know that during the events of House of M, Wanda re-writes reality to wipe out the Mutants. But could we be due an X-Men and Marvel Crossover? We have already had X-Men’s Pietro in the series.

Scarlet Witch WandaVision

I think this will play heavily in Multiverse of Madness, as the Scarlet Witch is a Nexus being, a constant throughout all the Multiverse, remaining unchanged. She could be just what Doctor Strange needs to help him navigate the Madness.

Given the post-credit scene, where the Scarlet Witch is seen studying the Darkhold and observing what one can only assume is the Multiverse, who knows what is next for Wanda Maximoff?

The Young Avengers

During this series, in Episode 6, the Twins discover their powers after interacting with Pietro (1000% Just a coincidence). For Fans still not fully aware of who they are in terms of the Comics, Wanda’s Twins are Wiccan and Speed.

Wiccan and Speed WandaVision

As his name suggests, Speed can run at supersonic speeds and is almost a carbon copy of his ‘Uncle’ Pietro Maximff, however, there is an ability he has that his dear uncle doesn’t, he can accelerate the kinetic energies of objects making them vibrate and explode.

Billy is a sorcerer akin to his ‘Mother’ Wanda and has similar abilities, it is noted that he tends to have difficulty controlling his powers but can do a lot of the things Wanda can.

With the Twins, at least as far as WandaVision and the Hex is concerned, gone – I hope they do make an appearance possibly a The Youngs Avengers movie.

Photon – At The Speed Of Light

With Monica Rambeau undergoing her transformation into Photon during her third entry into The Hex, and her actions in Episode 9 saving the Twins, unmasking Pietro and being confronted by the Skrull Agent sent by Talos, I think this will play heavily into the goings-on of Captain Marvel 2.

With Photon taking form, How will her relationship with Carol Danvers develop? Will they work together, Will they battle for Supremacy? – I think Monica will want to work alongside Carol, especially with having heard her voice during her transforming walk within The Hex, Even after her obvious resentment for her Aunt Carol was voiced in Episode 5 On A Very Special Episode.

The Vision

In a post-credit scene in Episode 8, Hayward is outside The Hex, with a team of S.W.O.R.D agents, and successfully launch a rebuilt Vision, who comes to life, twitching his hands, the Vision we see, no pun intended, is The White Vision first seen in the West Coast Avengers #45 Comic.

Marvel's WandaVision Vision Hex

With Hex Vision gone, and White Vision disappeared after the events of Episode 9 once can only hope that he will find Wanda and their love story can continue.

Agatha Harkness

As Matt mentions in his Previous Article, in the comics Harkness is one of the most powerful witches around, and she helped Wanda make a bargain with the devil.

WandaVision Agatha

Episode 8 really brought Wanda and Agatha together, with Agatha seeming jealous that Wanda can utilise different forms of magic, stuff she has tried for years and years to perfect and sustain it on a huge scale, finally revealing at the end of the Episode that Wanda is The Scarlet Witch.

With Agatha trapped in The Hex forever after the season finale to be the nosy neighbour, Wanda did say she knew where to find her should she need her, could she perhaps be in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness? Maybe Hexed WestView will feature? And the question on everyone’s lips What has Wanda unleashed?

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