Marvel: A Brief Look at “Marvel’s – Behind The Mask”

The following was composed on the back of watching Behind The Mask and researching online to try and delve deeper into the origins relating to this topic.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Comics are filled to the brim with incredible stories and vibrant Characters – but this is not the reason we connect so deeply with the story – We connect so deeply because of the character behind the mask.

In this documentary, Iconic creative teams from Marvel Comics history discuss what it takes to create a superhero, with an alter ego fans can resonate with, and why it’s so important to be diverse in the characters they choose, moving with the times as well.

”The Alter Ego is the most important part of the Superhero”

Joe Queasda

A superhero with no back story or human aspect is just a hero in a suit with powers. Now that can be entertaining at times, but longevity lacks here.

We also get to hear some exceptional stories about legendary Marvel creators and man after my own heart, Stan Lee. During the documentary, we get to hear from a younger Stan Lee about inclusion and making the Marvel Universe match the goings in the world we live in.

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They also discuss different races, religions and walks of life and how we can all relate to each character in some way – Everyone is accepted in the Marvel Franchise, and inclusion is beautiful.

Marvel’s Behind the Mask takes us through an assortment of the personas we know and love from Peter Parker to Carol Danvers. From watching, you can see that the original topic is not really delved into, and is more of an entertaining look behind the curtain, it offers a lot for the Marvel Comics Stans to relish.

The show received a lot of praise on social media from fans;

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