Marvel: Jessica Jones & Punisher are Back…at Marvel Studios

It has been reported that Marvel Studios has retrieved the rights of both Punisher and Jessica Jones from Netflix. It was stated that the clause in Netflix’s contract for both the Marvel characters, was that the characters could not be featured in any of the franchises. Till after 2 years of cancellation. Today on February 18, 2021, that clause would be up.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

The characters were the subjects of immensely well-known shows, alongside Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. At the point when Disney had uncovered designs to dispatch their own web-based feature which would equal Netflix, Netflix dropped the entirety of their Marvel titles in a move that stunned fanatics of the fruitful properties. Each of the five of the shows were created under Marvel’s TV division. This division was under Jeph Loeb, which was closed down in December 2019 and became what we know as Marvel Studios in December 2019.

Marvel’s Punisher Netflix

It is not certain if both Jessica Jones or Punisher will be incorporated into the film franchise. As of late, Charlie Cox was spotted on at Marvel’s Spider-Man 3, the joint endeavor from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. However, fans are excited and hopeful that their favorite show character will receive a home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Courtesy Marvel

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