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Marvel: WandaVision | 5 Things From The Season Finale

In this article, I will breakdown WandaVision, Marvels First release for Phase 4, as we are now at the end of the series with the final episode airing today 05/03, What is next for the MCU powerhouse that is Wanda Maximoff, there is one thing for sure the future is Scarlet. Sticking with the format of my previous breakdowns, It’s been Agatha All Along (reprise)…*cough cough*

Here are 5 things we learned from Episode 9: Season Finale

Desperately Seeking Scarlet

Agatha reveals what her plan was all along, she wants Wandas Power, she wants to be the Scarlet Witch

WandaVision - Scarlett Witch

The Pair fight back and forth throughout the episode, each trying to overthrow the other. Agatha reveals that there is an entire chapter in the Darkhold: The Book Of The Damned, she kept in her basement, All about the Scarlet Witch.


During the episode, Wanda takes over Agatha’s mind to send her back to the Witch Trial where she killed her coven and reanimates their corpses. This almost backfires on Wanda, with the Coven chanting at her, mumbling about her being the Scarlet Witch. Wanda destroys them, returning to their original state.

Back in WestView, They fight back and forth and Wanda seems to be at a loss.

She tricks Agatha into thinking she will give her the power and encases the sky with Runes, just like Agatha taught her in the last episode (i knew this would come back to bite her), only the witch who casts them can use magic within them.

Forever The Nosy Neighbour

After the fight is over, Wanda absorbs the power Agatha managed to steal, the pair float to the ground, and Agatha warns her that she doesn’t know what she has done.

Who is Agatha Harkness in 'WandaVision' Episode 7? Here's the backstory -  Los Angeles Times

She pleads with Wanda to let her go and help her along the Journey, but Wanda is having none of it, She traps Agatha in WestView, and casts her as the role she always wanted, The Nosy Neighbour.

Agatha is transformed back into Agnes and is left to live out her days in The Hex multiverse. If Wanda is ever to ‘need her’, she knows where to find her.

White Vision x Hex Vision

White Vision is sent into the Hex to destroy Wanda and The Vision, his primary mission protocols are set to eliminate Vision.

During the episode, the pair fight back and forth, just like Agatha and Wanda.

Wandavision Episode 9 - White Vision

Vision is slammed into the library in the centre of WestView and the pair exchange a war of words, Hex Vision trying to convince White Vision that he is not the enemy here.

The pair discuss the analogy of the Ship of Theseus, this is used to mirror the creation of the two Visions.

White Vision says he retains no memories, Hex Vision refers to this as the Rot on the planks that caused the need for a rebuild. He does however have the Data.

Hex Vision tells White Vision that as a carbon-based synthezoid his memory banks are not as easily wiped as his was.

He shows White Vision all his memories, that were being suppressed by Hayward and Project Cataract.

WandaVision Episode 9 - Vision Transforms

White Vision is taken aback. his eyes change from blue and false, to the eyes of Vision Actor Paul Bettany. ”I am Vision” he exclaims, he flies off into the sky and is not seen after this.

A Friend Of Your Mothers

In a post-credit scene, Monica after helping Wanda, protecting the Twins and revealing Pietro as Ralph is debriefing with Agent Wu when she is approached by an agent, who advises her she is being asked for in the Theatre.

Monica enters and walks down to the screen, the agent approaches her, revealing herself as a Skrull sent by Talos who is eager to meet her. after hearing she had been ‘grounded’.

Talos Skrull - WandaVision

Rambeau asks where they will meet, The Agent becomes to the sky, as a smirk grows on Monica’s face.

So Long Darling

WandaVision makes you care about Wanda and Vision's love story like never  before

After the battle, Wanda approaches her family embracing her sons, Vision is surveying the land and tells her ”Our dream home has been reduced to a fixer-upper – I know you will set everything right – Just not for us”

Wanda agrees with him, the pair knowing that this will be their Last night together as a family.

”Its time, Shall we head home?” – Vision ”Yes” – Wanda

The Hex begins to shrink, as the family walks home for the last time.

The Twins are put to bed, Vision telling them how proud they were of them today, and how they dealt with the Military and Wanda thanks them for choosing her be their mom, and closes the door.

Downstairs, Wanda is turning off the lights, when a lamp flicks back on, ”I read somewhere once, that it is bad luck to say goodbye in the dark” Vision says. Wanda knows this is not true, telling him he did not read that with a smirk.

”Perhaps I just wanted to see you clearly – and there you are”

Vision tells Wanda that before he goes he needs to know what he is, Wanda takes his face in her hand as she always does


“You? Vision, you are a piece of the mind stone that lives in me. you are a body of wires and blood and bone that I created. you are my sadness, and my hope, but mostly, you aree my love.”

The pair hold one another, as The Hex shrinks in on them. Both teary eyed and sad to see the end

”We have said goodbye before, so it stands to reason” – Vision
”We’ll say hello again” – Wanda
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