Marvel: WandaVision | 5 Things We Have Learned So Far

Following on from my previous articles, detailing and breaking down Episode 1-4 of WandaVision (which you can find here) I am switching it up, here are 5 Things we learned from Episode 5 of the Disney+ Phenomenom, Marvel’s WandaVision – Good news for the neigh sayers, the action is ramping up!

Number 1: Wanda ‘stole’ and is reanimating Visions corpse

We find out in episode 5, that Wanda broke into S.W.O.R.D HQ and stole Visions body – breaking and directly violating section 36b of the Sokovia Accords and Visions Living Will, he did not want to be used as anyone’s weapon, and up until Wanda ‘liberated’ him, was being held (and possibly experimented on) by S.W.O.R.D, this would explain her dislike for them.

As we are shown the footage, Director Hayward is trying to paint Wanda as a villain and labels her a terrorist. But this did not have the desired effect on a lot of Fans.

I feel that if anything, it actually raises more questions about the events before WandaVision and what prompted Wanda to break into the facility. In Endgame (2019) Vision was killed by Thanos pre-snap – does this mean that S.W.O.R.D held him for this long, and what were they doing to him? and how is it significant to WandaVision?

WandaVision - Stealing Visions Corpse

During episode 4, when Rambeau is returning from being blipped, she meets Hayward for the first time, and as she is touring the facility, she queries with Hayward, what happened to “Observation and Response” and where did the new “Creation” of Sentiment Weapons come from?

I think that Hayward is a villain, and has a secret agenda to uncovering Wanda’s plan, will more of his plotting unfold on WandaVision?

Number 2: Monica Rambeau has a bone to pick with Captain Marvel

In Episode 4, Monica was ejected from WestView by Wanda, after an exchange between the pair, this now means Monica is ‘based’ at the S.W.O.R.D center outside of the anomaly.

She meets Agent Wu and Dr. Lewis here. Monica begins to figure out how they can get back into WestView to communicate with Wanda, citing that she will need a 1000 lb Fallout Shelter lined with lead for photons, cadmium for neutrons, tantalum for seismic blasts, and she wants this on wheels.

WandaVision - Monica Rambeau

Dr Lewis is concerned about her going back into the ‘Hex‘ as it could wipe her mind, and she would be back under Wanda’s control. As they go back and forth (Dr Lewis, Agent Wu, and Rambeau) they discuss the amount of power Wanda is seemingly wielding, and the sheer level this could be on.

Rambeau mentions that Wanda could have defeated Thanos. If she wanted to and that no one else could come close.

Agent Wu mentions that he believes Captain Marvel could have defeated him, and they discuss the origins of Wanda’s Power, The Mind Stone

Dr. Lewis questions in relation to Captain Marvel – ‘her power came from an infinity stone too, didn’t it?’. Rambeau bats this off and directs the conversation away from discussing Captain Marvel

“We are not talking about her, we’re talking about Wanda.” This reaction prompts an exchange of inquisitive looks between Dr. Lewis and Agent Wu.

WandaVision piece - Captain Marvel

This whole exchange gives the impression that Rambeau isn’t as much of a fan of Carol Danvers and doesn’t view her Dear ‘Aunt Carol’ in the same light as she did in her younger years, depicted in Captain Marvel (2019). Is this building up to a potential power struggle in Captain Marvel 2, set to hit Cinemas in 2022?

As we know from Marvel Lore, Rambeau has powers and at one point was bequeathed the title of Captain Marvel from Genis. You can read more of Rambeaus profiling here. I hope to see them square off in Captain Marvel 2, and think WandaVision could really set this up.

Number 3: The series could open up for an X-Men crossover

As the end credits roll, Wanda and Vision go back and forth about how Vision thinks Wanda is controlling the goings-on in WestView, and they have an argument during this exchange they both float into the air, in battle positions.

WandaVision - confrontation

Wanda is sad and exclaims to Vision that he had never spoken to her like that, Vision is notably upset “Before what, I don’t remember my life before this” – the pair argue about WestView and Wanda controlling everyone. As they talk to pair are interrupted by the doorbell and this time, Wanda ‘didn’t’ control it and make this happen.

Wanda walks over to the door and answers, to her surprise, she is greeted by a silver-haired figure, her twin brother Pietro. Pietro is MCU Hero Quicksilver who was killed by Ultron during The Battle Of Sokovia at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).

Most eagle-eyed fans will notice that this is not the MCU incarnation of Pietro, but Evan Peters X-Men incarnation, even with a surprise this big, I do not think this is the cameo we are waiting for.

WandaVision Pietro -Evan Peters

Dr. Lewis in conversation with Wu and Rambeau has already hinted that Wanda has power far beyond what they have seen from her before, with Evan Peters appearing, could this mean that there are outside forces influencing Wanda herself.

We know that during the events of House of M, Wanda re-writes reality to wipe out the Mutants, could this be an alternate storyline? We can only wait to find out.

Number 4: Each Episode (so far) is a call back to sitcoms past

Episode 5 of WandaVision had roots in Family Ties and Growing pains, and a nod to Full House. Family Ties is heavyset into the house and decor with the interior almost an exact match to the family home from the show

WandaVision family ties

We also get a Family Ties image at the start of the intro, which is an exact match to the one from the show, a pencil sketch being colored by a paintbrush – we are also treated to a Growing Pains style recap of ‘life’ with baby photos of all four cast members growing up.

During these scenes, we are shown and picnic scene which is similar to that shown in the Full House credits. The Olsen Twins stared in Full House.

WandaVision Episode 5 - Full House comparison -

Number 5: Wanda is ‘The Director’ per se, atleast so far

During this episode, Wanda and Vision are having issues getting the Twins to sleep, and after a bit of comedic back and forth, and a well time ‘leg over’ pun – Agnes rings the doorbell.

She tells the pair that she was on her way to Jazzercize and heard the boys were on a sleep strike, Vision growing every cautious asks how she knew.

There is some back and forth between the trio, and Vision is panicked about the twin’s heads being held right, belly buttons and when was the last time Agnes washed her hands…maybe they shouldn’t do this?

WandaVision agnes jazzercise

After this, Agnes looks extremely uncomfortable she turns to Wanda Agnes asks if she wants her to ‘take that again’. Vision is confused by this, and Wanda seems to act confused in response.

Agnes tells Wanda that she wants her to hold the babies and they should ‘take it from the top’ I really think that Wanda is controlling the narrative, even outside of WestView, she could be warping reality.

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