Marvel: WandaVision | 5 Things We Learned From Episode 7

In this article, I will breakdown a post-snap reverse MCU entry and boy is it getting exciting and guys… strap in before you watch, it’s a hell of a ride. Sticking with the format of my Episode 6 breakdown, here are 5 things we learned from Episode 7, Will we finally see Mephisto? Where is Agatha Harkness? and Who on earth is interviewing them?

Everything is not what it seems

Throughout the first part of the episode, objects and surroundings are being transformed in front of our very eyes, the Twins Games, Milk Bottles, The Wallpaper, Tv, you name it! This does not stop until a confrontation later in the episode – and Wanda is confused, she is unsure why everything is “falling apart” and she can’t “fix it”.

Project Cataract

Agent Wu reveals to Monica whilst on route to her contact, Dr Lewis broke through the firewall on Hayward’s computer, which reveals Project Cataract.

Hayward plans to rebuild Vision for use as a Sentient Weapon and is closely tracking him and taking such an interest in saving him because Wanda final did what he could not. Bring Vision back. Just, keep him away from Ellis Avenue.

Vision is alive and trying to get to Wanda (Ft Dr Lewis)

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Vision is seen lay on the grass, awakening for the first time after Wanda expanded the hex, throughout the episode, he is seen trying to get back to Wanda, with the help of Dr Lewis (who was rewritten as an escape artist inside the Hex), the pair seem to be thwarted at every turn, in a Modern Family style ‘interview’ Vision firstly thinks this is all Wanda’s doing, but as this progresses and he talks to Dr Lewis discovering how Wanda had to kill him, and then watch him be killed again by Thanos, he suddenly snaps out of it and flies off to try and get to her.

Rambeau – an awakening

Monica - Agatha basement

In the comics, Monica as we know has gone by several different aliases. With her plan to re-enter the hex a failure, she makes a split-second decision to walk into the hex, whilst inside the barrier, she is rewritten for the third time and comes out the other side with powers.

Once she enters the Hex, she goes in search of Wanda and the pair faces off – Wanda hits Monica with her Chaos Magic, suspending her in mid-air – When Wanda drops her, Monica lands on the ground and sparks of energy surround her. There is no confirmation as to which Alias she will go. (Note: Monica’s mother’s code name was Photon so this would make sense in this scenario).

After the Confrontation, Wanda is taken off by Agnes to her house.

Agatha All Along

agatha harkness

Earlier in the episode, The Twins were taken off to ‘Agnes’ house to give Wanda a little ‘Me’ time.

Wanda looks around and notices things are weird, there are half-eaten sandwiches and half drank juice on the table, there is a weird fly on the curtain, you can see by her face Wanda wants out.

She asks where the Twins are, and ‘Agnes’ says they must be playing in the basement, Wanda goes down to look in on them, and there is silence. She descends and starts to call for them.

The basement is more than it seems from above and is almost like a castle with tunnels leading into a central room. Wanda enters the room and is looking around, suddenly Agatha Harkness walks into the room petting a rabbit, and finally reveals herself.

‘‘You didn’t think you were the only magical girl in town, did you? The name’s Agatha Harkness. Lovely to finally meet you, dear.”

She then ‘bewitches’ Wanda with her purple magic, and we get a lovely Agatha Harkness-themed title sequence, which seems to reveal that is truly has been… Agatha all along.

‘’Who’s been messing up everything? .. It’s been Agatha all along. Who’s been pulling every evil string?… It’s been Agatha all along.’

It is revealed in the title sequence that Agnes was puppeteering Pietro – but is she working alone? Maybe the next episode Marvel will give us Mephisto like so many fans have debated could be truly the one behind all this.

Is Agatha Harkness the real villain in WandaVision? Matt breaks it all down here.

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