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Marvel: WandaVision | Ep. 4 | Wanda, Can You Hear Me?

In this article, I will breakdown a post-snap reverse MCU entry, as Disney launches into Phase 4 of the MCU. A 1970s style sitcom starring The Scarlett Witch aka Wanda Maximoff and Vision (who as of Endgame is presumed dead)

The episode opens on muttered whispering and Monica Rambeau is rematerializing in a hospital visiting chair (this dates the episode as being mid to end 2023, as this is when the Avengers reversed the snap), as people are rematerializing in particles (not like in the films, the pieces aren’t desaturated/faded and are almost House of M comic vibes) back to earth.

Monica is frantically looking around for a patient and bumps into the nurse who treated the patient, her mother, who tells her that she is dead and died around 3 years ago, 2 years after Rambeau disappeared.

Rambeau walks through the S.W.O.R.D facility and attempts to use her card on a security door but this doesn’t work, the card is invalid, a man in a smart suit interrupts an exchange between Rambeau and the security desk, asking the officer on duty “Don’t you know who this is?”, the man is none other than Acting S.W.O.R.D Director Tyler Hayward.

He brings her up to date on how things have changed at the facility and the new threats they face and is talking to her about needing an agent to chaperone on a missing person case, with use of an imaging drone.

He tells her she is grounded; she is limited to terrestrial missions only after the new protocol was introduced by her mother, who he feels knew she would come back, she bids Hayward farewell, she gets into a car, and off goes to help with the case in New Jersey, taking exit 21 to West View.

She meets Agent Jimmy Woo (from Antman and the Wasp) who tells her all about his missing person, and how no one can recall anything about him, everyone is saying he doesn’t exist, Woo informs Rambeau has another wrinkle in his investigation and they go over to speak with two local police officers who tell them Westview doesn’t exist at all and hasn’t ever. Woo says they haven’t investigated any further because of a feeling, an overwhelming feeling that no-one is supposed to go into the town.

Rambeau gets out an Imaging Drone and attempts to fly it over into West View, however, the image on the screens fades into static and the drone vanishes into thin air, approaching the place it vanished, she finds an energy field almost TV static and despite Woo’s warnings to be careful, touches it pushing her hand through the field, she is sucked into thin air, like the drone, and vanishes.

We cut to a vehicle unit transporting a team that has been specially selected by S.W.O.R.D despatched to help with the situation. A group of specialists from varying fields, who arrive at a S.W.O.R.D response base just outside the energy field of Westview.

Doctor Lewis is introduced to us and is asking questions about the drone data. which is, of course, Classified. She assesses a device that confirms high levels of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation but with other signal waves detected under this, she pulls out a heavy device that is able to read these waves, and sees an image of a sitcom, and requests an old TV be brought to her.

Agent Franklin is the lucky S.W.O.R.D agent to be selected to climb down into the sewer to try and infiltrate Westview, Woo seems to think the field may extend underground, but this is worth a shot.

In a room they using the TV, requested by Doctor Lewis to try and get a signal, a frequency is found and they hear Episode 1 (which you can read my take/breakdown of here) playing out, Woo asks Doctor Lewis if that is who he thinks it is, she responds and advises “Yes, It looks like her – I know it’s been a crazy few years but he (Vision) is dead not blipped right?”

Hayward asks Doctor Lewis if this is happening in real-time? is it recorded? is it fabricated in any way? She answers I don’t know; I don’t know and I don’t know.
Hayward sarcastically asks if there is anything she knows. (I hate this man).

She states that her equipment registered extremely high levels of CMBR and that when analysed she found a broadcast in there and got Haywards ‘goons’ to get her a TV, and voila Wanda and Vision appeared.

Woo is taken aback by the whole situation, saying “so you’re saying the universe created a sitcom starring 2 avengers” Doctor Lewis confirms that it is a working theory.

Hayward requests Transport back to S.W.O.R.D HQ and wants immediate analysis of the findings. First and foremost, they look at the intelligence on locating Rambeau, as Woo is going through the episodes, with Doctor Lewis and a team, working to identify ‘characters’ as they have successfully identified Wanda and Vision.

During this sequence, Woo is writing on a board detailing the current state of play.

Doctor Lewis sees Rambeau (Geraldine) and drops her noodle cup on the floor (This is sadwhat a waste of noodle cup) in shock – Doctor Lewis presents the idea that when Wanda is washing dishes, which is almost one an episode, they are going to try and ping her radio to communicate.

An Agent walks over to the pair and hands Woo a file, with a picture of the helicopter from Episode 2 (which we now know to be a drone sent by Rambeau)

Doctor Lewis is again sat reviewing the footage and radios Woo to tell him that Rambeau now has a speaking part and that she is telling Wanda she likes her pants, whilst at a Swim Club (Committee Meeting from Episode 2) She notices that there is a Radio on the side table and Woo should try to contact, Woo is repeating the following;

Wanda can you hear me?

Wanda, Wanda, who is doing this to you Wanda

Can you hear me I am here to help?

There is another blip, the same one seen on Episode 2, and everything’s normal again, with Dotty delivering her Housewife Quip.

Agent Franklin, down in the sewer, approaches the field of energy and is transformed into a beekeeper, his tether to the above comes off, and is partially glitching from the CMBR (Maybe they will use this to get energy readings and perhaps find a way of entry?)

Franklin exits the sewer and we are shown the other Point of View of the end of episode 2, we cut to Doctor Lewis and Woo who are watching events unfold on the TV we are in the 70s so Episode 3 (which I think this part of the Episode happens alongside)

Woo can’t believe Wanda and Vision are having a baby, Doctor Lewis offering Woo a snack asking if he ‘wants any’ and tell her he has thought about it for sure, have a little Jimmy Woo get him a tiny little FBI badge, he realizes she meant the snacks, taking one and silently continuing to watch.

They are analysing the ending scenes of Episode 3 and as the Twins are being born, we see a tear come to Doctor Lewis’ eyes, she says it was a twist, and that she is very invested! We cut to Rambeau referencing their reality and mentioning Ultron, like in the closing exchange of the previous episode.

Doctor Lewis mentions their seems to have been a blip and that it seems someone is censoring the broadcast, and Rambeau has vanished Woo asks where she went, suddenly there is an alarm and the base announces ‘alert, the boundary has been breached’ – as the pair rush to see what has happened, the TV cuts back to the missing part of the broadcast, back to Wanda and Rambeau, Wanda asks Rambeau who she is, and she retorts with “Wanda, I am just your neighbour” – Wanda’s anger increases fourfold with each of the following lines:-

“How do you know about Ultron?”

“You are not just my neighbour; you are not a friend”

“You are trespassing, I want you gone, you need to leave”

Wanda literally magically chucks Rambeau through the fourth wall (counting the barriers she breaches there are four, and this reference is very WandaVision) and out of the energy field. Wanda quickly repairs the walls and approaches her babies, Vision comes back inside, and asks where Geraldine is.

Wanda turns round to look at him and sees vision as he is assumed, dead at the hands of Thanos, she looks away and this rewrites his image, back to a colourful, very much alive Vision.

Vision tells Wanda they don’t have to stay here they can go somewhere else
Wanda visibly upset says they can’t that this is their home stroking his face, reassuring him she has ‘everything under control’

Monica is flung onto the ground at the S.W.O.R.D outpost, as she wakes up, she says “It’s Wanda, It’s all Wanda”

Wanda takes the babies in her arms and asks Vision what they should watch tonight. Visions gaze follows her, a look of concerned fear on his face and he wanders over to the couch suddenly smiling and turns on the TV. We are then shown the end of Episode 3 again.

I, for one, am now more invested in the series after this episode and I understand the need for the first three of them, to build the story and get the viewer thinking.

Disney recently released a Mid-Season trailer which I have inserted below, which has me excited to watch more!

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