Marvel: WandaVision | Ep. 1 | Wanda and Visions Indestructible Head

In this article, I will break down a post-snap reverse MCU entry of WandaVision, as Disney launches into Phase 4 of the MCU. A 1950s style sitcom starring The Scarlett Witch aka Wanda Maximoff and Vision (who as of Endgame is presumed dead).

Episode 1

The first episode opens on Wanda and Vision driving through an old 1950s neighbourhood to buy a house, the pair have just come from their Wedding; as depicted by their dress in the trailer portion of the show, Dick Van Dyke style.

We then transition to Wanda in the kitchen doing housework with various forms of Magic (In the style of the original Bewitched series), whilst Vision is getting ready for work that day – everything seems too good to be true. It appears that the two seem to be playing out a simulation (This theme will run-heavy throughout the duration of the show). Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes blending into ‘normal’ suburban life.

Vision asks Wanda ‘Why today was so important’, and the pair look at a calendar for the month of August. A heart symbol is drawn on the 23rd of that month which we are told is the current date. There are only a few dates that this could be mean;

  • 23rd August 2023 (Wanda would’ve been ‘dusted’)
  • 23rd August 1950 (TV’s aren’t as accessible)
  • 23rd August 1961 (Dick Van Show Premiered)

Both Wanda and Vision agree they absolutely know that today is essential to their lives, and it must be an important date to them personally. With that Vision is off to work and they agree to celebrate later, leaving the door, but not forgetting to ‘put his face on’ to maintain a human mirage.

Agnes (possibly Agatha Harkness?) their neighbour to the right, her right not theirs, is introduced to the viewers to ‘Welcome them to the Neighbourhood’. Wanda and Agnes have a lovely discussion about herself and Vision, Wanda realises after speaking with Agnes that today must be her anniversary.

Agnes offers some lovely anecdotes about her husband throughout the two episodes so far, for example in this scene providing my favourite by far ‘My husband would only remember our anniversary if there were a beer named June 2nd”

Agnes asks if she has anything nice planned, seeing Wanda looking confused she exclaims that she has just the trick for her, an Article on ‘How to treat your husband to keep your husband’ and off they go to prepare the evening, teaching Wanda some of the seduction techniques and how to entertain a man tips listed in the article.

Meanwhile, Vision is at work as a Computer Form processor – and out of the office comes his boss, Mr Hart. He exclaims that he is excited for him and his wife to have dinner with Vision and his wife later on today. Whilst his previous weeks guest, Mr Jones, did not impress him as he is shown picking up his desk items and heads off to the unemployment line.

Vision calls Wanda in a panic, but both maintain that they know the score and everything will be perfect, Happy Husband and Happy Wife.

Let's Break Down Those WANDAVISION Easter Eggs - Nerdist

After this exchange, we are treated to our first Commerical Break Ad for the Toastmate 2000 by Stark Industries, This is a nod to Howard Stark the consumer marvel extraordinaire – the housewife in the advert pops in some toast and presses the button, setting off a faint beep, showing that the Toastmate is truly excellent, it can do anything from Meatloaf to open cheese sandwiches! – after the salesperson takes us through the list, we cut back to the toaster, which is now blinking red – the first hint of any colour we have seen since the show began, the slogan ”Forget the past, this is your future” emblazoned across the toaster to end out this segment

Cut to later in the day, Vision arrives home with Mr and Mrs Hart, to dimmed lighting and candles. Vision goes to find Wanda in the kitchen, unbeknownst to him she is sneaking into the living room lingerie nightdress clad, ‘Don’t Bathe on Saturdays’ style and covers Mr Harts eyes.

Vision returns from the kitchen, having been unfruitful in his search and quickly plays it off as a traditional Sokovian greeting and the evening continues… whilst Mrs Hart is growing impatient in her wait for the meal.

Agnes swoops in with a 4-course dinner, her husband Ralph would never eat it as he only eats beans, so she had it ‘lying around’ and Wanda gets to working her magic, literally.

Things start to go wrong, and the Harts are about to leave, when suddenly Wanda magics up breakfast for dinner, a very ‘European’ choice as Mrs Hart would state

The Harts start to grill the Visions on their story and when they met etc, this causes a disturbance in the flow and an almost stutter occurs. Mr Hart begins to choke, Wanda is visibly uncomfortable and Mrs Hart repeating ‘Stop it’ seems to swell the situation, until Wanda begs Vision to help Mr Hart. This brings the dinner to an abrupt and somewhat confusing end – with Mr Hart promising Vision ‘talks of promotion’ on Monday

The episode closes on Wanda and Vision on the couch, discussing how unusual of a couple they are, with no song, anniversary or rings. Wanda magics two onto their hands before they kiss and the ‘credits roll’.

There are also Credits after this initial credit scene, and in my opinion, I think this is a hint that this could be an experiment or simulation dreamed up by Wanda, only time will tell…

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