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MLW Anthology: Low Ki Results – May 30, 2020

Iain Oliver runs down this weeks episode of MLW Anthology, looking at classic matches from Low Ki.

This weeks episode focuses of former MLW Champion, and the last protege of Gary Hart, Low Ki

Homicide defeated Low Ki via pinfall (Orlando, January 2004)

Ki showed his athleticism early on by nipping up before wrapping Homicide up in the ropes with an armbar. They both then had the same idea by going for an arm drag before dodging kicks and coming to a stalemate which garnered an ovation from the crowd. 

Ki then hit a crossbody and took control. He hit a nice butterfly suplex and a handspring overhead kick to the back of the head. Homicide fought back after taking one stiff chop too many and flew out the ring with a tope and ended up over the barrier and into the crowd. 

Homicide then took over with suplexes of his own and a surfboard submission. He then dropped him on the top of his head with a hurricanrana off the top rope but Ki still kicked out at two. Homicide then missed a diving headbutt and this gave Ki the chance to fire up. Ki hit a barrage of chops, a clothesline, kicks to the chest followed by soccer kicks to the head. He slipped out of the Cop Killer and hit a rolling kick to the back of Homicide’s head. He dead-lifted Homicide up and planted him on his head with a German suplex but Homicide got his foot on the rope to break the count. 

Homicide caught Ki springboarding off the ropes and hit a dragon screw followed by another off the top rope. He locked in an STF but let go when he thought Ki tapped out. Ki then slipped out the back and locked in a dragon sleeper but Homicide again got to the ropes. 

Ki’s leg gave out on a suplex attempt but he was able to come back with a kick to the head. Homicide fought back with a big clothesline but Ki again slipped out of the Cop Killer and struggled to lock in the dragon sleeper again. Homicide fought and fought and in the melee he was able to roll Ki onto his shoulders just long enough for the ref to count to three and get the win. 

Jerry Lynn jumped Homicide after the match but Ki saved his teacher from a beatdown and this brought out Gary Hart who instructed both Homicide and Ki to make an example of Lynn. They pummelled Lynn and put the boots to him before a fan started bad-mouthing Hart at ringside, so he instructed Ki to confront him. Hart had a mystery man with him and he was (maybe strategically) blocking the camera’s view of Ki and the fan, but we did see a drink get smashed then Ki trying to drag the fan over the guard rail. Chaos then ensued as Homicide also got involved. The fan tried to run but Ki chased him and clobbered him with a right hand.

A security guard tried to shield the fan but it took road agents and staff (including Court Bauer) to separate them. Hart was still on the mic and got in Bauer’s face but he was blindsided by Homicide and shoved to the ground. Hart sarcastically thanked Bauer for bringing him to MLW and promised to end Terry Funk’s career the next night, so the situation looked to be calming but as Bauer was getting to his knees he was hit over the head with a broomstick by Homicide. 

We saw a video package that helped lead into the next match. It showed Ki in his “the professional” persona being hired by Salina de la Renta to take out Shane Strickland.

MLW world heavyweight title: Low Ki defeated Champion Shane ‘Swerve’ Strickland via pinfall to win the title (Orlando, July 2018)

Ki’s title win came after a stiff and exciting match against the now Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott currently residing in NXT. Sitting at ringside was Salina de la Renta who had put a $60,000 bounty on the champion’s head, and hired Low Ki to take the title from him.

Swerve tried an armbar very early but Ki was able to get to the ropes. Ki began chopping Swerve and that continued throughout the title fight. Ki beat him down early on, looking for the knock out with stiff kicks to the chest and one springboard version that knocked Strickland down.

After Ki jaw-jacked with the crowd in the direction of Strickland’s girlfriend who was also in attendance, Swerve fired back but Ki was able to roll through and hit a double foot stomp to stay in full control of the contest.

Strickland was able to dump Ki to the outside then hit a superkick when he tried to re-enter the ring. Swerve then hit a handstand flop over the top rope into a hurricanrana at ringside. Back inside he hit a big overhead release belly to back suplex but only got a two count. Ki then took a powerbomb and a catapult but stopped himself on the middle rope and while Strickland was on his back from delivering the catapult, Ki launched off and hit another double foot stomp this time from the middle rope.

Strickland had another flurry of kicks but was favouring his right knee. He eventually hit his rolling cutter but ended up taking his time climbing the ropes due to his injured knee. Ki moved and Strickland landed on his feet but his knee buckled. Ki blew a kiss to Strickland’s girlfriend as he lined up a switchblade kick to the back of the head to pick up the title win to the shock of the crowd.

We had a video package from back in the early years of MLW featuring the trifecta from the first match: Ki, Homicide and Gary Hart. Hart was hyping them both up by getting Ki to use his martial arts and Homicide to use his street mentality to protect Hart’s legacy.

To close the show we had this week’s montage of current MLW stars. The Blue Meanie was outside the 2300 arena, Jordan Oliver was drinking in the park, Gino Medina was saying “no comment” to his status with Dynasty, LA Park challenged CONTRA to any match they want, Mance Warner had some words for CONTRA if they think they can tell him what to do, Richard Holliday wants to buy MLW… then sell it for a profit.

Savio Vega is going to remove Holliday’s moustache, Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini were talking online dating profiles, Konnan called out Josef Samael for ruining the end of the AAA show, Myron Reed explained what Injustice means to him, the Von Erichs were talking the true meaning of champions, and Hammerstone wants to win the heavyweight title.

LA Park finished the montage but at the end of his challenge to CONTRA, he was blindsided and attacked by someone just off-camera. CONTRA then interrupted the feed and Samael gave a warning to MLW saying that the infidels are rising.


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