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MLW Fusion Results – 25th January 2020

Iain Oliver runs down the results from last nights episode of MLW Fusion.

Rich Bocchini welcomed us to Dallas, Texas for a new episode of Fusion, and cut to AJ Kirsch in the ring who was hyping up the crowd but he was soon interrupted by CONTRA Unit (Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael and Simon Gotch). As they were entering we saw that earlier in the week, Simon Gotch and Josef Samael attacked Davey Boy Smith Jr. in Canada. 

Samael told us that Dallas was a place filled with false idols and that wrestling’s Camelot (Dallas) will fall at the hands of CONTRA. Moments later Smith Jr. stormed the ring, and with a little help from Brian Pillman Jr. who entered from the crowd, the Hart Foundation sent CONTRA Unit to the back. 

Drago & Puma defeated Jordan Oliver & Kotto Brazil (with Myron Reed) King, and Taurus & Low Rider via pinfall

An amazing triple threat tag here. High spot after high spot with everyone shining at some point. This should be a match to watch this week if this is your style as the action came thick and fast and did not let up at all- and why should it with the talent on show. It got a well deserved standing ovation from the Dallas crowd. 

As Injustice were making their way to the ring we had an in-set video showing them confront Konnan while he was being interviewed by Alicia Atout earlier in the evening. Konnan asked if they had beef, and Oliver told him they have beef with all the old f*cks. Konnan warned them he had Drago waiting for them tonight, and Reed next week. 

Low Rider took everyone out one at a time in the opening exchanges, finishing his flurry with a slingshot rolling senton from the top rope onto Injustice on the outside. Inside Taurus used his power to powerslam Drago into Puma in the corner then took them down with clotheslines and spears. 

Oliver and Brazil then took control with double teams including a back suplex assisted sit out powerbomb onto Rider. Puma King and Drago came in to even the score and took out Oliver with a back-stabber dropkick to the gut. They then sent Taurus flying around the ring with head scissors and arm drags.

Drago took out Myron Reed with a dive to the outside then came back in to hit Taurus with around the world DDT. Oliver then hit Puma King with a springboard stunner and then a suicide dive stunner on the outside. Kotto was flying too with a huge frog splash on Drago but Low Rider made the save. 

Taurus and Low Rider then took out Injustice with a springboard facebuster and an inside out clothesline to Brazil, and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, powerbomb, backstabber combination from the top rope on Oliver! Brazil then got dropped head first on the apron by Taurus.

The finish to this insane match was Drago twisting and rolling up Low Rider after he and Puma King had obliterated he and Taurus. Incredible action. 

We heard from Davey Boy Smith Jr. fresh from the ring off his Opera Cup win last week. He said the cup win means the world to him and hopes that Stu Hart is smiling down on him. He said he did it for the fans and the love of professional wrestling. He said this is a stepping stone to the top of MLW and the MLW heavyweight title. 

CONTRA’s propaganda video this week was Josef Samael telling us that the Hart Foundation are scared, especially Smith. Samael then challenged Smith to a no holds barred, no rope, no rules, winner declared by knock out or submission match against Simon Gotch. Later in the night, Smith accepted. 

Low Ki defeated Chandler Hopkins via pinfall

Hopkins is another star coming in from AAA and he kept up with Low Ki in this one. A nice slower scientific match after the mental opener. The slow start came to life when Ki caught Hopkins with a dropkick while Hopkins was charging him in the corner. Chops, knees and elbows followed but Hopkins fought back with a head-scissor driver and a rolling flat liner. 

Hopkins tried to follow-up a ushigoroshi with a shooting star press, but Ki moved and locked in a calf assisted chokehold to pick up the submission win. Ki shook Hopkins hand after the match. 

Davey Boy Smith Jr. was again backstage but live this time. He said he hadn’t forgotten about the fireball CONTRA threw at Teddy Hart, and he accepted the challenge for the match against Simon Gotch. He said Gotch’s choices are to get knocked out or tap out. 

Alicia Atout was then interviewing Dominic Garrini and Filthy Tom Lawlor. Lawlor explained that Garrini had joined Team Filthy and read out all his accolades. Garrini said people forget about him because of the luchadores and the Von Erichs. Lawlor finished by letting us know that Team Filthy are now sponsored by Condom Depo.

After an Erick Stevens hype video and a reminder from MLW Superfight when the Von Erichs defeated MJF and Richard Holliday for the tag team titles, Atout then caught up with MJF and his huge bodyguard Grogan. MJF called himself the fastest rising star in professional wrestling and that is why is going to prove that Marshall Von Erich is less than him. He then called out Mance Warner and said he was going to give him a lesson in professional wrestling. 

We saw highlights from the last barbed wire match in MLW between Terry Funk and Steve Corino from 2003.

Atout was then interviewing Jimmy Havoc and Priscilla Kelly. Kelly said they were not scared and they live and breath violence. Havoc said this is just a normal Saturday night to him, and there is nothing he likes better than causing pain to someone else. He called himself insane and said he would drink Warner’s blood. 

Atout was interviewing the Von Erich brothers. They crushed apples in their hands and warned MJF that this is his future. 

We had a parental advisory warning before the main event, and even the announce team had protective gloves and wire cutters at the ready in case any wire came close to their table. 

No Ropes Barbed Wire Match: Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Havoc (with Priscilla Kelly) via pinfall

Havoc brought a barbed wire baseball bat with him- like we needed more of the stuff. They teased hitting the wire for a few moments but Havoc was first to hit it torso and neck first after Warner sidestepped a lunge. That was followed up with an Irish whip that sent him back first into it too. Warner pushed him headfirst and then a drop toe hold sent him face-first into the wire to bust him open. 

Havoc fought back with a chain assisted right hand, a DDT and a suplex into the wire. Havoc then attacked Warner’s knee with a chair too before pushing him headfirst into the wire himself. He then used a staplegun to Warner’s forehead and whipped him into the wire too. He took off Warner’s shirt and stapled it to his back, before pulling it back off! Havoc then used wire cutters to cut a string of wire and use it across Warner’s forehead and then around his mouth! He then used his baseball bat across the back and forehead too. There was a real wrestling move next as Havoc used a curb stomp and attempted a pinfall, but Warner kicked out. 

They gave each other the double middle finger before Warner rammed the baseball bat between Havoc’s legs, but Jimmy retaliated seconds later with a staplegun staple between Warner’s legs, or “the Bucksnorts” as the commentary team called it. 

Warner then chokeslammed Havoc into a seated chair lying on its side, but moments later was on the receiving end of a death valley driver through a wooden board in the corner of the ring. Warner got his revenge with a chokeslam through some more wooden boards but Havoc kicked out. Havoc then had his plan of throwing salt in the eyes thwarted as Mance punched it back in his face, hit a clothesline with wire wrapped around his arm and a piledriver onto a chair to pick up the win.


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