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    MLW Fusion Results – April 4, 2020

    Two men enter, one man leaves as MJF and Mance Warner face off with no fans, and one leaving MLW for good

    Douglas James defeated Septimo Dragon via submission

    They put on a really fast-paced opening here with both taking to the air early on: James hit a bottom rope low suicide dive and Dragon hit a standing moonsault from the apron and a middle rope suicide dive to the floor. Inside Dragon hit a step-up kick and a spiked hurricanrana but was soon crotched on the middle turnbuckle and ate a code breaker from James while he sat on the second rope. James hit a series of kicks to Dragon’s chest, locked in a crossface after a tilt-a-whirl and turned Dragon inside out with a big clothesline. James looked in control but Dragon showed some fight with some slaps to the face. They traded superkicks and jumping knees before knocking each other down as they both connected with big kicks to the head.

    They both fought to their feet after the double down but James went to work on Dragon’s legs with kicks. He went for the go-to-sleep but Dragon reversed and hit a big kick of his own followed by a knees-first piledriver that got a close two count. Dragon then went up top but rolled through a double stomp attempt and turned straight into a superkick. He was then squashed in the corner by a rolling death valley driver, then James locked in a front choke to pick up the submission win.

    The cameras caught up with Richard Holliday in the parking lot as they asked him if he would be involved in the empty arena match tonight. He brushed them off as he heard Logan Creed had done something that needed his attention.

    Alicia Atout met with Mance Warner who said if MJF wants to bring his friends to the match later, then he has his own friends that might be there too. Warner said there was some stuff going down tonight that he doesn’t want his momma to see. Alicia asked if he had a plan if the Dynasty got involved? “F*ck ’em”, was Warner’s reply.

    We saw the Injustice attack on Brian Pillman Jr. from last week that ended with Pillman being curb-stomped into a concrete block. We were told Injustice had been fined $10,000 and suspended due to the attack.

    LA Park then had some words for Psycho Clown- who he is set to face in MLW’s Super Series against AAA. He warned Clown that his sons are ready to fight too so challenged him to a 3 vs 3 match.

    Alicia Atout was then outside of the Dynasty’s locker room hoping for a comment. Holliday and Hammerstone opened the door and said Alicia hasn’t got the correct paperwork to be here, Gino is rubbing down MJF and if the pre-match rub-down got interrupted- they would all be very sorry.

    Alicia then rushed to meet with Savio Vega backstage who was asked his opinion on the MJF vs Warner match, Vega said tonight was the night to end their grudge and picked Warner and warned the Dynasty that he is coming for them.

    We then saw a recap of last week’s King Mo vs Low Ki match and the controversial ending that saw Dominic Garrini, Erick Stevens, the Von Erichs and Tom Lawlor all getting involved. Lawlor knocked out Ki with an umbrella which led to the victory for King Mo.

    The Von Erichs had a video message for Team Filthy about their antics last week. What they lack in numbers, the Von Erichs make up for in tenacity, heart, viscousness and aggression. He told them to grab their mops because the Von Erichs are coming for them.

    Backstage, MJF cut a great promo against Warner and was screaming by the end of it. He told a story from when he was bullied in school and ended up knocking the bully out. He warned Warner that if he didn’t think he could get crazy, then he didn’t know MJF. He is going to prove Warner is not the only one who can be a psychopath in MLW.

    We had injury updates to both Killer Kross and Brian Pillman Jr. After King Mo hit him with a bat 2 weeks ago, Kross has a fractured scapula and displacement of the acromioclavicular joint, it is recommended he has no contact for 180 days unless he signs a waiver, Kross was offered a waiver to sign but “his Stamford, CT based employer will not allow a waiver to be signed”. Pillman has a fractured mandible and dislocated temporomandibular joint, the Philadelphia police are reviewing the video of the incident with Injustice but it is unclear if Pillman will be pressing charges.

    Loser Leaves MLW, Empty Arena – Mance Warner defeated MJF via pinfall

    Throughout the night we saw highlight clips from both their MLW careers including their debut matches, MJF winning the Middleweight title, and Warner winning the barbed wire match against Jimmy Havoc. Earlier in the night, Savio Vega helped even the score when he rescued Warner from what would have been a 2-on-1 beatdown by Holliday and Hammerstone, so we went into this fight 1-on-1.

    They went to the outside straight away and brawled around ringside. MJF choked Warner with a tag rope and threatened to hit Warner with bolt cutters, but Warner reversed and went between MJF’s legs with the cutters, but luckily for the future Freedman generations Max got away.

    Warner was sent flying through rows of chairs then kicked out a pin attempt as MJF shouted “do your job fat boy” at the referee. They brawled to the top of the bleachers and MJF tried to throw Warner off a balcony but Warner fought back and sent MJF head over heels tumbling back down the bleachers.

    MJF choked Warner with a broom then knocked a cameraman down with a right hand. He then got a cigarette from a production crew member and put it out on Warner’s forehead! MJF then got his phone and tried to phone a taxi to get away but Warner threw a chair from off-camera and caught MJF square in the face. Warner got on the phone and told the taxi he wasn’t needed and threw MJF towards the ring again.

    Inside the ring, they exchanged right hands while on their knees then brawled to their feet. Warner hit the bionic elbow but MJF went to the eyes with a finger poke. Warner rallied with a pop-up headbutt and a big lariat to pick up the win and send MJF out of MLW

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