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MLW Fusion Results – March 28, 2020

Iain Oliver runs down the results from tonight’s episode of MLW Fusion.

We saw a recap from the ending of last week’s 8 man tag that saw King Mo attack Killer Kross with a bat, injuring Kross in the process and supposedly joining Team Filthy. We were told that Mo had been suspended by MLW but Mo’s cornerman Dan Lambert told Alicia Atout that they have appealed the suspension and he will be able to compete against Low Ki tonight. 

Alicia Atout had interview time scheduled with Brian Pillman Jr. but she told us he had not arrived at the building yet. 

$1,000 Prize Fight Challenge: Dominic Garrini (with Kit ‘Rip Von Erich’ Osbourne) defeated Dr Dax via submission

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Team Filthy, complete with King Mo and Dan Lambert cut a promo on Killer Kross backstage, Garrini announced his prizefight challenge, and King Mo said he was the only King around here. Dax overpowered Garrini early but missed a corner splash, which led to Garrini taking the big man down and locking in a chokehold for the quick win.

MJF was backstage with Gino Medina and Alexander Hammerstone and he had a message for Mance Warner. He called him trailer park trash and said it wasn’t his fault “he was born to be an outlaw shitty little indy prick who should have never stepped foot in a major league company”. He got worked up and left saying he will f*ck him up next week.

Alicia gave us another update regarding Pillman and said his match with Jordan Oliver was off as no-one could track him down.

MLW National Openweight Title: Champion Alexander Hammerstone defeated T-Hawk via pinfall

Hammerstone used his power early on with a hard shoulder block, but Hawk fought back and even though he was out-weighed by Hammerstone, showed his own power with a suplex of his own. T-Hawk hit a pair of hard chops and also caught Hammer with a sit-out powerbomb for a close two count. This early exchange looked to have Hammerstone a little off his game- so he went for a test of strength but booted Hawk in the gut to take back advantage.

Hammer caught Hawk coming off a baseball slide and hit a big pump kick from the floor while Hawk was draped over the apron. He then rag-dolled him into the guard rail and threw him back inside but Hawk soon fought back with another chop, but it was short-lived as Hammer knocked him down with another power move. Hammer stood and took another chop that left its mark then got sent tumbling to the floor when Hawk caught him with another hard chop while on the top rope.

Back inside they exchanged running and jumping knees, Hammer rallied with a dropkick, but Hawk no-sold and roared to his feet and caught Hammer with a running knee to the back of the head. Hawk went for another suplex but Hammer slid out the back and hit a pump kick, German suplex, powerbomb and rolled into a Boston crab.

They exchanged forearms and T-Hawk fired up more and more with every shot. Hammer eventually hit a T-Bone suplex but Hawk was back to his feet and dumped Hammerstone face first for a close two count. Hammer hit Hawk with a dropkick while he was on the top rope, then hit a superplex off the top and finished him off with the Nightmare pendulum.

Mance Warner then had some strong words for MJF and the Dynasty. He said all they did was make him crazier, he said he wasn’t a loser and he isn’t leaving town next week. He said MJF is about to answer for everything he has done.

Alicia is backstage with yet another Pillman update but she was interrupted by Injustice. Jordan Oliver showed her some footage from his phone, apparently of Pillman being beaten up and the reason he was not at the building.

King Mo (with Dan Lambert) defeated Low Ki (with Ross Von Erich) via referee stoppage

This was dubbed the king of the knockouts match (but with traditional wrestling rules and finishes) as Low Ki has knocked out 60% of his opponents in the last year in MLW, and King Mo has knocked out 62% of his opponents in his MMA career. The referee gave the intense face-to-face instructions over the mic before instructing both back to their corners.

They grappled early but Mo overpowered Ki and dumped him over the top rope onto the apron. Ki landed hard on the apron and sold in what would be the story throughout the match. Upon his return to the ring, Mo went after the legs again with knees before dumping him on the floor once more and flipping him off for good measure. Mo hit some stiff knees in the corner that floored Ki again and started laughing as Ki stumbled and fell into the ropes moments later.

Ki powered up from a leglock and chinlock combo but Mo just used his weight to put him back on the mat. Ki briefly fought back again but Mo took him out with a vicious looking chop block. The referee started the 20 count and it took Ki every second to pull himself back up into the ring.

Mo mocked Ki him with jumping jacks as Ki stumbled and struggled to pull himself to his feet. Out of nowhere, Ki hit a leg kick then a great rolling koppu kick right on the top of the head that stumbled Mo for a moment. Mo went for a takedown but Ki dodged it and locked in the same standing chokehold that nearly put away Davey Boy Smith Jr in the Opera Cup.

Dominic Garrini and Erick Stevens made their way to ringside and got in Ross Von Erichs face which distracted everyone including the referee. Marshall ran down to even the odds for his brother but inside the ring and behind the referees back, Tom Lawlor ran through the crowd and hit Low Ki with King Mo’s umbrella knocking him out. Dan Lambert- Mo’s cornerman, then threw in Ki’s towel that Ross had left during his pull apart, and upon his return to the ring the referee saw the towel and called for the bell and awarded the match to King Mo.

Alicia Atout met Team Filthy on the stage, Dan Lambert called Philadelphia morons and instructed them to cheer for their new King of Knockouts. Mo wanted them to bend the knee. Lawlor started a “King Mo” chant as we switched to the footage from Jordan Oliver’s phone from earlier on.

The footage showed Oliver and Reed (while Brazil filmed it) jumping Pillman in the parking lot then finished with Myron Reed giving him a curb stomp through a concrete block that broke on impact.


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