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MLW Fusion Results – March 7, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of MLW Fusion.

MLW celebrate 100 episodes with a huge championship match between a monster and international icon

MLW’s monumental episode opened with Jacob Fatu delivering a deadly message to CIMA, telling the OWE star he will put him down for good…

Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Erick Stevens via pinfall

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor joined AJ Kirch and Rich Bocchini on commentary for the opening match of the night. Lawlor and Smith are on a collision course, and tonight was another step in that direction. 

In a pre-set promo with Alicia Atout, Smith told us that he is going to knock Steven’s Mohawk sideways, and he warned Team Filthy that he has the Von Erichs watching his back. After a slowly built chain wrestling sequence, Stevens pie-faced Smith but ate a forearm to the jaw in response as Lawlor told us that Kit Osbourne was one of the best cornermen in the business, and gloated at the way he held his towel.

Smith hit a big 30-second delayed vertical suplex early on but Stevens kicked out at two. On the outside, Stevens sent Smith into the guard rail and chopped him hard across the chest. Moments later Smith reversed another suplex it and slammed Steven’s spine on the mats outside. Stevens kept fighting back and went after Smith’s knee back in the ring. Stevens told the referee “I’ve got ’til five!” then came off the middle rope with a flying forearm to knock Smith down again. He then locked in a single crab but Smith was quick to grab the bottom rope. Stevens pie-faced Smith again before they exchanged forearms. Smith hit an enzugiri and fired up with ten punches in the corner, a back body drop and some European uppercuts.

Stevens nearly slipped out the back door and won this with a backslide, a magistral cradle and a small package but Smith kicked out each time. Smith retaliated with a power slam for a close two count of his own and moments later caught Stevens on the top rope and hit him with a running power slam. He then finished off Stevens with a diving headbutt off the top rope and picked up the three count.

Lawlor complained that Smith cheated and he and Dominic Garrini got in Smith’s face after the match.

Due to Injustice attacking Brian Pillman Jr. over the last few weeks they were banned from the building for tonight’s 100th episode. We saw them trying to enter the building but security refusing to let them inside.

Jimmy Havoc had a video for Pillman. He said he has an addiction for pain. He said he loves seeing his own blood, but he loves hurting other people more.

Low Ki then had a message for King Mo. He said we are going to find out who the king of the knockout really is, and Mo is about to meet the lone wolf of Brooklyn.

LA Park then told us he is a free man, a free agent and is a mercenary in the wrestling business. And in a possible message to Salina de la Renta, he said he can do what he wants and he doesn’t have a boss telling him what to do and he can fight who he wants.

Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Jimmy Havoc via pinfall

I think Havoc might have surprised a few of the Philadelphia crowd here as he and Pillman exchanged holds and reversed submissions and face locks on the mat in the opening exchanges. Pillman frustrated Havoc as he escaped an arm ringer with an up kick to the jaw. Havoc smacked Pillman with a right hand but this only fired the youngster up with him coming close to winning with a roll-up. Havoc caught a right hand and bit Pillman’s fingers before throwing him to the outside. Pillman hand torture continued as he missed a chop and hit the ring post instead.

Back inside Pillman fired up and hit a power slam and a big springboard cross body off the top for two counts each. He then hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a straight jacket lungblower but Kelly put Havoc’s foot on the bottom rope behind the referees back. While the referee was distracted with Kelly, Havoc punched himself in the face with a chain, then threw the chain to Pillman ala Eddie Guerrero and the steel chair spot. The referee was having none of it and after a shoving match with Havoc, Pillman nearly picked up the win with a schoolboy.

As they exchanged finishers, Kelly came off the top and missed Pillman with a crossbody, instead landing on Havoc. This gave Pillman the opening to hit his swinging neck breaker but as he made the cover in what would have finished the match, Kelly tried to get involved again- but again missed Pillman and landed onto of Havoc with a splash. Pillman then got rid of her with a low bridge and hit Air Pillman to pick up the win.

Alicia Atout then met Pillman on the stage and congratulated him on his victory. Pillman vowed to lose a few pounds and challenge Myron Reed for the MLW Middleweight title. He swore to win the title for his dad and the Hart Foundation.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic had Richard Holliday (with Savio Vega’s Caribbean title) on the phone to MJF but had Gino Medina and Alex Hammerstone with him in person. They said they made the Caribbean title relevant again, they said they were proud for having two champions in the group, and proud that Gino Medina will be taking on Mance Warner next week.

Mance Warner then met Alicia Atout who said Dynasty were “well-to-do pieces of sh*t”. He said he sometimes gets drunk, stands on some sh*t and has to wipe it off his boots. He called his own boots sh*t kickers, and next week he is going to shove those boots up Gino Medina’s ass.

Josef Samael then told us that they are preparing for the upcoming war. He said they are planning and getting stronger and recruiting.

MLW World Title: Champion Jacob Fatu defeated CIMA via pinfall to defend his title

Fatu had members of the Sentai death squad waving the CONTRA flag and guiding his way to the ring. They played off Fatu’s size and CIMA’s speed in the opening exchanges with a shoulder block exchange that Fatu easily won, but then a chase around the ring that let CIMA catch him with a dropkick when the champ was sliding back in. The OWE star hit double knees, a senton then locked in a seated abdominal stretch. Fatu came back with a superkick and a hip attack in the corner that crushed CIMA’s skull against the turnbuckle. Fatu took control from here and used his strength to throw, slam and crush CIMA around the ring. He wrapped him in a tree of woe and hit a big diving headbutt. Samael even got involved with some cheap shots on the outside.

CIMA fought to his feet off a nerve hold but Fatu quickly knocked him back down with a back elbow to the jaw. Fatu then missed a Vader bomb and CIMA flew off with a pair of knees to Fatu’s back. He then hit a guillotine DDT and locked the champion in a head and arm choke with his legs.

CIMA was fired up and the crowd were too as he kicked Fatu in the back of the head and went for his double foot stomp, but Fatu moved and hit his pop-up Samoan drop. Moments later he hit TWO double jump springboard moonsaults to put away CIMA and successfully defend his title.

After the match, Fatu put CIMA in a body bag that the Sentai death squad brought to ringside, and draped him in a CONTRA flag as the death squad carried him out on a stretcher.


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