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MLW Fusion Results – November 10th, 2019

Iain Oliver runs down the results from last night’s episode of MLW Fusion.

Following Superfight, what is next for CONTRA, Promociones Dorado and the rest of Major League Wrestling?

AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to Orlando Florida for the first MLW Fusion after last week’s Saturday Night SuperFight pay per view and hyped up the night’s main event title fight between MLW Middleweight champion Teddy Hart and Myron Reed.

Josef Samael celebrated Jacob Fatu’s successful world title defence against LA Park at SuperFight as the rest of CONTRA marched around the ring. He said CONTRA want to tighten their grip on MLW, said gold is power and that they want all the gold.

He called out the Von Erichs for their tag team titles, but also said he had an offer they couldn’t refuse. Same with the Hart Foundation, Teddy Hart and the middleweight title. Samael said he would personally rip his sparkly pyjamas off his body and shove them up his ass.

Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. came out and answered his challenge and sent CONTRA Unit packing. Officials and referees then came ringside and separated the two factions.

Mance Warner then had a recorded message for Jimmy Havoc. He challenged him to a Falls Count Anywhere match in Orlando Florida, then called him a piece of sh*t.

Low Ki defeated Timothy Thatcher via referee stoppage

An excellent but gruelling hard-hitting match here to kick things off. Thatcher dominated but it was Low Ki who found a way to choke out his larger opponent and pick up a very hard-fought win.

They went nose to nose before the bell revealing Thatcher’s height advantage over Ki. They then had a feeling out process early on where they both gave clean breaks, but Low Ki took advantage of the slower tempo by snapping on a cross arm breaker in the ropes at lightning-quick speed.

Thatcher’s strength advantage eventually came into effect as he forced Ki to the mat on a test of strength but another rope break stopped any submission attempt Thatcher had in mind.

Back from the break and Thatcher had Ki locked in a half crab and transitioned into a bow and arrow stretch. A CONTRA video interrupted where Samael warned us that next week he will have an offer for someone that they will not be able to refuse.

They exchanged chops and European uppercuts, then Thatcher slammed Ki and dropped an elbow. The former champ then got sent to the floor with another uppercut but Ki fired back once he was back in the ring. Ki ducked another strike, hit the ropes and then went for a springboard but turned and was met with yet another uppercut to the jaw, but wisely rolled to the outside to avoid the pinfall. Ki stumbled and staggered and just got back in at the 19 count.

Ki fired up and fought back again. Thatcher went for a slingshot into the corner, but Ki landed on the middle ropes then immediately leapt off and planted his double foot stomp Ki Crusher out of nowhere. Ki then landed some stiff kicks to the chest but Thatcher roared up and hit a belly to belly suplex. A double underhook suplex followed as Ki kicked out once again at the 15-minute mark.

Ki rallied and locked in a Dragon sleeper but he couldn’t hold it for long. Thatcher powered up to his feet with Ki on his shoulders but Ki transitioned into a choke, Thatcher fell to the mat, and the referee called for the bell.

The Von Erichs had a recorded response for CONTRA Unit, they said they were ready to take on all comers. Filthy Tom Lawlor was with them and was asked about the rumours regarding his future, he had no comment and acted “uncharacteristically” according to Bocchini and Kirsch on commentary.

Bocchini and Kirsch then hyped up the signing of King Mo and hyped up footage from his press conference later tonight.

Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver and Kotto Brazil then had a recorded message for us saying they were not sorry for anything, and tonight there will be a trade: Gold for Justice.

King Mo’s press conference was next where he said he is here to wreck shop, he will fight in Moneyweight division, mentioned L.A Park and Jacob Fatu by name as potential opponents, and is open to tag team wrestling too.

MLW Middleweight Title: Myron Reed defeated Champion Teddy Hart to win the title

This was a Teddy Hart and Myron Reed highlight reel as both pulled out all their high flying and jaw-dropping move sets. As Hart was eyeing up the victory, his earlier scrap with CONTRA came back to haunt him as Josef Samael’s fireball stopped him in his tracks and handed the victory and the title to Reed.

As he entered Teddy Hart was announced as a participant in the upcoming Opera Cup tournament and he also told the camera he is coming after Jacob Fatu and the world title.

Injustice got involved almost immediately but Hart knocked them off the apron. The distraction was enough for Reed to take over and hit a big slingshot legdrop from the apron back inside. Hart had gone after Brazil and Oliver on the outside again so Reed launched himself from the ring twice, first with a suicide dive through the ropes, then with a huge no-touch plancha that turned into a splash as Hart was still getting to his feet after the first dive.

Inside Reed then Matrix avoided a right hand and sprung up with a kick to the head, a springboard ace crusher and a big sit down curtain call neck breaker. But out of nowhere Hart hit a Canadian Destroyer but didn’t follow up with a pin. After jaw jacking with Injustice, he hit Reed with a backstabber and a middle rope springboard corkscrew senton. He went up to the top this time and hit a massive moonsault but Reed kicked out at the last minute. Hart then followed up with his powerbomb backstabber but Reed kicked out again. He then hit two DDTs and looked like he had the match won: his first was his hammerlock DDT and for his second he came off the top rope and caught the challenger and planted him in the centre of the ring. As the ref was counting the pin, Oliver and Brazil got on the apron, but once again Hart knocked them off. When Reed then came charging, Hart sidestepped and tossed him out onto of his friends too. With assistance from the referee, Hart then climbed the ropes again and hit a huge moonsault onto the three of them on the floor. He suplexed Oliver ontop of Brazil to add insult to injury.

Back inside and up the top rope, Hart hit a top rope Canadian Destroyer but Brazil pulled the referee out before he could count three. As the referee was trying to throw Brazil out the arena, Oliver got into the ring and distracted Hart, but from out of nowhere Josef Samael came into the picture and threw a fireball into Hart’s face!

Reed then saw his opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. He leapt to the top rope and launched himself halfway across the ring and landed a picture-perfect 450 splash to pick up the shock win, and the MLW Middleweight title!

Davey Boy Smith Jr and Brian Pillman Jr. came running to Hart’s aid and kicked Injustice out the ring as Fusion went off the air.


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