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MLW Fusion Results – November 23rd 2019

Iain Oliver runs down the results from this weekends episode of MLW Fusion.

We opened backstage where the cameras caught Marshall Von Erich after he was attacked by a masked assailant. Tom Lawlor and Ross Von Erich were quickly on the scene but Marshall could be heard saying his knee popped and the attacker hit him with a pipe.

Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Havoc in a Falls Count Anywhere Match (match continued throughout the show)

Warner jumped Havoc while he was entering the arena. They threw chairs at each other while the fans fled for their safety. At ringside Havoc ate another chair to the face while he was looking under the ring. Warner brought out a wooden board but was rammed headfirst into the ring post and was on the receiving end of an eye poke.

Inside the ring, Warner set up the wooden board in one corner and a chair in another. Havoc had brought in a bag from under the ring but it was Warner who emptied the thumbtacks into another of the empty corners.

Havoc saw the tacks and ran from the ring, threw the crowd, and out into the parking lot. Jimmy Havoc then committed grand theft auto as he stole a car and drove off. Warner, who was chasing Havoc, then also jumped in the passenger seat of a waiting car and took the cameraman and a referee with him and sped off in hot pursuit. TBC…

Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic had Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone sunbathing: Holliday in a full suit, Hammerstone in very small trunks and baby oil. Holliday wanted to know about Hammer’s promise of a huge gift for the Dynasty and if he guessed right Hammer would tell him. Holliday guessed if it was a giant egg (Gobbledy Gooker style) but Hammer said that is a stupid idea and no-one would ever do that… Holliday then guessed giant AirPods again or if it was something from the Mexican pharmacy, both were incorrect.

Zeda Zhang defeated The Spider Lady by disqualification

A historic moment here as this was MLW’s first-ever women’s match, but it did not last long and was only here to set up future matches and storylines. The Spider Lady crawled to the ring and was announced as hailing from the world-famous Parts Unknown. The commentary team of Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch both mentioned they found her oddly familiar so a big unveiling was on the cards.

Spider kicked away a handshake and went straight for the eyes but Zhang hit some early strikes and kicks to fight back. The referee had to pull Zhang off Spider in the corner, and Spider Lady took advantage and kicked at Zhang’s heavily braced knee. She kept her focus on the knee by wrapping it up the ropes and kicking away at it. Spider Lady then locked in a mandible claw and kept it locked in even though Zhang was in the ropes. The referee counted to five a few times and even tried pulling her off but couldn’t get the mysterious women off her, so he called for the bell for the disqualification win for Zhang.

After the bell, the referee finally got Spider Lady off Zhang and she unmasked herself to reveal Priscilla Kelly was underneath the mask! She kicked referee Doug Markham below the belt then licked his bald head before leaving the ring.

Mance Warner vs Jimmy Havoc continued…

We caught back up with Mance Warner in hot pursuit of Jimmy Havoc. Havoc pulled up at an apartment complex and Warner chased him up a flight of stairs and into what we were told was Jimmy Havoc’s apartment. He did warn us last week he was going to hit him with his frying pan. They hit each other with cooking sheets and fought into the bathroom where Havoc’s head was flushed down his toilet. Havoc’s promise then came true as he hit Warner with his frying pan and got a two count on his couch. They fought back down to the cars and Havoc got away again, but Mance Warner, the referee and cameraman were once again in hot pursuit. TBC…

We then heard that Ross Von Erich will replace his injured brother Marshall against Jacob Fatu on Thanksgiving night because of the earlier assault from the mystery attacker.

The Opera Cup first-round matches were then announced: Davey Boy Smith Jr vs Shinjiro Otani, Timothy Thatcher vs Richard Holliday, Brian Pillman Jr. vs TJP and Alex Hammerstone vs MJF.

We then caught up with Priscilla Kelly, MLW’s newest member of the women’s roster. She told us that she is the Queen of doing the unexpected and shocking people. She said MLW women’s division is lacking a mind that is strong enough to get inside the mind of every other female on the roster and make them question themselves, their work and their sanity. She is there to make them all question their place… and their sanity.

MLW National Openweight Title: Champion Alexander Hammerstone (with Richard Holliday) defeated Douglas James to retain the title.

Holliday accompanied Hammerstone out to the ring then joined the commentary team, much to their chagrin. He called Hammerstone “Meatcastle” throughout the match.

James came out the blocks at 100 mph. He charged Hammer straight away and got two quick two counts, Hammer tried to use his power but ate a dropkick to the face. He hit an ace crusher next for another two count. He then hit some kicks to the chest but Hammerstone caught the last one, got to his feet and threw James across the ring with a head and leg suplex.

Hammerstone then took control. He hit a delayed double underhook suplex and powered him across the ring into the corner. James fought back with some stiff kicks but Hammer again reversed a whip into the corner and hit a big pump kick to the head. James had another hope spot where he caught Hammer with a knee to the head but Hammer again retaliated with a big suplex, tossing James halfway across the ring.

They then found themselves up to top rope in the corner. Hammer went for a superplex but James slid out and was able to grab Hammer with a German suplex off the middle rope. James followed up with another big suplex and a superkick to the nose and a running Meteora for a close two count.

James went up top but Hammer caught him and bealed him off the top, hit a pump kick, a German suplex, and a sit-down powerbomb for what looked like the end, but James somehow got his shoulder up at the last second.

Hammerstone got James up and hit a gut wrench Burning Hammer but once again James kicked out! Hammerstone got frustrated and started screaming at him, but the ever courageous James slapped him across the face. This only angered the big man and Hammerstone hit the Nightmare Pendulum moments later to pick up the win.

The Mance Warner vs Jimmy Havoc car chase drove past Full Sail University before we headed to another break.

We then had a press scramble with Tom Lawlor regarding him recently signing a multi-year deal with MLW. He said he is going to bring the MLW world title back home, the Von Erichs are great, the sky is his limit and the world is his oyster. He said all that matters is Filthy Tom Lawlor is staying with MLW and its about time the batter takes a swing and knocks it out the park.

Mance Warner vs Jimmy Havoc continued…

They stopped in the parking lot of Full Sail University and Warner had his driver throw moonshine in Havoc’s face, but England’s most dangerous man fought back by biting Warner’s nose and ear. They then fought into the back seat of the same car and they drove back towards the arena. TBC…

After another short break, we were back at the MLW arena where Havoc and Warner finally made their way back into the crowd where Warner stapled dollar bills to Havoc’s head and shoulder. Warner got one himself but pulled it out and busted himself open.

They got into the ring and Warner went face-first into the chair in the corner, then ate a drop toe hold onto another chair. Havoc then hit a death valley driver through the ring board in the corner then dropped him with a death valley Michinoku driver onto the thumbtacks but Mancer somehow kicked out.

Havoc then got a fork and rammed it into Warner’s head as they made their way up the ramp. Havoc then went for the Acid Rainmaker with the fork but Warner ducked it and schoolboyed Havoc for the surprise pinfall win.

After the bell Havoc threw a chair at Warner then used the fork to Havoc’s head, groin and ear so it looks like this feud will continue.

A CONTRA Unit propaganda video closed this week’s Fusion. Josef Samael said CONTRA have a special surprise for the Von Erich brothers, and that Thanksgiving night will be the end to the new hope, and we have to say goodbye to Ross Von Erich.


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