MLW Fusion Results – November 28th 2019

The special Thanksgiving episode opened with AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini hyping up the main event between Jacob Fatu and Ross Von Erich, as well as King Mo’s MLW debut against Ricky Martinez.

Injustice: Jordan Oliver and Kotto Brazil (with MLW Middleweight champion Myron Reed) defeated Gringo Loco and Zenshi in a Survivor Rules tag team match

Oliver and Brazil took the mic before the match and told everyone they don’t like Thanksgiving, but Oliver said he was hungry for some gold, some money and some justice. Myron Reed got kicked from ringside before the match even started.

Zenshi and Loco double-teamed Oliver early on with Loco hitting a split-legged moonsault on him, and then a tope con Hilo on both he and Brazil on the outside. Injustice eventually fought back and Brazil grounded Loco with a backstabber. Loco was bleeding from the nose and Brazil hit a triple jump 450 splash for a two count, but Zenshi eventually got the hot tag and leapt into action with a springboard 450 clothesline of his own. He then hit a double backflip Pele kick to both Injustice members, a 450 splash from the bottom rope on Brazil, then Loco added insult to injury by squashing him with a senton bomb. 

Zenshi hit his amazing coast to coast (corner to corner) somersault dropkick but Oliver made the save at the last second of the pinfall. Zenshi was eliminated first when Injustice double-teamed him and Brazil hit his running Shiranui.

Loco came in and quickly eliminated Brazil with a spinning tombstone piledriver so it was down to Oliver vs Loco. Oliver picked up the victory for his team when Myron Reed ran down to ringside and clobbered Loco with a right hand who stumbled into an Ace Crusher from the middle rope from Oliver. 

King Mo cut a promo backstage and he called Ricky Martinez an ugly clown and told us all that the King had arrived and he is holding court. 

Before she could find her to get an interview, Priscilla Kelly jumped and attacked Kaci Lennox backstage and locked in the mandible claw.

King Mo defeated Ricky Martinez via submission

Mo was announced as representing American Top Team and got a good ovation for his debut, but Martinez welcomed him to MLW by jumping him with a spinning back kick and a big jumping neck breaker. Moments later Mo caught Martinez in mid-air with a spear. A big splash in the corner was followed by a gut-wrench powerbomb, then Mo locked in a kneebar for a quick submission win. 

Mance Warner then had a recorded message for Jimmy Havoc live from his Uncle’s home in Bucksnort, Tennessee. He told him he doesn’t want to mess with him, he doesn’t forgive him, and Havoc pissed him off. He finished saying it was an eye for an eye.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic was next. Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday were discussing Hammers huge gift for the Dynasty. MJF was on facetime as Holliday said his feast / his dinner was superb and that Hammerstone is always welcome at his lawyer’s / his father’s beach/yacht club. The huge gift was, as Holliday put it “wow… that’s a giant man”, a 7-foot tall monster called Logan. Logan will be in the Battle Royal next week on Fusion. 

Filthy Tom Lawlor was then backstage with Ross Von Erich. Lawlor was hyping him up saying he always had his back, so Lawlor has his tonight and will be there for him…

Jacob Fatu (with Josef Samael) defeated Ross Von Erich (with Filthy Tom Lawlor) to retain the MLW World heavyweight title via pinfall.

The match started slowly with Fatu using his size and strength advantage, but Ross used his speed and agility advantage where he could too. Fatu missed a broncho buster and Ross followed up with a somersault senton in the corner but Fatu easily kicked out. Fatu hit kicks, right hands and headbutts to the fallen tag team champion. Fatu chopped Ross on the outside, and Samael got his kicks in behind the referee’s back. 

Fatu caught Ross off a crossbody and turned it into a gut wrench sit-out powerbomb, but moments later they both collided with a crossbody each which knocked them down. On their feet, Ross hit a pair of dropkicks and a pair of sling blades. He then hit a missile dropkick which knocked the champ to the outside. Ross followed up with a suicide dive through the ropes. 

Ross locked in the Iron Claw when he was up in a powerbomb position, but Fatu ran to the ropes and they both tumbled to the floor. They brawled into the crowd but Fatu ended up chopping the ring post. Back inside the referee took a bump as Fatu took control again. Ross couldn’t get to his feet as he hurt his right knee from a suplex. Fatu got frustrated with the ref and squashed him in the corner with a running hip attack. He hit Ross with the elevated Samoan Drop and a handspring moonsault but there was no-one to count the pin. 

Fatu missed a splash in the corner and hit his head off the ring post. Ross hit him with a crossbody off the top rope and then dropkicked a chair into the interfering Samael’s face. 

Tom Lawlor then got involved and got into the ring, picked up the chair, sized up Fatu but instead turned and smacked Ross across the head instead! He left the ring, screamed, “F**k CONTRA” and “F**k the Von Erichs” to the camera and left ringside. Fatu then hit his Triple Jump Moonsault and picked up the win and retained his title. 

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