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MLW Fusion Results – October 19th, 2019

Iain Oliver runs down the results from last nights episode of MLW Fusion.

Jimmy Havoc takes over Fusion and turns it into his own personal slaughterhouse.

  • To open, Marshall and Ross Von Erich told us their match with MJF and Richard Holliday will take place at the MLW Superfight PPV in Chicago on November 2nd in a Texas Tornado tag match.
  • The usual opening MLW video was replaced with a special ‘Jimmy Havoc’s Slaughterhouse’ edition. He told us there would be a lot of blood and violence, and he will walk away as the greatest hardcore wrestler on the planet.
  • Los Haraganes (Animal, Demencia and Silver Star) defeated Triple Amenaza (Arandu, Star Boy and Zarco) via pinfall. Haraganes pinned Star Boy with a triple powerbomb.
  • LA Park cut a promo backstage in Spanish, promising was going to break Fatu’s “damn f*cking face”.
  • We had an episode of H2tv where Brian Pillman was poolside with a female friend. He laughed and joked with her and made fun of how Low Ki talked to him last week. 
  • Tijuana Street Fight: Josef Samael vs. El Hijo de LA Park ended in a no contest when CONTRA ran in and beat down Hijo. The entirety of this match took place in the parking lot.
  • Mance Warner challenged Jimmy Havoc to a Stairway To Hell match at Superfight. Barbed wire will be hanging above the ring.
  • Jimmy Havoc accepted the challenge, telling Warner that the Stairway to Hell was the first deathmatch he ever watched, so he has studied everything there is to do, and he is going to enjoy it.
  • Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic had Holliday, MJF and Hammerstone singing God Bless America on a rooftop celebrating that they were back home. Hammerstone brought up the tag defence against the Von Erichs and Holliday dropped the bombshell on MJF that his lawyer/ his father got them out of the match in Mexico, however, the match now has to take place at the PPV instead. Hammerstone thought the Texas Tornado rules meant that no shoes are allowed. … They then agreed to go sailing to make themselves feel better.
  • No disqualification: Jimmy Havoc defeated Damian 666 (with Salina de la Renta) and Savio Vega via pinfall. Havoc pinned Vega with an Acid Rainmaker.
  • Havoc beat up Damian 666 after the bell but Bestia 666 made the save for his dad.


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