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MLW Fusion Results – October 5th, 2019

Iain Oliver runs down the results from last night’s episode of MLW Fusion.

As we head towards SuperFight live on pay-per-view, the biggest question is…will we see Teddy Hart in an MLW ring again?

  • L.A Park and El Hijo de L.A Park (with Salina de la Renta) defeated Magnus and Septimo Dragon via pinfall.
  • As Los Parks celebrated, a CONTRA propaganda video where Jacob Fatu told L.A Park that November 2nd will be the day of the dead for him.
  • Commentator Rich Bocchini told us that Hart had his own personal doctors clear him to attend tonight’s show, even though the MLW doctors have said he is injured.
  • Backstage, The Von Erich brothers challenged the Dynasty to a match next week in Mexico after they insulted Texas.
  • Rich Bocchini then asked the Dynasty for a response. MJF told him that their contracts wouldn’t allow them to compete in Mexico, so any match with the Von Erichs is off.
  • Dominic Garrini defeated Ariel Dominguez vis submission.
  • Post-match, Garrini called out Filthy Tom Lawler and Timothy Thatcher.
  • In a video, Filthy Tom Lawlor told us that if Timothy Thatcher wants to call him out, then he will make sure that his missing tooth won’t be the only one missing after he is finished with him.
  • A video package then played for Jimmy Havoc and his “slaughterhouse” on October 19th.
  • A Gino Medina hype video then played for his upcoming debut. It said the next generation of greatness is coming, and the world will be his. They call him “el intocable”
  • Kotto Brazil, Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed then called out MLW officials for their handling of last week’s match. They complained that Brazil was pinned even though he wasn’t the legal man. Oliver said it didn’t matter what happened, because in the end they were going to get their justice.
  • Austin Aries defeated Brian Pillman Jr. via pinfall
  • Post-match Aries got on the mic and called out Teddy Hart, who made his way out and brawled with Aries to end the episode.


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