MMA/UFC: Top 6 Best Americans in MMA & The UFC

The US has some of the best MMA fighters in the world. From Jon Jones to Daniel Cornier and Kamaru Usman, these fighters continue to thrill many wrestling fans, observers, commentators, and the general sports world.

This article will provide a rundown of the top 6 MMA fighters who are American citizens. This list can also help those who wager on MMA odds understand who to back the next time they are interested in speculating on MMA events.

1. Jon Jones

Born to a New York Clergy in Rochester, New York, Jon Jones became the youngest champion in the history of the UFC at just 23. A former two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones currently fights with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Jones holds multiple records in the UFC’s light heavyweight division history. Some of his UFC records include the most title defenses, longest winning streak, and the most wins. Many considered Jones the best pound-for-pound fighter globally during most of his reign as a champion.

To date, Jones’ only loss as a professional wrestler remains a controversial disqualification against Matt Hamill, implying that he’s never been stopped or outscored since he began fighting professionally. However, his career is marked by a series of controversies and disciplinary actions, including an arrest on felony hit-and-run charges. Time and time again, Jon Jones has come back from a suspension to emerge winner in title bouts to the delight of his fans. In 2020, Jones hinted at moving up to heavyweight, but he hasn’t made any definite move in that direction formally yet.

2. Daniel Cormier

Daniel Ryan Cormier is a former UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion with many records, wins, and trophies in his record book. The second fighter in the history of the UFC to hold titles in two weight classes simultaneously, and the first to defend titles in two divisions, Cormier is undoubtedly one of the best MMA fighters from the USA.

Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, Cormier began fighting in high school, where he won three Louisiana state championships in wrestling. Since then, he went on to earn different honors as a student, including being voted the most outstanding wrestler of the state tournament in high school. After his high school feats, Cormier moved to Colby Community College, where he became a two-time junior college national champion.

Later, he became an international wrestler representing the United States, where he was a six-time US Olympic Team Member, a World bronze medalist, a World Cup runner-up, and a gold medalist at the Pan American Games. After the 2008 Olympics, Cormier moved to Mixed Martial Arts, where he trained with Josh Koscheck, Cain Velasquez, and Jon Fitch at the American Kickboxing Academy, from where he quickly learned to become the famous MMA fighter he is now.

3. Demetrious Johnson

Born in 1986 in Kentucky, Demetrious Johnson is an American mixed martial artist who currently fights in ONE Championship. He is renowned for his quick strikes and evasive moves. Johnson has recorded the most takedowns in UFC flyweight history. He also co-holds the record for the latest finish in UFC history with a submission win in round 5 against Kyoji Horiguchi (4:59).

There is more to this notable MMA fighter’s feats. Johnson holds the record as the single UFC artist with over 10 takedowns in three separate matches, alongside the record for the most finishes in UFC flyweight history (7). Currently ranked as the best ONE Championship flyweight fighter, the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix Championship holder is no doubt one of the best MMA fighters in the US right now.

Different commentators, including several officials in the UFC, ESPN, and the MMA, have called Johnson one of the best MMA artists in the world. He’s also regarded as the MMA’s greatest artist of all time by many others, including Joe Rogan, a commentator at the UFC.

4. Justin Ray Gaethje

Justin Gaethje was born in Safford, Arizona, and started wrestling as a four-year-old. While in high school, he was a four-time finalist and two-time state champion (AIA). He also still holds the seventh-most near falls and the ninth-most points scored by a team in the history of Arizona’s high school wrestling.

Since Gaethje’s first contact with MMA as a freshman at the University of Northern Colorado, he has continued to amass several records and accomplishments, including an undefeated 7-0 professional record with 6 stoppage wins. He currently fights in the UFC’s lightweight division and is the third-best artist in the UFC lightweight rankings.

5. Kamarudeen Usman

Born in 1987, Kamarudeen Usmanel is a Nigerian-American professional MMA fighter who currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight division.

A former freestyle wrestler and graduated folkstyle wrestler, Usman holds the title as the current UFC Welterweight Champion and is rated the best UFC fighter by pound-for-pound rankings.

After debuting as an MMA fighter in 2012, Usman went on to win several honors, including winning The Ultimate Fighter 21 tournament. He currently holds an enviable MMA record of one loss in 20 fights.

6. Stipe Miocic

Born and raised in Ohio to Croatian immigrants, Stipe Miocic began training during his school days for MMA at the Strong Style MMA Training Center in Ohio. During his career as a boxer, his former coach Marcus Marinelli reveals that Micocic began beating far-more experienced boxers only several months into training.

In 2011, Micocic signed a multi-flight deal with the UFC, where he currently fights as a heavyweight fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Fondly called the greatest UFC heavyweight fighter of all time, Micocic has won the UFC Heavyweight Championship twice and holds the record for winning the most heavyweight title fights. Micocic also holds the longest title-defense streak in the record books as far as the heavyweight division is concerned.

Micocic has several more career accomplishments as an MMA wrestler, including the World MMA Awards and multiple UFC honors. On a part-time basis, Micocic works as a part-time firefighter paramedic, an occupation he might take on full-time upon his retirement from MMA.


There you have the best MMA fighters from the US. Hopefully, some of these fighters will move up in their rankings or maintain their fine forms in their careers in the coming months and continue to thrill fans and followers of the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

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