TWM Talks: Music – Vic Victor of The Koffin Kats

Ash Rose of TWM Talks Impact Wrestling sits and talks to Vic Victor of The Koffin Kats. They discuss vocals, Koffin Kats history, musical influences, writing, horror movies, the most recent EP, and more.

It’s been 20 years since Vic, Tommy, & E-Ball started The Koffin Kats in their parent’s basements and played for beer in local Detroit bars. A psychobilly/punk band with influences ranging from The Damned to The Stray Cats, The Koffin Kats have covered a lot of ground,10 records, a few member changes, and close to 3,000 live shows from international touring. The band likes to keep it “old school” and suggests you check out their website at for all official information on news and tours.

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