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Neville suffers fractured ankle on RAW

WWE Superstar Neville suffered a fractured ankle in his match with Chris Jericho on Monday Night RAW and will miss WrestleMania 32.

WWE Superstar Neville has suffered a fractured ankle on RAW and will miss WrestleMania 32. The injury occurred in a match with Chris Jericho on Monday Night RAW during a routine baseball slide dropkick and Neville rolled his left ankle. It was reported that he might have fractured his shin also, but WWE.com have not confirmed this.

Neville would go on afterwards to execute a jawbreaker and a hurricanrana but couldn’t continue the match any further. Jericho quickly rolled him up, and referee Charles Robinson only counted to two, but after some confusion Jericho got himself DQ’d.

There was an immediate and very real heated exchange between Jericho and Robinson, with Jericho pushing the referee and screaming “He’s hurt, he hurt his f******g ankle, I told you that. Don’t touch me. You stole that match, you stole that f*****g match, you bastard.”

Robinson pleaded that he didn’t know and was trying to get more information from Neville, yelling back “Don’t f*****g touch me. I didn’t know. I was trying to find out. Don’t you dare f*****g touch me.

A statement from WWE confirmed the injury, saying:

WWE.com has learned that; “Initial X-rays reveal a fracture of the ankle. He will undergo further imaging today to determine the extent of the fracture and to determine if surgery will be necessary.”

We wish Neville the best in his recovery and rehabilitation.

UPDATE: Dr. Selene Parekh, a world renowned orthopaedic surgeon and foot & ankle specialist who has worked with WWE contacted TWM News to provide some information on these types of injuries:

“These types of injuries such as the one Neville has suffered typically require surgery with a rehabilitation and recovery time of 4-6 months.”


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