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New Japan Pro Wrestling Announce USA Branch, ‘New Japan Pro Wrestling of America’

Top company outside of America announce ,major step into the American market

During a press conference today, New Japan Pro Wrestling have announced the launch of an American subsidiary, New Japan Pro Wrestling of America’.

This is the third step in their U.S expansion, following talent acquisition and marking testing.

The prime objective of this brand will be live events, being held in 27 cities across 18 states.

They will be across these regions:

  • The Northeast
  • Great Lakes
  • Southeast
  • West Coast
  • Texas

Company CEO Takami Obari said that this wouldn’t take away from plans or business in Japan, but hoped it served to attract more American fans and allow for improved talent relations in the United States.

The United States schedule and tours will kick off while the Japanese schedule is in between tours, though it was mentioned that tours could happen simultaneously.

There won’t be a reduction in the Japanese schedule, but New Japan hopes to possibly double the 13 events in the U.S. from this year to next.

Obari also said they will stream New Japan in America events on NJPW World when possible. Nothing was confirmed about any deal with their current American television carrier AXS, but Obari put over the relationship and saying they will continue to work together for the foreseeable.

Previously, New Japan had worked with Ring Of Honor but with this announcement, many assume that this deal is now over.


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