NG’s NXT UK April 1, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Women’s Match Aoife Valkyrie v.s Debuting Stevie Turner 

Turner nice Top Wristlock Takedown on Valkyrie.  Valkyrie dropkick on Turner.  Turner running uppercut on the corner on Valkyrie.  Valkyrie second rope flying kick on Turner.  Valkyrie a spin kick then an ax kick on Turner.  Valkyrie step-up enziguri on Turner.  Valkyrie strikes then a spinning high kick on Turner.  Valkyrie top rope Perri Pittai on Turner.  Valkyrie pins Turner.  

Valkyrie wins against Turner.

Awesome NXT UK Women’s Match.  

Video of A-Kid saying he’s excited to see the challenger for his Heritage Cup and he’ll be watching NXT UK Prelude. 

Video of Jack Starz and Piper Niven backstage.  Jack Starz trains with Piper Niven.  

Second NXT UK Match Josh Morrell v.s Teoman 

Morrell dropkick on Teoman.  Teoman slaps Morrell.  Morrell and Teoman strike each other.  Teoman dropkicks Morrell.  Teoman and Morrell trade strikes again.  Teoman vicious running elbow on Morrell.  Teoman handstand back Elbow on Morrell.  Morrell forearms to Teoman.  Teoman stiff forearm to Morrell.  Teoman and Morrell trade forearms.  Morrell hip toss on Teoman.  

Morrell standing moonsault but Teoman gets the knees up.  Teoman top rope missile dropkick on Morrell.  Teoman double foot stomp on Morrell.  Teoman another double foot stomp on Morrell.  Teoman with the Crossface making Morrell tap out.  

Teoman defeats Morrell.  

Hell of an NXT UK Match.  

Video of Number One Contender Rampage Brown and NXT United Kingdom Champion Walter face to face.  Sid Scala is there too.  Walter says he’s the greatest NXT United Kingdom Champion.  Rampage says it’s his job.  Walter says it’s his life.  Rampage says the first time Walter came to England Rampage beat him. Rampage says he traveled the world before Walter.  Walter says he traveled the world and says Rampage hasn’t done nothing since then.  Rampage says you can’t bully me to Walter.  Walter says he does it for the sport.  

Joe Coffey Mark Coffey Wolfgang Gallus Wolfgang bare-knuckle boxes.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray comes out.  Ray says she got the best in the world and beat Meiko Satomura and she didn’t lose her Title.  Ray says she is the forever champion.  

Emilia McKenzie has returned and comes out.  McKenzie says their paths will cross soon and she wants to beat the best.  

Isla Dawn attacks McKenzie.  Meiko Satomura comes out and attacks Ray.  Everyone’s brawling.  McKenzie release German suplexes Dawn. 

Video of Noam Dar and Tyler Bate ahead of their Heritage Cup Number One Contenders Match.  

Video of Dawn and Ray backstage Scala tells them that General Manager Johnny Saint has made it Isla Dawn and Kay Lee Ray v.s Emilia McKenzie and Meiko Satomura in a tag team match next week on NXT UK Prelude.  

Noam Dar v.s Tyler Bate Heritage Cup Number One Contenders match NXT UK Prelude.

A-Kid will speak also Ilja Dragunov will and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin on NXT UK Prelude. 

NXT United Kingdom Championship Match Challenger Rampage Brown v.s Champion Walter on NXT UK Prelude next week.

Third NXT UK Tag Team Championship Main Event Match Challengers The Lucky Yin Kenny Williams and The Bhangra Bad Boy Amir Jordan v.s Champions Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley 

Jordan dropkicks Stoker twice.  Stoker tags in Howley.  Jordan tags in Williams.  Howley beautiful Fucking simple wrist lock on Williams.  Howley shoulder block then a hip toss on Williams.  Howley tags in Stoker.  Williams tags in Jordan.  Jordan tags in Williams.  Williams tags in Jordan.  Stoker strikes Jordan.  Stoker tags in Howley.  Jordan double dropkick on Stoker and Howley.  Williams pump kick from the ring apron on Stoker.  Jordan clotheslines Howley over the top rope to the outside. 

Williams top rope back elbow on Stoker.  Jordan running crossbody on Howley.  Howley strikes Jordan.  Stoker tags in.  Stoker clotheslines Jordan on the outside.  Stoker strikes Jordan.  Howley tags in.  Howley and Jordan strike each other.  Stoker tags in.  Stoker a splash on Jordan Howley leg drops Jordan.  Jordan neckbreaker on Stoker.  Stoker tags in Howley.  Jordan strikes Howley.  

Jordan kicks Howley.  Stoker throws Jordan off the second rope.  Howley strikes Jordan in the corner.  Howley tags in Stoker.  Stoker tags in Howley.  Howley tags in Stoker.  Jordan tags in Williams.  Williams running back elbows Stoker and Howley.  Williams strikes and uppercuts Stoker.  Williams bulldog off the rope on Stoker.  Williams springboard back elbow on Stoker and Howley.  Williams basement dropkick on Howley on the outside.  Williams tope suiceda aka suicide dive to the outside on Stoker.  Williams hurricanrana on Stoker.  Jordan tagged in.  Stoker double kicks Jordan and Williams.  Howley tagged in. Howley and Stoker Crossing Swords elbows on Williams and Jordan.  Jordan head mat slam on Howley.  Williams tagged in.  Williams facebuster on Howley.  Jordan top rope Senton on Howley.  Williams Satellite DDT on Howley.  Williams forearms Howley.  Stoker tagged in.  

Jordan tagged in. Hurley stiff forearm on Williams.  Stoker ddt on Jordan.  Williams strikes Stoker.  Williams rebounding Lariat on Howley.  Howley shoved Stoker into the referee. Williams hits Jordan with the belt.  Stoker tags in Howley. Stoker spinbuster on Jordan Howley neck breaker on Jordan Spilled Milk.  Howley pins Jordan.  

Pretty Deadly Stoker and Howley retain win and best challengers Jordan and Williams. 

Hell of a NXT UK Main Event Tag Team Championship Match.  

Awesome NXT UK Episode.

Fantasy Booking Williams will definitely fight Jordan.

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